[A][Sargeras] 1 Day 5/8M

We seek a handful of DPS classes with openings for a tank of any class, Shadow Priest, Boomkin, and Hunter; however, any player who thinks they’re a good fit is welcome to apply! If you aren’t a dolt and want to settle into a stable, mature raiding guild then our hive may be for you!

Tuesdays from 8:30pm to 12:30am EST.
Yes, that’s right! Just one raid a week and we never push past our allotted time.

Wednesday Palooza is a team of players who prefer not to schedule more than one day for raiding due to real-life commitments or personal preference. We reside on US-Sargeras as Alliance. We are mightily proud of our raiding atmosphere and strive to maintain its unique vibe. We aim to burn through Heroic content as efficiently as possible so that we can attack Mythic to push for Cutting Edge. Our raid time is limiting, but our team is composed of highly motivated players that keep their characters fully optimized for Mythic challenges. We expect each player to carry their weight.

We recognize raiding is not the only source of friendship, so we partake in various guild activities (all hail our PvP overlords and manic M+ raiders) both inside and outside our beloved WoW.

We are the best one-day raiding guild with Wednesday in its name and we could defeat more Mythic fights if…

  • Moistmemer had just gotten out.
  • Bigsteer fed his bucket of worms and understood practical math.
  • Bobarker played rogue.
  • Uthraad wasn’t elventeen.
  • Maud didn’t heal in Balance gear.
  • We could find Spacetiger.
  • We played overtime.
  • We were Horde.
  • Hirn censored the me-mes.
  • We didn’t have kids.

If you’re interested or have any questions, please come chat!

  • Bigsteer#6667 (Discord), Bigsteer#1581 (Bnet)
  • Maud#4551 (Discord), Maud #1874 (Bnet)
  • Xanderin (Discord: fightn-ares#5530), (Bnet: FightnAres#1858)
  • Bobarker (Discord: prokaryt#5232), (Bnet: Prokaryote#1868)

Or, check out our application on our website at : wednesdaypalooza. com (click “Apply” at top right)

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Just need that 1 or 2 extra strong DPS for core spots! Please come carry me

Petition blizzard to buff locks pls

Buff DH please instead

Raid night tonight!

Maud and her crew are great people. If you’re Alliance check them out! <3

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Thanks friend! Enjoy Horde!

Looking for a few more DPS friends, if you feel you can compete with our raiders - come check us out!

Where those warriors at?

Still looking for new friends to help take down Gorgonzola

Have a cheese grater? Yes? Great! Come help us kill Gorgonzola!

Need more friends!

Join us for raid tomorrow night!

Bump for cooler weather!

Could use a couple trials for tomorrow night’s raid!

Join us tonight friends, time to take down tentacle face

Orgozoa down!

5/8 on only 4hrs week! Come join

We’ve got free candy!