Looking for Dwarf Heavy Rp


I’m looking for a home for my Wildhammer dwarf Hunter. Is there any heavy rp clan style guild out there recruiting? Looking mostly for Civilian Wildhammer clan style RP .

Thank you!

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The only one I know of off the top of my head is the Dwarven Vanguard! You can reach them through here:

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Hey friend, not sure if there’s any Wildhammer guilds out there at the moment but there’s certainly a few more general all around Dorf guilds, and a few Dark Iron!

Look up Dwarven Vanguard! Great people with many connections to other Dwarven rpers!

Yer a Dawi, Harry.


I’ve heard dwarven vanguard is a good choice

Hello! Thaela here from Dwarven Vanguard! Since it seems a couple of people have put us forward. Please check out our recruitment post!!

We have a lot of Wildhammers in our ranks! Myself being one of them.

Aren’t all Dwarves kinda heavy?