Pre-purchase Access to Classic

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Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers,

You made announcing Reforged at BlizzCon an incredible moment. Thank you.

The team poured themselves into getting The Culling ready, and we’ve been blown away with the sentiment and positivity around this game we all love. We’re excited to see the lively discussion on this shiny new forum - thanks to Web & Mobile for making it available!

There is much to discuss.

Right now, we are addressing the snag with pre-purchase not awarding access to classic Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. We expect to have a solution in your hands by December 1st with 1.30.2.


What about playing old WC3 if Pre-purchase?
Buying Frozen Throne now VS Reforged
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Thanks Pete + team for working so hard!


Good news for people who preordered but don´t have the Classic´s, keep up the good work!


Thanks for the hard work you’re putting into remastering this game for its fans and for the update on the bug/snag :slight_smile:


Does it really take a month to give people a almost 20 year old game?


Thanks for the update Pete!


Good to hear it’s still happening.


Thanks for clarifying that.


Thank you!

BTW: Please port over the matchmaking ranking system from starcraft :smiley:


Will players who already have ROC & TFT codes against their account receive additional codes when purchasing Reforged?

I’d love to gift Classic to some friends to help build the hype.


Does “awarding access” means giving us the cd-key? Because I recently submitted a support ticket about this issue and got this response:

" Hi,

This is Game Master Berctisirory here.

Thanks for contacting us about this. Warcraft 3: Reforged does not come with keys for the classic versions of the games. I am afraid that right now, we actually aren’t selling the classic versions."

Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


I mean, it took 10 years to reskin a mobile game so this is actually quite fast.

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Howdy Amarok and HHF,

Thanks for the questions that are top of mind for a lot of players.

“Will I get classic keys?”
No, we’re using the modern system that is keyless (We’re fixing an issue with authentication during install - which is the hold up. Apologies.).

“Are you selling classic RoC/TFT?”
Yes and no. There will be only one client that plays both versions of the game - as with StarCraft: Remastered - so you get classic with Reforged.


What about WC3 Classic owners?
Warcraft 3 Classic not Integrated into Battle App?

W3 was a childhood pastime for me, and I am beyond excited for what is in store! I was at Blizzcon and tried the demo, and I have to say this is the quality product I had been looking for at the event. W3 went above my expectations and I cannot help myself and support content like this! The Dev team for classic games made my Blizzcon and eagerly look forward to playing the finished product! This feels like Blizzard of old… I could go on, but in short, phenomenal job, please do more stuff like this!


Keep up the good work guys, thank you for making a dream of many years come true at last! Cheers.


Why don’t you bypass it by making the Demo version installation that gave a “generic” Auth? by instead of limiting the gameplay where you need put in the Key after the Intro Campg levels, it all unlock by default?


Yayy!!! Dec 1st well get to see new players and more activity, hopefully WC3 will be on the Bnet launcher too for everybody to access easily! No more port forwarding 6112 means AT will live again!!!

Long Live WC3


Hi Classic Pete,

Thanks for the update. As 1.30.2 will require some major transition on our end, it would be great to get answers to following questions:

  • Will everyone be able to host crossrealm and select the specific server region in 1.30.2?
  • Do you update the overall custom game hosting interface? If not, it will become a pain to find the right maps as map names rarely contain version info
  • Will the Battle . net ladder be crossrealm anytime soon?
  • Will 1.30.2 come with a ladder reset?

Thank you in advance
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Seconding these questions. Many of us plan on continuing to play classic War3 right up until the day of Reforged’s release, and these questions are highly important for us.