Where are the Devs? Lack of discussion

I wonder where are all the Devs that presents themselves on the forum: Introduce Yourself Here

There’s really good hot takes with 20+ comments on the CC forums without any Dev reply, there’s not discussion. It’s a wasted feedback tool.

All those post have over 20+ replies between CC members which are like a sample from the overall playerbase from Devs perspective.

Devs should embrace their position or start a dicussion, maybe they’re listening more but they don’t comprehend the playerbase.

There’s even post already on the CC forums talking about a lack of response to those threads, it’s a bad taste to create a feedback tool and then ignore it. That’s why we’ve comments about it being a PR movement from Blizzard.


It was always a PR move. Nothing more, nothing less.


It’s weird.

I was actually gaining some confidence in Blizzard - they’ve steadily been good at communicating over the past few months.

And then this past couple weeks, it’s like they put in earplugs.

And to be quite honest, there’s like a 50% chance I’ll quit the game if they don’t fix the Slime Cat mistake they made. (As I’ve said many times, it’s not the fact it’s Normal only, it’s the fact we were led to believe for 3 months it would be available in LFR. They had 3 months to correct us but chose to do it 5 days before season launch)


I’d like to see the Community council live chats…mentioned somedays ago by Mike that he’ll review that with Devs.

Also, a better communication, it’s almost the end for the first CC member rotation and there’s a big gap between post, replies and Devs response.

They’ve a tool to interact with less toxic playerbase and a sample of different players but its being ignored.

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I’ve seen it in a blue post after the initial message…at least for now it doesn’t seem like they are changing their minds.

Oh yeah, it was on the WoW website

  • Fates of the Shadowlands Raids – Clear all 3 Fated raids on Normal difficulty.
    • Rewards the ***glesworth Sr. mount. (you cant post the mount’s name on the forums)

Arguable. Some of those threads wouldn’t lead to anything productive hence why they don’t respond to those.

blizz may say “we changed”

but actions speak louder than words

i wonder how many other things they will change their mind about with dragonflight.


The S4 team from everything I’ve heard is very small, and everyone else is working on Dragonflight. It makes sense that there wouldn’t be as much communication with S4 - it’s basically just a mini-season meant to shift peoples focus away from the super-hard SOFO raid and onto more accessible/easy gearing via raids+dungeons

99.9% of people aren’t that mad about the verbiage of the mount achievement, and most people will just get it in normal if they want it. The people on the GD don’t make up much of the subscriber base; I would go as far as to say pretty much no one even knew where the slime cat was going to come from in the first place, even the people now posting about how mad they are over it lol


I read your thread about Slime cat over on the Community Council forms and I wanted to say thank you for speaking up and articulating your points so well! For those or us here on gd who are trying to be heard over this, you’re doing an awesome job getting it done!


Except you know, that’s definitely not the case.


They have nothing to say to players that players will want to hear. Therefore they will say nothing until that situation changes, until they have something they can put a lawyerspeak spin on.


You should probably specify it’s not the case for the GD.

The people that want the mount will go into normal and get it. The people on the GD may not out of protest/disagreement/etc. And, as has been pointed out a billion times over the last decade+ when a controversial GD topic comes up… the GD is a small, small percentage of the playerbase.

But most people that want it in game will. Overall, though, the overwhelming majority of people don’t care one way or the other.

There will be plenty of avenues for people to hop into charity raids and get the mount, which is good!

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For the most part, Cataclysm was the last stand of public engagement with developers. That’s when they began to fade from the forums and interaction became tightly scripted corporate PR stuff. In a way I can’t blame them, as people can be pretty awful, but the game is worse because of it.

A small token of the cost of this can be found in Hellfire. The tooltip reads the final post of a dev from the early days who had just had enough.

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The biggest problem with the “they’re just the vocal minority so ignore them” mentality is that has presumably been Blizz’s mentality for a long while now and most people tend to agree that it’s a bad one. When you as a player also use it, you’re more or less empowering Blizz to continue down that track. And if they do continue working under that mentality, it’s not just people who disagree with you who are going to get ignored.

While I agree that there are certain topics that really do have a vocal minority attached, I think it’s deranged to look at the outcry on the forums and twitter over this issue and try to make the claim here. If this can’t be taken seriously by Blizz (even if you personally think it’s a non-issue), nothing should.


lol this isnt the case… they’re just not wasting time with irrelevant stuff anymore.

Ok you had me in the first part.

Yup, you’re completely right.

Most people on the forums that threaten to quit over this stuff never do anyway.


By that, I don’t mean it’s a pressing issue. I don’t even care about it all that much anyways. I think the mount isn’t nearly as appealing as the pet and I don’t feel like gearing up to do it. What I mean by “Blizz should take it seriously” is that a lot of people are upset about it–the issue itself is irrelevant (which is why I even mentioned how some might see it as a non-issue).

For some things I can see this being a good point.

For a still very easily attainable mount that is centered around a specific achievement Blizzard wants you to complete, I don’t think it applies.

Achievements aren’t meant to be given to you for nothing. They are quite literally put in the game to be earned (buzzword, I know)

Do I care if it’s in LFR? Heck no. Be cool if it were. I don’t care about the mount one way or the other. I’ll probably get it and not even realize.

But do I think it needs to be in LFR, either? Also heck no. They make the victory conditions for achievements for a reason. And I certainly don’t think people going on this “Blizzard lied to us because they hotfixed verbiage!!!” path makes any sense.

This issue is “I was promised a pony” all over again.
It’s one of those crazy unimportant stuff that GD sticks on and like to because they can take the “good role” against “elitism” that in this case is normal raiding… xd

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