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Dwarves! Now 50% off!

Very glad to see the guild still around!!!

I am confused about something, you said ten years the guild has been around? I was a member of The Mountain Guard on Moon Guard, and when that guild folded when Grungnir quit WoW, I think that was around 2008-2009? A handful of us wanted to continue on, so we founded The Dwarven Vanguard. It’s been so long ago the only name I can remember from back then was Karrek. He might have been who we agreed should be guild leader? But anyways did something happen to the first iteration of The Dwarven Vanguard? Because I’m pretty sure we started it around 2008-2009?

Anyways, very happy to see you guys are still around! And if anyone can better clarify those details it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:



Hello Obmi it’s great to see someone from the Mountain Guard! According to the info we’ve gotten from Karrek the guild was founded on April 27th, 2011 so we’re actually going to be 12 years old this year.


Yeah … I think maybe he’s right? But 12 years old! Thats wonderful! Congrats!

Things get kinda fuzzy when I think back that far to the first couple years I was playing WoW. Does Karrek still play?

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He comes around from time to time, but I dont think Karrek still actively plays


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Just moved to Moonguard. Exp in Pathfinder and DnD. Mostly been a Horde player so will have to be taught some of the Dwarven ropes. Is Dwarven Vanguard still active and holding / hosting events?

Hello there!

We are very much active and have events on a regular. There has been a little lul of course with the new content that was released recently! But things should be up in swing soon!

Up we go! :beers: :beer:

Once more up we go!

I know these folks are pretty awesome. 10/10 would recommend.


Still my favorite group of Dwarves! Lucky to call this my guild


Stupid question but I was looking for a dwarven rp guild and was wondering if your guild is still taking memberships.
Note: My character profile here is somehow not up to date as I currently guildless and level 70


Hello Grumduhr! We are indeed still taking new members! Please get in touch with an officer, or sign up via the in-game recruitment system! And someone will reach out!

Events have started back up! Things are moving. Ale is being drank!

Up we go! Events still happening both inside of discord and in game!

This is one short guild with a LARGE number of great RPers and innovators. You couldn’t do better than them for Dwarf RP.

The Dwarves are starting a new adventure!

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Who’s excited for more dwarf content! I know I am…