[A] <Dragons of Abyss> Recruiting for Mythic

Dragons of Abyss is back on Stormrage-Alliance and are recruiting new members to bolster its guild roster and raid team. We are open to players of all levels/classes/specs. Current openings for raid can be found below as well as Raid Times and Progression.

Raid Times: Wed/Thur 8pm-11pm EST. (Optional Normal Fri 8pm-11pm EST).
Ny’alotha Progression: 12/12N 12/12H (AoTC) 3/12M

Openings: Ranged DPS (Boomy pref.), 1 Melee (Warrior only)

Our raid goals are to push through and consistently clear Heroic content and dependent on roster push into Mythic.

If any of this interests you, contact an officer in-game or reply here on the forum!

Co-GM/RL - Twigsterr (Twiggy#11522)
Recruiter - Enbeau (Enbo#1263)
GM - Aetherlich (Fhraelaok#1996)

Hi, looking for anyone interested in joining for fun, raiding, dungeons and such!!

Hello, how did your loot boxes go today? get anything good?

Almost the weekend. Raiding should start up in a week or two. Wed/thurs 7pm to 10pm central.

Hi, what are you plans for the weekend?

How’s everyone’s weekend going?

Reset tmrw. Looking for range dps!

Hey all! We are now primarily looking for ranged DPS for the raid team, starting up May 13th!

In need of range! First raid on the 13th!!!

We could still use a few ranged DPS for the team, but everyone is welcome to join our kind little community :smiley:

Reset tmrw! Looking for more range!!

Are you guys looking for any melee dps by any chance? I’ve got a fury warrior/demon hunter/ret pally.

I do have a hunter but he’s relatively low geared (413 ilvl)

10/12N after the first night! Not to bad, going back in tonight. We are kinda heavy on the melee atm @doublefists but always willing to try to fit people into the roster if we can.

11/12N, 4/12H after first week. Still have room in the roster - get in touch!

Is the weekend over alrdy? All I want is a TD3, is that to much to ask for??

I am interested in joining. I have a warlock/bm hunter/shaman. Pretty much have everything at 120 except for mage/priest.


Looking for some more ranged to join us, going back into Ny’alotha tomorrow!

Get anything good from your chests?

Officially 12/12N! Still looking for ranged dps!

Looking for range dps!!!