[A/N] Kalimdor United Monthly Storytelling Event!

Hello Wyrmrest Accord!

The recently formed Kalimdor United community project would like to invite you to the first of our monthly storytelling events!

Kalimdor United is a discord community project designed to bring together the people and guilds of Kalimdor together to promote a sense of unity and to plan and promote events. It is not faction specific, and all are welcome and treated as equals. Kalimdor United is a close knit community that promises clear communication, and most importantly no drama.

The denizens of Kalimdor will come together once a month to tell stories, recite poetry, sing songs, and express themselves creatively in a myriad of different ways.

This will be primarily an Alliance event, though Horde are welcome to attend, but you will be responsible for your own cross faction potions.

Summons will be available for lowbies, of course. We will try to fit as many presenters in as possible, with no set time limit to the event. If you don’t get to tell your story this time, come to the next event!

If you wish to be added to the list of presenters, feel free to contact me in game . Also don’t hesitate to ask me about joining Kalimdor United.

✧The next event is scheduled for Saturday, October 21!

✧This month’s theme will be “Scary Stories!” Come tell us about your favorite places to visit, tell a story about your favorite travels, or just come listen!

✧Location: The “Stone Circle” in the north end of Feathermoon Stronghold (cross faction friendly, bring those potions!)

✧Event time: Saturday, October 21 at 5pm WrA time (8pm EST)
Hope to see you there!


Very excited for this one and to see everyone!


Bring forth your stories of romance, heroics, and comedy gold. There will be elves, space goats, and all types of people there. And possibly even snacks :slight_smile:


And apparently the maintenance ninja logged me into a lone, forgotten alt. :smiley:

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Bumping! #10chars

Less than two weeks away! Feel free to come tell a story, or stay awhile and listen!


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I promise Illy’s stories will be family-friendly. Er, mostly.

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A lot of good stories with a lot of amazing and creative people!

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Location update!

In order to accommodate for another event happening at the same time, we will be meeting at the far side of the well, behind the Emerald Dream portal. See you next Saturday!

Boosting this for the information update!

Less than three hours away, come join us!

I can’t wait for the next one! :smiley:

Next event is scheduled for April 20th at 5pm server. This month we will be meeting at the Dire Maul arena, in Feralas!


This is a super cool Storytelling event, it’s open to everyone that wants to share a story. Your story can be about anything as long as it’s in character, you could tell about that time at Winterfest dinner when grandpa Tauren blew up the holiday strider in the goblin made a”BIG Daddy” fryer cause it was still frozen. :slight_smile: come out and share those stories, make connections, be involved in your RP community.

The last one was fantastic so I’m really looking forward to this one. There were a variety of great (brave) storytellers and I enjoyed learning about some pets. Hopefully these continue to be a regular thing!

Same night as the IF Craft Fest unfortunately. Hopefully I can bring something next month.

Yeah, I knew there was a crossover, but I figured there wouldn’t be too much overflow as far as attendance. Who knows, if we get done soon enough, we may head over to IF. Being the holiday weekend in the US leaves things up in the air too.

This happens tonight. Come out to the Dire Maul arena at 5pm server. Come tell a story, or just come listen!

Cross faction folks are of course expected to provide their own potions.

This month’s storytelling event will be a special one.

We will be working with Silver Circle and other members of the community to celebrate Byltan, a holiday on the Lunar calendar that celebrates life and renewal. This holiday celebration includes songs, poetry, stories, and a ceremonial planting of trees to celebrate life and renewal.

This is traditionally a Kaldorei event, so we ask that folks be respectful of Kaldorei traditions and practices. We will be intertwining our stories with the various parts of the events planned, and our stories should share the theme of growth and renewal, whether your own, or a cultural story/wise tale/etc.

You are not required to bring a story to tell, but it is advised that if you do, it is prepared and ready to go by the date of the event.

Here is a link to their post for the event! See you there!