Nice editor BTW


Literally remastered broke the map editor so hard it won’t even save nice one blizz. I was gonna test units in a specific scenario but i guess i wont do that now :^)

I literally have to download a random 3rd party software despite broodwar coming with an editor xddddddddd

Starcraft Map Editor Removed?

i mean they said StarEdit is discontinued and there was a blue post saying to use SCMDraft…soooo?


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Maybe Blizzard should figure out how to implement scmdraft in place of the old map editor? I can’t really blame people for not knowing that they did that especially non-forum goers.


Yeah, that would make a lot of sense. Now if only SCMDraft were Open Source or it’s creator were willing to give it up for Blizzard or something… otherwise how would it work?

I don’t remember that. But are they really dropping SCedit? that’s a bit too much unless they can provide a better official alternative.


I think its more of SCMDraft does everything better, has more tools, and has a dedicated team. (Though i suspect they more work on it in free time then get paid) the SC:R team has to also work on net coding and other things while trying not to break the game. They just don’t have the people to also keep the editor up to date.


/wave hey, its me, the entire scmdraft team. And scmdraft is a free time project, next to work / RL stuff.

And to address the original topic: I have posted the fix for that bug in the tech support forum in the corresponding thread.


stay strong and thanks for your hard work.


So… you are SCMDraft’s developer? Nice to meet you. BTW have you thought about the benefits of Open Source? If the code is available for everyone in a platform such as SourceForge or GitHub anyone can contribute, even if something happened to you and you couldn’t work on it for a long time for example.
That should help since a working map editor doesn’t seem to be shipped with the game anymore, which is quite sad, I used to make lots of maps just for fun, just to try for example what would happen if you had a situation with heroes and many units and so on. Or making my own custom campaigns with my own version of the stories.

ScmDraft 2 - Alternative starcraft map editor