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About Us
Building Community Through Inclusion
We are a larger guild that began just before Classic released and have had multiple teams complete all of Classic content. In preparation for TBC we currently consist of four raid teams, reserves, and social members with room for more! We are looking for individuals who not only value their class, but the people they choose to play alongside. Whether your goal is to commit to raiding, raid occasionally, or not raid at all, we have seats for you. As a guild, we are dedicated to improving ourselves and encouraging the improvement of others.

Raid Info

Hardcore Teams

Team Mystic - Tues/Thurs - 8:30-11:30pm EST - Cascade wishlist - 3/3 25m

  • No immediate openings

28m Roster & runs for speed ranking. Equal opportunity systems. Exceptional players encouraged to apply regardless of openings.

Semicore Teams

Team Guardians - Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:30pm EST - Cascade wishlist - 3/3 25m

  • No immediate openings

28m roster, equal opportunity systems

Team Unity - Sun/Mon - 7:30-10:30pm EST - Wishlist - 3/3 25m

  • No immediate openings

Team Stalwart - Tue/Thurs - 8-11pm EST - Cascade wishlist + LC - 3/3 25m

  • 1 Rsham or Disc/Holy Priest
  • 1 combat rogue/ret pal/surv hunter

**Discord:** discord.gg/FhkHup6

**GM Btag/Disc**: Gamble#11866/Gamble#6711

Not sure why it selected my random alt to post, but hiyas from my longest-running main!

Space for all roles and classes is available! We have fun but get stuff done :slight_smile: Also we can’t poopsock because parenthood /sigh


Raiding expected to be ready to roll by October! Does that work for your timeline?

I bump this every time I get a jolt of excitement for Classic in 2 weeks. Name reserve today!!

How many bumps is too many bumps, asking for a friend

Kystyrael smells like trash, pass it on

Bump for the Alliance!

It is unlikely to happen, but if they did WoW Mountain Dew and Doritos again, that would be pretty neat

I’m interested, you guys taking on us “older” players :grin:

What healer classes are you looking for? I do realize the listing says all but I am sure you have a preference or two…LOL

@Biggriz - we are! You are more than welcome to come spend time with us, regardless of age :wink:

@Urvi - so far we have a couple people interested in priest, one ret pally who accepts he might have to do some holy duties, and a resto druid. I’d say there is room for 4ish hpal, 6ish priests, and a couple more resto druids! What are you most interested in playing?

I plan on maining a Hpally… at this point with an alt druid, and a pinch frost mage.

Yeah I know I have no life…lol

Would love to have you, just remember the mage who was nice to you when you get that sweet, sweet Greater BoWis <3

lol…I’ll be sure to do that.

Bump because name reserve in 3 hours!

Still spots open for all classes and roles.

Conversations with myself aren’t too bad when it’s for Classic recruitment, woo~

Any hunters or rogues lurking about?

Just over 30 mins to go 'til name reserve! Good luck, all you Killers and Thexes