A Further Update to Mythic Keystones in 9.0.5

One of our goals in 9.0.5 has been to address a situation we introduced in Shadowlands with Mythic Keystones never de-leveling. We received a great deal of feedback on our planned adjustment, which is currently outlined in the 9.0.5 patch notes. With this proposed change, we would reintroduce an awkward dynamic where it wouldn’t be possible to sustain running a single Mythic Keystone dungeon per week, even if you always cleared the dungeon in time, because decay would necessitate re-leveling your keys every other week.

When we created the original logic for Mythic Keystones in 2016, we wanted to make sure that players were getting Keystones that appropriately suited their proficiency in Mythic Keystone dungeons, and we wanted to reinforce the importance of clean and well-executed dungeon runs. Having Keystones decay from one week to the next accomplished both of those goals. However, in Shadowlands, we introduced the Great Vault and more Season-driven tracking of performance in Mythic Keystone dungeons, and we unintentionally disabled the logic for de-leveling Keystones, but the reasons for the original design still apply.

We feel that the game should compensate players who consistently succeed at a certain difficulty by giving them keys that start at that level the following week, so we’re working on an update to 9.0.5 that should alleviate that concern while still satisfying the goals of the original system:

  • In a given week, if you finish a Mythic Keystone dungeon in time, the next week’s Great Vault will contain a Keystone of that same level.

So, for example, if your highest Mythic Keystone completion during week one is a +15 that you completed in time, you will get another +15 Keystone from the Great Vault to start week two. If you run that +15 during week two and fail to meet the timer, however, and complete no other +15 (or higher) Mythic Keystone dungeons the rest of week two, you will receive a +14 Keystone from the Great Vault to start week three.

Thank you for your feedback and understanding.


Thanks for the update!



Out of curiosity. What if I get my 15 key week 1. Week 2, I ran nothing but 10’s. Will my next key 14 or 10?


Now this I can get behind!


Perfect no complaints.

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You have reignited my desire to play by doing this. Thank you kindly.


So remove tyrannical, fortified and the assorted of other dumb affixes the devs put in this game

spiteful, storming, grievous, bursting on mobs huge packs on non elites


So every week you fail to progress it still decays one level?


Madlads heard the feedback and answered in a timely fashion with a compromise. Feels good.

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Thanks for the update Kaivax. Always appreciated :heart:


can you please let players select the key they want? maybe just base it on the level you unlocked for the week, but, i think you should be able to pick whatever key you want to do at any time. it’s one of the many reasons we’re waiting half an hour to find groups with the current LFG system :love_letter:

or maybe allow us to select a key with each tier of Vault we unlock (up to 3 choices) at the start of each week? I don’t like getting a Theatre of pain every Tuesday :expressionless:

thank you for the update :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


M+ affixes are intended to make you think about how to play each dungeon and change your strategy each week. If you want to run the same dungeon over and over with out any change in strat, then do random heroics.


Just revert it to how it was before 9.0.5.


You realize that this is…better than how it is now…right?

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No, it’s not better. You skip a week or fail timer and your key from vault is deleveled. It didn’t happen before 9.0.5 because you would always get a key with level season max - 1. Stop with crap changes already. No one asked for this.


Then don’t skip and don’t fail.

Play well and you get rewarded, play poorly and you get punished.


Awesomeness!!! Ty

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We found the guy who paid for a carry then used his key the following weeks to get carried.


Well done! You created a problem that wasn’t there and then “Fixed” it.


You must be new to coding lol