500 mount reward

Not really sure where to put this or why it even needs to be said but the Yeti mount for 500 mounts is totally unacceptable.

If this was a cash shop mount okay this could probably slide but the sheer fact that this mount would be rewarded to the top percentage of players and its just a terrible slap in the face for the people who would be able to obtain it. The cash shop mounts having way more effort put into them and this being a earned reward is seriously troubling for the direction blizzard is heading.


Yeah, when I saw that one I was confused because I thought I already had it.


I saw this an was immediately upset. Given most mount rewards are recolors. Why cant it be a mount that really shows off the accomplishment.

There are so mamy unused mount models in game lile the Urzul mounts and this is what was chosen?

Who makes the decision? Is it one person? Is it a group effort? Please for the love of god put this back on the shelf.


that was fast love to see it!


Glad to read they’re planning on changing it. That mount was a terrible disappointment. Here’s to hoping for an actually unique model, or at the very least a new model that may have recolors of it from various sources.

I’d like to add that I personally find it weird that they just stopped at 500 for mounts and toys, when there are people with around 700 of each, but pet collectors have achievements that goes up to 2000, when there’s not even that many pets in the entire game (and maybe won’t be obtainable in DF either unless they plan on adding 500 pets).

Would love to see some titles coming along with the rewards too, similar to how the 300 mounts achievement have both Lord of the Reins and the blue snake.

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I was watching a certain streamer recently and I really liked his idea about the mount being a hydra. Just imagine a “long boy” mount but with 3 heads and each head moving independently. :star_struck:


Its already been changed

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Oh wow, that’s awesome. I’ve been so busy with work that I’ve been behind on the news.

Post edited. :slight_smile:

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I really hope we’ll get something interesting/unique as a reward, 500 mounts is a memorable benchmark.


Just saying they got the other brutosaur mount in the game files


New mount looks to be an otter which is the way it otter been from the start

Its now an otter?!?!!?

So a mount that will probably be pretty easy to obtain in Dragonflight.

Again why are we not using the mounts that are already in the game files that are recolors of hard to get mounts

There are Urzul, Infernals, Shade Beasts, Stormcrow, Dread Ravens, Bee mounts etc.

Getting recolors are great but when its a recolor of a mount that is super easy to get and doesn’t stand out of the crowd it just doesn’t feel like the collecting is worth it. Especially when it is the first new mount achievement we have got in years.


Didnt know we already had an Otter but maybe its a placeholder?

Unless they make this the only Otter in game it won’t be worth the Hype of the achievement.

There have been multiple datamined Otter mounts. Odds of none of them being implemented are slim.


Hoping they change it again then because this seems poor taste


I would rather have one more recolor of the nighthold infernal then this one :frowning:

But I am happy that after all they added more achievements to this.

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Id love something totally out of left field like a flying mailbox that actually works as a mailbox or something but im a sucker for unconventional things being mounts


I wonder what goes into the thought process for this? Is it one person or a team that chooses. I think it be neat to have the community vote like we did for the Tree Mount.


The new mount is certainly much better than the old one, but it’s still a recolor of others. It would be great if for such an important achievement you got something totally unique.