[A] Late Night Weekend Mythic 4/10M LF lock, and WW or MW

Collateral Damage is a new alliance guild located on Proudmoore.we ! The goal is to down bosses well maintaining a fun atmosphere with goals of Cutting edge going into the future! Disclaimer we are not a politically correct guild.
Castle Nathria.
10/10 Heroic
4/10 Mythic

Raid Times
Friday 9pm-12am PST Alt/off night (Not mandatory)
Saturday 9pm - 12am PST
Sunday 9pm - 12am PST

What you can expect from us:

  1. M+, PVP, and other games on off nights.
  2. Flasks and feasts are provided by the guild.

What is expected from our raiders:

  1. Attendance , as a mythic raid team attendance is a very important part of being on the team. we can’t progress if we have a different roster every night!
  2. Coming prepared, this means coming gemmed, enchanted and with consumables as well as researching fights before hand.
  3. Being knowledgeable about your class and a drive to improve, all raid spots are competitive but we still don’t want to replace raiders so we expect people to be improving so they don’t have to get benched.
  4. Being a team player, raiding is a team activity and there is no I in team. to raid mythic we must maintain a bench, that means players will be asked to sat but everyone will be rotated in for kills!

Current recruitment needs

MW - High
Holy Paladin - High
Resto Shaman - High
Resto Druid - Medium

WW Monk - High
Lock - High
Frost Mage - Medium
Enhance - High

All positions are competitive, so if your an exceptional player don’t hesitate to apply (bonus points for flex players!)

Contact Info:
Rykkar: wawa#1628 (Btag) / Rykkaar#5341 (discord)

Early morning top bump

still looking for a solid disc priest to round out our heal core!

still looking for a strong healer or two to round out our roster!

Still looking for a solid disc priest!

still looking for 1 or 2 more to round out our prog team!

Come join us!!!

Still looking for a few more!

Still need a healer or two to round out our roster

Still looking for a few more friends

come join us!

Still looking for a strong healer or two

To the top!

WTB a good Disc priest!

Come join us this weekend!!

still looking for a healer or 2!!!

come join us!!

Still looking for a couple of exceptional players to round out the roster!

Come join us this weekend!

Still looking for a couple more people!