Buying Frozen Throne now VS Reforged

Hello, ya all. I have purchased Reign Of Chaos about a century ago (it seem to be, lol) and I have played the expansion with my good mate on college. The announcement of the W3 Reforged really made my day and I would love to play it now to get hang of the old tactics etc. before playing W3 Reforged campaign.

But - I own only the Reign of Chaos and I do not know if buying Reforged will allow me to play Frozen Throne now in the classic version?

Thanks for feedback!

googling info its too hard?
Anyway u have access to RoC and TfT if u prepurchase reforged.
Go on 1.30.2 patchnotes post, there will be a download client link which asks for authentication to check if reforged was bought.