What about WC3 Classic owners?

I need some clarifications.
What I know is that people who bought REFORGED will get W3 Classic with it.
But will Classic owners get a REFORGED? (I don’t believe so, but worth to ask)

If someone already own Classic and then buy REFORGED, then what will happen to the Classic “keys”?
Will Classic owners just get the REFORGED while non-classic owners get the Classic and REFORGED aswell? Or can we gift those classic “keys”?


For free? No.

If you already have Classic version, your keys will be left useless, as you can play Classic through Reforged. You won’t get new Classic keys for buying Reforged.

In fact, to be precise: no one gets Classic keys with Reforged, because the new system doesn’t have any CD keys anymore. And that’s source of the problems they are having now and why people are not getting their Classic versions yet, even though they pre-ordered Reforged.


I believe old players buying Reforged will get Classic back, they could give their boxed CD keys to new players so they can discover the game with Classic, if it’s not given for free.

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so wait the people who spent money on the classic Warcraft 3 are going to have to buy another copy of the same game just with better graphics? that seems rather un fair


Unfair? Your classic keys can still be played with, and played against people with the new graphics, you just have the 16 year old graphics that you originally purchased. If you don’t want to spend a whopping $30, then just play with the old graphics…

I tell you what man, because you bought a 16 year old game, the remastered should just be free! Lets help make this not a good selling project so all the stockholders will be against future rts games! /s


Alright so first of, he’s asking a solid question, so no need to have an attitude like that.

I think for true fans who have been playing this game since the very beginning or for many years or own a classic copy should have some sort of Banner as a token of appreciation.

Lets be real here, Warcraft 3 Reforged would never have gotten then a Reforge if it wasn’t for us fans who play the game until this day.

So i think its a very good question to ask since well as i said before here we are with a reforged version. Something as a ingame banner, icon, title, skin or anything of the like to show that you are a grandfather to the game and that would also be a good indication of that these players are skilled and are knowledgeable and could teach or help new players.


An aesthetic for classic owners would be great. But thats not what he was asking, he was asking for reforged which is ridiculous.

I 100% would be okay with an aesthetic for people who had classic keys, because that does not lose them money, and also makes those people feel rewarded.

I 100% am not okay with people thinking because they have a 16 year old game, they should get a remaster for free. That’s insane.

I never asked for REFORGED for free, I asked about it because it wasn’t clear. There are games that offer free upgrade for original owners, but there is also ones that gives previous owners a lower pricetag.

I am fine with purchasing REFORGED. I just don’t want to purchase an extra copy, thats all.


As a W3 Classic version buyer, I would like , as everyone who has already the original game purchased at Blizzard, to have at least kind of a discount for the reforged…


You know you can play your already purchased version with the people who buy reforged right? So in a way you are getting reforged without the graphics for free.

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Exactly! All these people whining about the price need to grow up. Games aren’t free! They think it’s crazy that after 16 years they should have to spend 30 bucks. It’s crazy the entitlement gamers have these days. I would gladly pay $60 dollars for this game but we’re getting it for $30 as a blessing from Lord Blizzard.

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As it is for now, yes if u buy reforged you’ ll have those “classic cd-keys” being useless. Things will change when Reforged will be released next year, since classic will be free for everyone (like SC1 remastered).

Umm, I don’t think it’s going to be free, but it will come “for free” with Reforged, and you can’t even buy only RoC or TFT in the future, instead you only need to get Reforged, because it will include all three games.

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I just stated it will be free cause i see how it went with SC1 and how it logically should be. Ofc i might be wrong but i see your point less likely to be true ( again i might be wrong, but it wouldn’t make any logic sense that way).

It was explained in some of the interviews (can’t really remember which one, because I’ve pretty much watched every one you can find on Youtube), that they are merging all the three games into one: i.e. Reforged. In the future you can’t buy RoC or TFT, you can only buy Reforged. And RF will include the classic version as well. This is, for instance, the reason why they pulled RoC and TFT off the Blizzard Shop, because you should get them with the (pre-)purchase of Reforged.

Though, now that you argued back, you made me question, if I understood it all correctly. It’s been a while after all. But I’m still pretty sure this is how it’s going to be.

companies given token of appreciations in 2019. HAHAHA. what an old timer.

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Dark , THE ONES WHO HAD PURCHASED THE CLASSIC VERSION LONG YEARS AGO, AND HAVE DIFFERENT CURRENCY , TO BE MORE SPECIFIC, OTHER UNDERVALUED CURRENCY NO DOLLARS, 30USD$ IS TOO MUCH FOR US, I am not saying FREE I am saying for the ones who have already purchased the game, a mid discount would be really helpful


Why? This is a new game with backward compatibility, not an expansion where the original game is part of the price. To demand that Blizzard offers a discount just because you are poor is ridiculous. The game is already cheaper than other games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and no, you will not get a discount on CoD:BO4 if you owned WW2.

You know, if they are so poor, why don’t they wait till it’s on sale? Like on a black friday deal. I luckily have enough in my blizzard balance. Sadly I need to wait to see what the system requirements are because i’m not sure it will run on my machine.

I am not saying I am poor , you are being kind of cold, tell me this… Why should WE , the ones who already paid a good amount of money for the original classic w3, now get to pay the same amount as the ones who, at the moment, have not yet bought the game. It is unfair & as I wrote before, the difference between currency , in some countries, is too high.