500 mount achievement finally

Yup, like we can’t add an achievement that’s too high because it’ll feel too out of reach for new people… what the hell place does a new person have eyeballing an achievement that takes 10+ years to get near?

It’s meant to be there for the long term effort, stop making decisions like this based on people that walked in the door 5 minutes ago, gear it towards the people that have been working towards it for years already.


The worst part is that they keep adding limited time mounts like the Slime saber for S4 or AOTC mounts…etc but a mount that will be there always, it’s just out of reach for new people at the begining.


I don’t understand how these decisions are getting made and “ok’d” for implementation. If there was a 700 mount achieve to come out I’d get it right away and the fact that I’ve spent countless hours farming all these mounts, just to have Blizzard give a crumby looking recolor of something that doesn’t stand out in the slightest, is just a slap in the face.
If they ever get around to 550/600/650/700 I’m terrified…


Let’s face it blizz doesn’t actually care about how hard a mount is to obtain. What a copout. Gladiator mounts are always the coolest in game and some of the hardest to obtain. I would argue that achieving 500 mounts is on the scale of achieving gladiator so we should get an equally impressive mount.


Yeah but the gladiator mounts/titles have been achieved by the same people for 10years+, 3 times per expac.

Would be nice if blizz managed to give something a wee bit impressive to collectors as well. Something that you will actually use and people will recognice you for. The 10th recolor of what will be the most recolored mount in WoW history is pissing on collectors in me opinion.

(this whole conversation could be applied to pets and toys as well!)


Devs should at least do a “Reward Deep Dive” talking about how they bring the cosmetic rewards to the game, players asked for this achievement for years during several Q&As via content creators, not only frequency between achievements, the rewards…etc

8.2 brought an unique reward like the Nazjatar Crab, Why Shadolands meta achievements for 9.1 and 9.2 just had recolors? If the Crab was a step on the right direction, How the overall game is impacted by the store?..etc everything depends on the playerbase perception.


River otters have thumbs, dunno why these ones don’t. Also why isn’t this otter’s armor covered in the skulls of his enemies?


Regarding this Scenario 2 – No FOMO is Applied as mentioned by Qyune comment, there’s also the fact that any removed mount from the game impact old players that are into collecting due to the frequency of achievements as mentioned by Ion, so we’ve an issue with the frequency but also Devs don’t fix it by removing less content from the game or at least base achievements on mounts available in game always which are more that 600+.

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my best guess is that there is 650ish mounts that if you started now that you could get, so I agree with you that we should have achieve up to whats actually obtainable but that means that they have to add an achieve for collection every 2-3 patches outside of expac launches which we all know that they wont do

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Just do it astral and enable fly for it.

Credit to: https://twitter.com/mathptr1/status/1553516646370787331


100% there’s already going to be a few otter mounts in the game, the only thing that I would imagine the current one does is multi-passenger. I think collection rewards should at least stand out if its going to be the same model as something already obtainable.

Also, Devilsaur mount when?


In case you weren’t already aware, quoting yourself is super cringe. Nobody cares about your past Dear Diary entries.

The longer I think on it, the more disappointed I get on the new mount achieve.

The previous reskins for the mount achieves were underwhelming at best. The yeti was definitely a disappointment, but this Ottuk thing is also not worthy of the time and effort given to collecting mounts. I personally have over 600. This Ottuk looks typical and it doesn’t fly! How could you give out such an achievement mount that does not fly. The mount should have a unique skin coloring. It should be a statement. Not that the Ottuk isn’t fine in itself, it’s just not worthy of this achievement. My Tauren will look silly riding it.

I expect better from developers who are only limited by their imaginations. Better yet, if you are tired of coming up with “new and different”, give me a choice of picking any mount I don’t already have. Let me choose. What fun that would be!


Funny thing there is 4 colors of armored otters, so this thing isnt gonna stand out one bit. Expect nothing less from these people.

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Of course, when I’m nearing 400, they raise it. Le sigh.

I never understand this type of mentality, it’s an ongoing thing, you’re never going to hit an achievement and be “done” with collecting. Silly to begrudge the people who are way beyond you a reward to look forward to, personally the new achievement is going to pop for me the instant i log in and i’ll be back to wondering how many hundreds of mounts i’ll be ahead of the next achievement when they get around to adding it.

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I’m not begrudging anyone, the hell you talkin about?

That was more in reference to Ion stating previously that he didn’t like adding new achievements because they don’t want them to feel too out of reach to new people (paraphrasing).

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They’re not out reach because they’re also adding mounts. It’s just… my goal was to get to the highest one, and it’s not anymore, that’s all.

I stopped seriously collecting years ago and i’ll still get the new achievement easily, have you tried Simplearmory? It’s pretty awesome with helping you to flesh out your collection via easily obtainable mounts you may have overlooked.