🐍 Why should Sethrak be an Allied/Playable Race? 8.3 and beyond

For those who support the idea, please state your opinions and your reasoning why. :slight_smile:

How would they be included in 8.3 and into Shadowlands?

Which faction would they go and why? Given upcoming current events and moving forward.

I heavily support Sethrak as an AR myself! For Horde OR for Alliance. I adore them. :relaxed: And have some lore based ideas to implement them. But I would like to hear other ideas. :heart: :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Or just say hello to show your support and interest! :snake:

And to increase the odds of being heard, you can drop a suggestion in the in-game suggestion box under the Help tab! :grin:

My current ideas are either loosely summarized as:

For the Horde: Following Horde storyline, the Devoted could close their ties in friendship. If the Horde will take them.

For the Alliance: Gilneans could make an effort to recruit the Sethrak to deal with N’zoth/N’zoth aftermath ad events going into Shadowlands. The two races share similarities in their backstory. Gilneas was a divided nation between King Greymane and his loyalists that wanted to shut the world out and the Northgate Rebels. Eventually Genn changed his tune for the greater good and reunited his people for their survival and rejoined the Alliance. Having experience with this the Gilneans and the player character could work to help Vorrik reunite his people and convince the remaining Faithless to change.

Other possibilities/plot lines and potential factions for reputation grind:

8.3: Sethrak get involved assisting us fighting off N’zoth and his minions. They have knowledge and familiarity with dealing with Old Gods and their minions. And how to seal them away.

Possible factions for reputation grind could be:
The Uldum Accord
Champions of Azeroth

Shadowlands: Sulthis (deceased Keeper) or Sethraliss (loa) play a role in our adventures. Korthek and Serrik are also option but would be in The Maw.
^ For those unfamiliar, Sethraliss, the loa the Sethrak worship sacrificed herself to seal away Mythrax. She has since been resurrected/“reborn”. So in short, she has been to The Shadowlands.


I think they’re very cool for sure


Why? I think a reptilian race would add a lot to the game, it’s something we haven’t seen before.
Not to mention an actual noble, long-lived race would fill a spot which the horde does not have at the moment, but at the same time, they are not alien enough to feel out of place in the horde.

How they can be included in the future story? Add them in 8.3 as allies against the newly risen black empire or show them make closer ties in 8.3.5.
We’ve already seen some of the closing of ties between the zandalari and devoted. With sethrak npcs appearing in Dazar’alor if you’ve completed the Vol’dun story and saved Sethraliss, the appearance of a sethrak priest and Sethraliss at Talanji’s coronation and the children’s week quest that talks about how now there’s a group of sethrak that are friends and their loa wants peace above all else.
Could just keep on working on that thread.

In shadowlands we could learn about Sethraliss and other loa in Ardenwald.


If they are they are going to be horde and alliance is going to get some other disgusting unwanted race.

They would be a great addition because the game needs a scaly race


Honestly would love to see Sethrak added as a race. I do feel like they are more inclined to go horde despite what some people would tell us. Cannonically the horde does save their Loa so I struggle to believe having a key lost by the horde makes sense for the Sethrak to betray them. Though either way I would love to play them. We need a scaly playable race and since I think naga are completely out of the question Sethrak would be perfect.


They are too civilized to go horde. They don’t even eat rocks!


I think they would make a very awesome Alliance Allied race.

First, they pair of PERFECTLY with Vulpera as a long time enemy in Vol’dun.

Second, if we go with a splinter group of the Faithless a good motivation for them to join the Alliance is seeing that the Vulpera have new powerful forces at their side instead of being on their own. Spite is a good motivator, and the enemy of your enemy kind of deal.

Third, if the go with a splinter group of the Faithless it adds a “Forsaken” to the Alliance in the idea of a race that could be very antagonistic to the Harmony of the Alliance. I know Night Elves are being set up that way with Tyrande right now, but I think that race could create some interesting conflicts of opinion in the Alliance lore wise. Alliance have been too perfectly unified for a long time, it would be cool if Tyrande and some Night Elves were not the only ones shaking things up. I know some people say Greymane is in the same boat but I disagree, Greymane and the Worgen are far too loyal to Anduin even if they are vocally objective to really do anything too crazy. It would be a viable plot hook for possible future stories.

Fourth, they use the Worgen Skeleton so they fit in line with the idea of each Allied race matching a prime race skeleton.

Fifth, they are so unique! Seriously, they have a very unique anatomy and body structure to them that makes for an interesting and unlikely race for the Alliance.

I honestly just think they are really freaking cool. Its just my opinion but a Snake species of Allied race on the Alliance of all sides would be really interesting to see. They have that cool voice effect that sounds like a rattling/hissing when they speak, their animations are really fluid and fun to watch (Seriously, the way they weave their head and tail when they move, mimicking how snakes move is actually really cool to see), and I think it opens up an opportunity for such a cool race not to be a one off. I would love to see some more named characters for Sethrak continuing forward and in future adventures.

I 100% support Sethrak for the Alliance.


Its rare that this forum agrees on anything, but Sethrak as an allied race is one of the few things it actually supports

I significantly doubt it will happen, as we would have seen something by now (We’ve had Vulpera just missing their dances since the beta, and we found stuff hinting at Mechagnomes in the beta as well), but there’s massive support and excitement for it.

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I heard some NPCs from one of the Hearthstone sets is in Uldum on the PTR for 8.3. NPC’s from the set that have Sethrak. Maybe Vessina can be an NPC there?

A reason for visible necks. Neck-mog go!

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How about Vessina as a main character/plot point to drive your idea?

She’s a Faithless loyalist and although from Hearthstone, I have heard npcs from that set are in Uldum on the PTR for 8.3. Correct me if I am wrong.

Your idea also opens up more potential classes for them.

I never really looked at it from this perspective, but I have to say I really like it. It would mesh really well I think! My own ideas were very Devoted based. I might like this approach better. :heart:

And it also satisfies in a way, the Worgen and Forsaken AR counterparts.

Forsaken type story/plot but with Worgen model skeleton rigging.

Which COULD leave Gilnean/Worgen story/plot with Forsaken model skeleton rigging as the other AR. Certainly interesting… :thinking:


I mean sure that could work.
Also according to wowhead there’s a few sethrak npcs datamined for 8.3 but we have no idea where they are.

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Sethrak are a great new addition to the horde due to them actually being something different (reptilian race). Makes no sense to be alliance and quite frankly the reasoning people are pulling out of thin air is dumb and illogical.


Not that I am arguing with you; I would like to see Sethrak made playable regardless of what faction they would go. But how would you implement them Horde side given 8.3 and onward?

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They reach out to the Zandalari and rekindle their past alliances and friendships.


Sethrak being Alliance makes absolutely no sense considering the Horde did much more to help the Devoted. They would only make sense as Horde.

And to anyone saying a splinter group of the Faithless should join the Alliance, sure lol, recruit the group that intentionally released Mythrax in a bid for domination.


They make sense joining the Alliance from a thematic standpoint, as they have a lot in common with other races there. They’re also the natural counter to vulpera considering their history, and would add some much needed diversity to the Alliance race roster. The story angle could easily be explained in any number of ways. The void elves didn’t even exist until their recruitment quest, after all.


Sethrak as a race aren’t a natural counter to the Vulpera, though. Vorrik’s group got along completely fine with the Vulpera, and Vorrik’s group would definitely be the playable Sethrak if they became an AR.


Not in story-related antagonism necessarily, but in the “desert race” and “enslavers and enslaved” sense. Comments from various vulpera have also not seen a huge amount of distinction between groups of Sethrak either.

I’m not saying there’s a great story justification there, but there’s enough wiggle room that typical Blizzard “rule of cool” could force it through and Alliance desperately needs a win after the trashgnome debacle.


Probably because the Devoted were forced into hiding after the Faithless Empire took over. The issue here is…we have no idea how long the Faithless Empire has existed since the Sethrak lore is lacking.