New Collection Achievement Rewards Really Dropped the Ball

First, I don’t want to infringe on the 500 Mount Reward topic, but as the Pet/Toy collection rewards are being overlooked, I feel like this thread should be made.

As per this post on wowhead, there are now new mount, pet, and toy collection achievements in Dragonflight. So I feel like having a topic for CC to discuss them all at once would be helpful.


Most of the Mount Achievement Rewards are raid mount recolors. The Yeti, and now Otter miss that mark. The otter is a recolor of 4 other Otter mounts we’ll get through various sources in Dragonflight.

Some suggestions for flashy recolors worthy of this achievement, that follow the past precedence of raid recolors:

Ashes of Al’ar. (Blue? Silver? Green? Etc.)
G.M.O.D. (Silver? Bronze? Rusted? Etc.)
Glacial Tidestorm. (Green? Orange? Purple? Etc.)
Astral Cloud Serpent. (Red? Green. Purple. Etc.)
Felsteel Annihilator (Red? Black? Purple? Etc.)

There are plenty of other older raid mounts (AKA before SL) that still could use recolors for these rewards as well.

Secondly, there should also exist 600 and 700 mount achievements, as it’s already possible on live, and more collectors will reach it during Dragonflight.


The new pet achievements are for 1250, 1500, 1750, and 2000.

Now, on live, the biggest collection is only slightly over 1500 pets. That’s all the pets in game. We get somewhere between 100 and 200 pets an expac. This means 2,000 is 2-3 expansions away. Why on earth was that added already?

Please adjust these rewards to be more realistic -

  • 1,200
  • 1,400
  • 1,600

The last reward, that’s currently at 2,000, should just not exist. For anyone unaware, it is a recolor of a very easy to obtain Island Expedition pet:

And to be blunt, this is WAY more insulting than the 500 mount achievement being a Yeti or Otter.

Likewise, I would like to suggest that EVENTUALLY pet collectors obtain something “flashy” that they can show off - be it a mount or a visual effect. As it stands now, most people don’t notice battle pets, so we have nothing to really show off, like mount collectors do.

Something like the Storm Crow mount, a larger version of a previous pet reward, would be amazing.


First, the Murglasses are going to be amazing - that doesn’t need to be changed. However, it needs more achievements.

I’m currently at 685 Toys on live, and I know people with 50 more than me. So adding 600 and 700/800 Toys achievements would go a long way. Again, we don’t really have anything flashy to show off we collect toys, so eventually this would be nice.

All this said, I do believe it’s important to add achievements we can work towards that aren’t possible yet - for instance, 800, 900, 1000 Mounts, 1,800 and 2,000 Pets, and 900/1000 Toys.

However, until enough people start obtaining it, have the reward be a title like “Mount/Toy/Pet Collector” - so people can still show off, without putting undue pressure on the art team to create recolors RIGHT THIS SECOND. When enough people have started unlocking the achievement? Then in the next PTR, add the reward and listen to feedback on it, like you have been with the 500 mount reward.


100% agree they need to add more toy and pet achievements as someone who collects every toy and pet they can get. I think I currently lost the drive completely to keep going because everything coming out so far as been a major disappointment.


I personally agree with your suggestions, but I also think they need to be careful with the recolors, some players are opposed to recolors and I do think they have a legitimate argument.

Blizzard might be tempted to lean in the direction of a recolor since it would allow them to maximize the value of an asset, but some would argue that it diminishes the coolness of the original, which in some cases was obtained painfully. I can understand how it might feel watching some random noob flying around on a green Ashes after it took several years to farm the original.

Do they though? I feel like there are way too many achievements in general. :face_with_monocle:

Depends on how high people set goals. No reason we shouldnt reward big time collectors and add milestones


Sure, if it’s a popular activity.

Even if its not popular it should still have something for a reward. Blizzard has alot of abandoned things that could use it (archeology, pet dungeons)


Then it better be earned.

Edit: Also Archeology was quite dull, no disrespect intended to anyone.

Did… you just argue in favor of more mount collecting achievements, then against pet and toy?


Sigh. Pet/Toy collectors are just as important as mount collectors.

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I’m not opposed to pets and toys, I just think there are too many achievements in general. If you collect pets and toys then you better be a damn good collector to receive an achievement, same with raiders or dungeoneers.

There’s ~1500 unique pets right now, I think that constitutes a good collector, lol.


Yeah we are talking about the coming out collector achievements none of this stuff is for lower collections thresholds

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