[A-RP-PvP] Dwarf Paladin LF Guild

Looking for a Guild on my oldest toon, my main from Vanilla, my Ret Pally. Haven’t played on this toon much until the rework recently. But now I’m back to wielding the Light and a 2H Sword. I think this a good opportunity to meet new people so I don’t want to join the same Guild as my other toons. I mostly do casual PvP and I like to dabble in some RP here and there too. My RP consists mostly of just endlessly working on my toon’s TRP3 profiles. I’ll bring friendly vibes and over a 1,000 days of anime watch time to any Guild that’ll welcome my Paladin with open arms.

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Good afternoon,
A couple recommendations i can give are Divine Inquisition which is a RP-PvP guild focused on worshipping The Light Mother. Active every night and can be commonly found in Stormwind.

A second one is Modan Spellbreak Agency which is a dwarf-focused RP guild with D20 events.

All the best and good luck!


If you need a heavy dwarven based guild I can recommend the one below!

Agree the above are good recommendations!