Warcraft 3 Classic not Integrated into Battle App?

Why isnt it Integrated into Battle App it seems like a hassle to get WC3 Classic. Its a Bug or is it just not going to be at all?


We have been asking for this for 4 years. Meanwhile, they have been releasing broken patches causing the game to crash, messing up the sound as well as adding black bars to the game.

They just dont want to spend their time working on improvements.


Dam man 4 years… I thought it was more then just code issues but at this point if SCR can be intergrated then why not WC3

Lol, it will come just as SCR came - when WC Reforged is coming. Classic Starcraft wasnt on the launcher, too so why do you complain about classic wc3?


what are you talking about SC classic was on the luncher when SCR was added to the battle app it was integrated with the classic launcher and was free for all, this isnt free for all and still you can use old CD keys but still aint free tho

It is coming. You just have to realize, that it’s not that simple as just drag n’ drop. It’s going to need some serious coding to get it working, since Warcraft 3 has its own whole system with its own Battle Net, so they need to rework that whole thing to get it working with the modern Battle Net. It is already having many issues and bugs, when they are just updating the netcode. Now just imagine how much there would be bugs, if they just suddenly added it to the Battle Net 2.0… It’s gotta be taken one step at a time, or otherwise there would be so heavy bugs, that the whole game would be broken.


This community has some low IQ people… If you look at the Bnet launcher there is an icon for WC3 Reforged. WHEN THE GAME RELEASES IT WILL BE ON THE LAUNCHER and you will be able to switch between wc3 classic and reforged. Holy crap it was the same thing for SC Remastered


The answer is simple. Warcraft 3 Classic isn’t integrated into the new BattleNet. It will be integrated with WC3 Reforged. “New” BattleNet came out in around 2008-2009, Warcraft 3 came out in 2001. There’s your reasoning.

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It really isn’t. StarCraft:R wasn’t added to the launcher until launch patch, War3 got added to the launch upon Reforged announcement. But besides that, Pete did say in a blue post that War3 was supposed to be integrated into the Bnet client but their were problems with the authetication process hence the delay on the keys (the keys were supposed to be obsolete). In fact Bnet 2.0 integration was supposed to take place in this patch but apparently they’re still having problems.

So kindly take your low IQ ignorance elsewhere.


It is, but it’s disabled for some reason. I can find a screenshot to prove it.

No, it is not. That is Warcraft 3 REFORGED, coming in 2019.

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See the screenshot ^

It’s there but disabled.

When implementing wc3r tab into battlenet there was a 5 minutes bug that showed actual wc3 on the tab instead of reforged, and it even auto-located your installed wc3 installation folder and showed current wc3 version of the game.

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Well, it was probably just that: a bug.

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Wtf are you talking about? All he said was they’re using a keyless system which the new client is. When you pre-order Reforged your BNet account gets flagged for access to WC3 classic instead of getting a cd key like back in the day. Then you download the client he posted in the 1.30.2 PATCH NOTES thread. He didn’t say crap about the BNet launcher for Classic until Reforged comes out.

If this is the case, why fix what isnt broken? its not a bug if they intended it to happen (a test) why remove this feature and go back to using keys? unless there was problems with a game running a key connecting to an account verified game.

Well, adding WC3 to the BattleNet launcher is probably a bit bigger thing. Yes, I’m sure they would be able to just add it to the list, but I’d guess there are a lot of other things to take into consideration too. And it isn’t even using the CD keys anymore, unless you have them, you can link it to your BNet account, but after that, they are not needed anymore. And people buying Reforged won’t receive any keys, but just have WC3 linked to their account.