What about playing old WC3 if Pre-purchase?

I saw a Q&A with Grubby and one the Devs named Nicholas Louie saying that yes if you pre purchase WC3 reforged you will be able to play old WC3. Just hoping this gets cleared up because I know I want to purchase but won’t until its able to play like many others. Lost my old codes and can’t play anymore so really just dying to play please and thank you

You can download the game from here. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/7836


But People who purchased Reforge dont have key yet:

They just announced that it will be available for prepurchasers December 1st.


Brass thank you man it worked you a life saver have a good holidays :slight_smile:

There’s already threads about this and yes, you will be able to play the classic game after purchasing reforged they are just having some issues.

I pre-purchased Reforged and i just find out that they have a problem that not awarding with clasic, so my problem is i will get the clasic when they solve the problem ?

Same here where can I get the code? Classic is not showing in my list and I have pre=purschased reforge on 13th of November. Can anyone help or should contact blizzard directly?

Guys you do not get a code all you have to do is pre-purchase the new reforged and look here in the forums there is a link to the client once you download that you will be able to play the game as you can either verify with the old legacy keys or your Battlenet pre-purchase

Can you post the link here?

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I pre purchased the game but i can’t Play Reign of Chaos in the Battle net against other ppl. Is this intendet?

You cannot play RoC against people because there is nobody (except you) playing RoC. Download The Frozen Throne and enjoy your games :slight_smile:

My question is. Can i Play warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and TFT online in Battle net against other ppl with the Reforged Key?

In WC3 integrated Battle Net, yes. In the modern Battle Net, the one with pretty much all their other games, not yet.

Thank you so much. i couldn’t figure it out, and i was actually bummed out that it told me i needed to wait until basically 2020. I was able to play, and people are active.