[A-H-RP-PvP] The Scarlet Reclamation - THE OLD CRUSADE


Scarlet Paramilitary (Military + Navy / Holy / Town / Social) themed RP


COMMUNITY LINK = https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/4DOyDYMioAg?region=US&faction=Alliance if you want to join our community where ALL SCARLET RECLAMATIONS FROM ALL SERVERS HAVE CROSS SERVER, CROSS FACTION RP!

“At our finest, we have always been the salt of the earth, rising up to take back our homes from the filth of the Scourge corruption, to return our Lordaeron to its former glory. To a time before the Scourge. Before Arthas and regicide… before the Lich King.” - Abbendis’s Diary

Guided by the Grand Crusader’s vision, the Scarlet Reclamation became a beacon of hope for a realm scarred by darkness. Their rigorous training, honed combat skills, and mastery over exorcism techniques made them formidable opponents against the infernal forces that plagued the land. They erected strongholds, trained new recruits, and ventured into the darkest corners of the realm to root out the remnants of the Cult of the Damned and any other malignant threat.

Led by their Grand Crusader, a figure shrouded in crimson plate armor and bearing the symbol of a Scarlet Flame, the order’s members see themselves as the last line of defense against the encroaching darkness. Their belief is that demons and the undead are a blight upon the world, a corruption that must be purged at all costs.

With fervent devotion to their cause, the Scarlet Reclamation has taken upon themselves the duty to seek out and confront demonic and undead entities wherever they may manifest. They are known for their formidable skills in demon exorcism, wielding holy artifacts and incantations passed down through generations. Armed with blessed weapons and imbued with divine magic, they strike fear into the hearts of their supernatural adversaries.

The order’s headquarters is the Scarlet Monastery, situated upon the north of Tirisfal Glades. The monastery’s spires reach towards the heavens, a beacon of hope amidst the darkness that plagues the land. Within its hallowed halls, the knights of the Crusade undergo rigorous training, honing their combat skills and mastering the art of exorcism.

However, their zealous determination has also led to controversy. Some view the order as extremist, willing to go to any lengths to achieve their goals, even if it means crossing ethical boundaries. The Crusade has been known to clash with other factions, including those who believe in a more diplomatic approach to combating infernal forces.

Despite the criticisms, the order remains steadfast in their mission. They have a strong presence in regions ravaged by demonic taint, establishing bases and strongholds to protect the innocent. The sight of their crimson banners fluttering in the wind is a sign of salvation for those in need, a promise that the infernal forces will be vanquished.

THE SCARLET RECLAMATION is a guild concept created by Kormed (Moon Guard - US), and since our origins as the City-State of Alterac on March 12, 2013, we have been dedicated to the concept of bringing steady roleplay to our members and on an In Character level, bringing back order and the culture of the Scarlet peoples that were scattered following the destruction of it! Our goal became that of creating a functioning Scarlet RP community, and over the 13 years we’ve existed, we learned to almost perfect our craft and quality of our concept. Embellished now with the current lore, we have had huge changes for our guild and its concept. We will now be even more lore abiding than we were from 2016 and onwards and hope to provide a quality driven and immersive roleplay experience about the Scarlet Crusade’s last vestiges and how our beleaguered characters will overcome insurmountable odds in an effort to develop and otherwise build our characters.

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tinyurl .com/ScarletScripture (remove the space)


WEBPAGE: tinyurl. com/ScarletReclamationInfo remove the space; Google Doc about us)

Guild OOC Application to join: no application for now IC-OOC interviews instead.

IC DOCUMENT: As you’re wondering through the Northlands or somewhere in Stormwind, you come upon a peculiar parchment posted with Scarlet propaganda clearly visible… if you decide to read it, it says ((with in lore citations added with brackets ):


“If you do not shy from righteous slaughter, then perhaps your path lies with us...” Brother Anton


> Table of Contents


> II. IC/OOC information and Joining

> III. Active Story Overview

> IV. Scarlet Lore, Stories, and Documents

> V. Scarlet Info Tabs

> VI. Scarlet Miscellaneous Info


Recruitment Status: OPEN and actively recruiting!

> ▬ An old (founded on 3/12/2013 as the City State of Alterac and 11/04/2012 as the Scarlet Hand), server notorious, constantly growing and logical Scarlet guild that has proud and rich roots as the first (successful) Alterac guild on MG that most Alterac guilds trace their roots to (the City State of Alterac). Since 2012 (with the Scarlet Hand’s founding,) we have been striving to perfect our quality of roleplay and provide a homely atmosphere where everyone is welcomed - rather that roleplay is Scarlet as it is now, or Alterac as we did before.

> ▬ Emphasis on Scarlet/Northlands cultural, heavy Scarlet and medieval lifestyle roleplay, character progression, skirmishes, RP-PvP against the Horde, and simple characters with humble beginnings hungry for character development and a friendly community.

> ▬ ‘Paramilitary’ RP with emphasis on creating/observing Northlander culture and traditions, as well as a mixture of Scarlet warfare, training our forces against the Forsaken threat, helping our fellow humans and subhuman allies combat the Horde, as well as settling down, developing a town with shops, trading wagons, politics, scouting expeditions, pilgrimages, character progression, immersive guild events, and a plethora not listed… because the limits are infinite! We welcome and cater to helping you bring your ideas for your character to life.

> ▬ ‘Continuation of the Silver Hand’ Our characters take pride in being the last true contiuation of the Silver Hand. What do you mean, Kormed? In quest: Annals of the Silver Hand, it says “Do you know who the Knights of the Silver Hand were? They were the original paladins of the Light, and from their ranks came knights who would later join the Argent Dawn or the Scarlet Crusade.” Saidan Dathrohan was one of the first Five Silver Hand along with Gavinrad, Uther, Turalyon, and Tirion. Out of all of these fellows, Tirion was excommunicated by Uther and during Uther’s lifetime was NEVER REINSTATED IN THE SILVER HAND but in quest: In Dreams he says “the death of my son at the hands of these monsters will not pass without incident. Take solace in knowing that the Order is reborn. I now take my place as Highlord of the new Order of the Silver Hand.” Saidan Dathrohan, possessed by a Nathrezim or not, was Lord Commander of the Silver Hand and second in command to Uther and Tirion’s superior (Of Blood and Honor Book). So there’s no way a heretic of the Silver Hand could have reformed the Silver Hand. Thus, unless Turalyon remade the Silver Hand, the only true continuation of the Silver Hand was Saidan Dathrohan and the Scarlet Crusade. The future Scarlet Crusade (Saidan Dathrohan, Fairbanks, Isillen, High General Abbendis, Arcanist Doan) also forged the Ashbringer which Tirion wielded to DEFEAT THE WHOLE LEGION AT BROKEN SHORE and is the most powerful Paladin artifact of all time. So the Silver Hand are wielding a heretical blade of an order that supposedly isn’t devout in the Holy Light which is completely contradictory to their foundations. In the Scarlet Monastery there are a healthy mixture of Dwarves, Quel’dorei, and Humans of all the human kingdoms and thus while the Scarlet Crusade is not endorsed by the Church of the Holy Light, and yes, you could argue they are zealous, they are still the only true continuation of the Silver Hand as it was originally intended to be in Warcraft 2-3 days.
““Esarus thar no’Darador—By Blood and Honor We Serve.”” - Silver Hand Quote

> ▬ A unique Scarlet Crusade faction because we adhere to canon lore by Blizzard canon and RPG inspiration and strive to prove we are different than any other Scarlet guild before or after us.


Basic Information

GUILD NAME: The Scarlet Reclamation

GUILD LEADER: Grand Crusader Kormed Wolfheart

UNOFFICIAL MOTTO: *“Have you not felt it when you fight the Scourge? Have you not thought of your fallen brethren and been filled with holy wrath? Wouldn’t any man react with righteous fury to an evil that threatened his loved ones? We fight hardest to protect what we love the most.” * - Grand Crusader Saidan Dathrohan

FACTION: Alliance, Scarlet Renegades & Scarlet Crusade (this means we are friendly to the Alliance and backed by the Alliance unlike more Scarlet factions)

RP: Heavy

PVP: Casual; occasional RP-PvP will happen

PVE: Casual, working on getting ready for BFA content


GUILD MASTER: Kormed (Grand Crusader of the Scarlets)


OFFICERS: searching for more!

JUNIOR OFFICERS: actively searching!

NPC OFFICERS: Quartermaster Newlem, Crusader Alrick (Scarlet Champion), Huntsman Scorborgh, Inquisitor Fairbell (all survivors of the Forsaken retaliation on the Scarlets for besieging Capital City from Fenris Isle); formerly Scarlet Commander Forsythe but was KIA against Lillian Voss in Fenris Keep.

Discord = scarletgrandcrusader
Btag = Kormedism#2645


  • For those reading the Active Story Overview, it lists major events we’ve had within our Acts, which are essentially major chapters of the guild. When these events are completed, they get a ✓ mark. If they are failed, they get an X mark.

    IV. Reclamation Info & Miscellaneous Tabs:

    ”Too long have those monsters polluted the hallowed lands of our people. No more. Today, we will reclaim what is ours and purge the stain of the unliving from the world. " - Scarlet Commander Forsythe

    Crusader’s Newsletter

    We are recruiting on ALL servers! Wyrmrest Accord, Moon Guard, Blackwater Raiders/Shadow Council, Cenarion Circle, and more!

    Did you know…

    - . . . that the Scarlet Reclamation is on EVERY server that does roleplay but our home is Moon Guard?

    - . . . that the Scarlet Reclamation is a unique Scarlet holy military guild that welcomes Humans, Quel’dorei, Blood Elves (Horde side), Dwarves, Worgen, and Scarlet sympathizers?
    - . . . that our roots began in 2012 with the Scarlet Hand & 2013 with the City-State of Alterac?
    - . . . that we welcome ALL nationalities of humans and Sin’dorei or Quel’dorei?
    - . . . that any classes, even warlocks who can hide their aura (no demonologists or blatantly summoning Dreadlords) or secret villain characters are accepted?
    - . . . that we’re looking for potential officers and active, dedicated roleplayers?