[A-RP] <The Dwarven Vanguard> - Military RP Guild

The Dwarven Vanguard is a Heavy Military Roleplay guild, seeking all able-bodied Dwarves for the defense of Khaz Modan!

For ten years The Dwarven Vanguard has striven to bring quality RP to the Dwarven Community on Moon Guard, as the successor guild to the historic Mountain Guard. Shield siblings of The Dwarven Vanguard have fought, bled and died in nearly every server-wide campaign since the guild’s founding back in Cataclysm.

In-game guild name: The Dwarven Vanguard.
Current GM: Odron
Current Officers: Thorlund, Kolgan, Honibelle, Valkorunn, Steinheim and Bromas.

“Stone and foe beneath our heel!
We of Khaz with hearts of steel!
Cold of heart we core the fray!
By name of beard and blood we’ll slay!
For each you take you’ll dearly pay!
Each must die-- and you today!”
- Dwaldin Stormbeard, Fifth Thane of The Dwarven Vanguard

What is The Dwarven Vanguard?
The Dwarven Vanguard is an elite military order of Khaz Modan and serves the Council of Three Hammers directly and without question. We not only defend Ironforge, Shadowforge and the Aerie, but all of the Dwarven Realms of Khaz Modan. We are the Dwarves who lead the charge and bring the might of the Alliance to bear on any who defy us.

What kind of events do you hold?
The Dwarven Vanguard holds a variety of events, mostly common D20, simple RP Events and Discord based vehicles battles. These also include training, summits and other campaign RP events or side-story RP events. Many events are created by fellow guildmates and not just officers! We use a modified version of the Conquest D20 Simplified rules at this time for better integration into the server projects.

D20 Events
Like your traditional tabletop RPGs, D20 events use a roll-based system for combat and other actions that players and NPCs use alike to interact with one another. This is one of the most common types of events we hold.

Simple RP Events
These are anything from bar nights, summits, meetings, weekly training, holiday gatherings, recruitment drives & workshops - you get the idea.

Vehicle Battle Events
These are Discord based combat events based off the Vehicle Combat System developed for the Warcraft Conquest, which we often attend.

Guild Uniforms
As a military order, we expect all members to be in the provided uniforms for official guild RP events. You are free to wear whatever you wish while off duty, but while representing the guild at events we ask that you proudly wear the red and gold!

Guild Ranks
Bael Guard
Mountain Guard

Guild Structure
Our members are split into four divisions based on either class/spec choices or RP decisions. The divisions exist to provide flavor and possibly benefits in D20 events! Every division is overseen by a Captain and a Lieutenant.

Dwarves are renowned for their sturdiness and surprising strength. A well trained Dwarven warrior is easily a match for a creature several times it’s size. Combining equipment of unparalleled quality with stiff discipline and unmatched skill, the Infantry of The Dwarven Vanguard are as unshakeable as the stone halls they hail from.

Amongst The Dwarven Vanguard are some of Khaz Modan’s finest paladins, priests, monks and shamans. With years of experience in healing and tending to those on the battlefield, there is simply no substitute for these vigorously trained and seasoned medics.

The sturdy trappers, riflemen, hill shaman, scouts and other frontiersmen of Ironforge have long made up the ranks of the famed Mountaineers. Now The Dwarven Vanguard calls upon them, as well as the fierce warriors of the Wildhammer Clans and the spies of the Dark Iron Empire to make up the ranks of it’s own Mountaineer division.

The enigmatic Dwarven sorcerers have long studied in their sanctums deep beneath the earth. As powerful as they are secretive, the sorcerers of Ironforge and Shadowforge have lent their potent magic to The Dwarven Vanguard and stand ready to unleash flame, frost and shadow upon the enemies of Dwarf-kind.

Initially members rank up by attending events, rising through the ranks over time. In order to keep up the long history of repaying excellence, the way by which members of the guild move up through the ranks beyond Warbrand will be via a heavy storytelling element, with the member progressing through a series of seven trials, each specific to their Division. These are the Trials of Progression.

The Trials of Progression are a multi-tiered, heavy RP system for guild promotions. The Trails will be a 1 on 1 with an active officer. It will most likely be your Captain, their Lieutenant, an appropriate Mountain Guard, a General or even the Thane. We will make appropriate accommodations for officers who are sometimes not as active. The Trial will consist of you being taken to a location and having to perform a task. The task may be a test of your character’s personality, a D20 event, or merely a test of your RP ability.

How to join
Whisper any member in game, or message Odron (LordReigos#1356) on discord, to be directed to an officer about joining, then complete an IC interview with an officer.

For Thane and Mountain.
For Hearth and Home.
Flint and Bone.
Cinder and Stone.
For Khaz Modan!
- Thorrson Sternshot, former General of The Dwarven Vanguard


Best Division hands down.


I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite all-Dwarf guild on the citadel.


There no dwarf better to have at your back than a Baruzad.


The Dwarven Vanguard: Dwarf tested, Elf approved.


Sorc Squad is best squad!

Disclaimer: Heavily biased lmao

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Ohey, a new thread for the Dwarves!

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Hey there! I am new to Moonguard and have no idea where to start RPing. Would you happen to be looking for new members?


Hello Dwalkin, we’re always looking for new members and are happy to help you out with getting started!

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Damn fine dwarves, one and all. Even when we tussle or share booze. About to run dry after the Three Hammers, may have to wander over and make some trades. waggles brows


Fine dwarven crafts, direct from…
checks notes
Dun Modr!


We’ll trade you Dwarves our fine Elven timber in exchange for your fine Dwarven ore.

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Come on over! We can sneak you in!


I’ve been MIA from WoW for a few years and since coming back I’ve been looking for RP guilds for my toons, both Alliance and Horde respectively. I’ve chosen Moonguard as my Alliance realm and am in the process of transferring Ally toons here. My Dwarf hunter, Ordhonn, is on Emerald Dream and was part of Clan Battlehammer which seems to be very similar to Dwarven Vanguard when the guild was active a few years back. I’d be interested in talking to someone about joining. I have Discord.

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Sure Ord! Feel free to reach out to myself on Discord, LordReigos#1356

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Dragons like dwarves. We can share the gold hordes

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Until those Elves come around, pressing their claim on jewels in the hoard.

We’ll be rich beyond our wildest dreams!

Just started yesterday playing on moon guard as a Dwarf. I am don’t have much experience with RP but i would love to join this guild. (I play a Dwarf Paladin named Thorfim, btw)

Dwarves, that is all.