[A][Sargeras] 1 Day 5/8M

Greetings from jamaica mon

Regreetings from non-Jamaica

Still looking for more quality raiders for CE push!

It’s a beautiful Saturday to make new friends!

1 day shenanigans, sometimes we even kill some bosses

Please, a warriorrrrrr

Still looking for exceptional dps that like to kill bosses and have fun at the same time

Happy Tuesday!

Always looking for more friends but we could use a tank too!

Good progression on Queen’s Court last night. Still looking for a few more friends and a tank!

Hoping to down Queen’s Court tonight! We’re open to any roles as we finish out the tier and get ready for 8.3 so please feel free to apply if we seem like a good fit, regardless of class/spec

Raid night! Come join us

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