Pre-purchase Access to Classic

Thank you for yours work!!!

Regarding only 1 client, you should merge the ROC and TFT clients into 1 client. Make it work the same way as SC2.

Will people that have purchased Warcraft 3 and the frozen throne on battle net before you announced reforged also be given reforged?


Great news, thank you!!

Hi Pete + Team, Thanks a lot for clarifying this and the effort put into making this awesome change. :slight_smile:

This answers the questions I had, thank you so much for the update on this issue and thank you so much for bringing Warcraft III into the modern era, is like a dream come true.

Does this mean, we’ll be able to Update/Launch/Play WC3 Classic via Battlenet launcher after 1.30.2 patch on Dec 1st-ish?

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I have the same question! The ones who have purchased on battle net , will be given reforged?

Do we have to preorder reforged before Dec. 1st to gain access to OG WC3, or do you get the keys for ROC and TFT for preordering anytime between now and the release of reforged?

Can we expect new features in the replay portion of the application for casters? Games without observers requires fog of war to be turned off and view from a single player making it difficult to track invisible units and easily telling which units are illusions.

Looking forward to reliving the story of WarCraft 3.

pretty easy to predict the answer : No


so if i buy reforged now i will get classic warcraft 3 playable on the launcher?

please consider starting on a proper remake of the cinematics, to add them post-launch if necessary!

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Thanks for the update Pete! So excited for the patch!

Thank you for the clarity. I look forward to it.

here’s an important question–if i already own roc and tft and have a key on my blizzard account, will i launch it through the blizzard launcher starting december 1st? that’s what i’m hoping for.


You can already do it, just give your friends your “Classic” key, you will still be able to play since your account is flagged to access to “classic”.

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hey bruh, im your friend,the begging master, pls give me warcraft classic. rolf.

Awesome news, extremey excited about wc3 coming back to the scene, thanks for the update Pete!

Pete, you disappoint me, I am neither Warchief, Lich, Commander or Keeper. Im really sorry that I didnt make the announcement an even more incredible moment. (:stuck_out_tongue: )

That being said, I truly do not have a love relationship to WCIII. It was largely a cool game but its time has largely passed. I also do not use spyphones internet either, from me it is pc only.

There is much to discuss, that is true. But more specific topics could be helpful as to what you want to ask the forum vocal minority.

I have W3,FT tried 1,30,1,10. It already looks better to say prevcious 1,28. I like human fire orb damage buff, but I am against footman pierce reflection. Keep it as is, but instead of reflecting pierce, try to reflect direct magic attacks. Instead of reflecting pierce, increase pierce resist to 65 /received to 35%. Against pierce you remove an RNG. But vs magic give poor footmen in defend the reflect %, no dmg reduction. (not if too op)

I have a bit of a not so nice ‘question’ you dont have to answer, but I do not like it when I buy something, that the former owner still claims right to what I own. More specifically, when it says I have something licensed, not bought. I have not licensed anything, I have bought it. I do not claim to own the IP license nor am I making money off of it. Just as I have say, D2+LoD discs still functional and the boxes in the physical, I did not license those old games. Maybe the lawyers should find more normal words, because games are sold. When it says people sell something, the other side is buying, not licensing. Games are sold. Not licensed. To my understanding blizz most likely owns the license to its IP, the WC IP. This is my understanding of a license. When I buy something, the other side has parted with rights of its ownership as to what I do with it, money transaction takes place and I become the owner. If I want to break it, just because I like, I have that right. If some lawspeak wants to prevent people from owning what they buy, it sets a standard where only the chosen few decide important decisions. It also ignores peoples private property. I think that profit is not the end of all and that a moral standard and dignity of people should not be frowned upon. Cheers. Have a nice day everyone.

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