All 54 Prestige Talents Listed and Specified: Currently The Only List with all 54 written down

New Co-op Content: Prestige

Commander prestige alters the core gameplay mechanics of each commander, allowing a way more diverse and less tedious methods of playing the game. Each commander has 3 prestige talents. By activating the first prestige on/or above level 15, your chosen hero’s level is reset to 1. From there, you need to level back up to 15 with your newly unlocked prestige talent. This needs to be repeated 3 times, each reset unlocking a new prestige talent. After 3 resets, you now have all three prestige talents at your service, with any of the three available each game.

Each prestige has a positive, and a negative effect on your gameplay.

The PTR server has greatly enhanced the amount of EXP you receive to speed up the testing of the new Prestige content. Keep in mind that this is newly released content that still requires modification, which means there are new bugs and some prestige talents might be overpowered. Have fun playing!

If you are uninterested in reading through the whole document, here are the top 5 prestiges you would be interested in reading about:

Abathur Prestige Level 2: Tunneling Horror

Abathur Prestige Level 3: The Limitless

Dehaka Prestige Level 3: Broodbrother

Han & Horner Prestige Level 3: Galactic Gunrunners

Zeratul Prestige Level 2: Knowledge Seeker


Prestige Level 1: Biological combat units gain 100% additional life, but MULES are unavailable.

Prestige Level 2: Afterburners increase attack speed by 100% and its cooldown is reduced by 50%, but units no longer cost less, and the speed bonus is reduced by 50%.

Prestige Level 3: The Starport no longer requires gas to build, and its units cost 30% less gas. Vikings, Banshees and Battlecruisers increase top bar ability cooldown rates by 1% per supply used, but all combat units cost 50% more minerals.


Prestige Level 1: Malignant Creep effectiveness increased by 100%, but Nydus and Omega Network are unavailable.

Prestige Level 2: Kerrigan expands stacks of Fury while using Leaping Strike or Psionic Shift, striking nearby enemies for 50 damage and a 3 second stun. However, her carapace regeneration is reduced by 50% and her abilities deal 50% less damage.

Prestige Level 3: Assimilation Aura resource drops are increased by 100% and Kerrigan has access to Kinetic Blast and Crushing Grip. However, Psionic Shift and Leaping Strike are unavailable.


Prestige Level 1: All combat unit abilities are 100% more effective, but all combat units also cost 30% more.

Prestige Level 2: Any combat units standing inside the existing Projected Power Field is teleported to wherever the new power field is projected, and the cooldown is removed. However, Project Power Field requires 10 minerals.

Prestige Level 3: Orbital strike warps in an Unbound Fanatic that throws of damaging energy and lasts 15 seconds. Shield Overcharge is now targeted and has its cooldown reduced by 50%, and costs 25 energy. However, Orbital Strike is 50 energy and Guardian Shell is disabled.


Prestige Level 1: The laser drill deals splash damage and now slows enemies, but its abilities are unavailable.

Prestige Level 2: Turret upgrades are now 100% more effective, but combat units cost 50% more gas.

Prestige Level 3: The Heracules carry twice as much cargo, unload instantly, and can use Tactical Jump with a 50% reduced cooldown. However, top bar abilities have 100% increased cooldown.


Prestige Level 1: Max supply cap is increased by 50, Zerglings and Scourge spawn one more per egg, Baneling Nests spawn 4 additional free banelings, and the Scourge Nest spawns 4 free Scourge. However, Zagara is unavailable.

Prestige Level 2: Aberrations and Corruptors gain 50% increased health, cost 25% less, and have greatly enhanced health regeneration. However, no free banelings from the Baneling Nest.

Prestige Level 3: Zagara gains reduced ability cooldowns, additional health and energy regeneration, However, Mass Frenzy only affects Zagara’s summoned units and herself, with combat units costing 25% more.


Prestige Level 1: Emergency Recall recalls cloaked units to the nearest Nexus or Dark Pylon instead of the primary structure and restores shields and life to full. However, Dark Pylons cannot use recall.

Prestige Level 2: All enemy units effected by Confusion, Void Stasis, Stasis Ward, Disruption Web, or Darkcoil lose 20 life per second (this effect does NOT kill). However, combat units deal 50% less damage and Stasis Ward lasts 75% shorter.

Prestige Level 3: Time Stop is now targeted, and all Shadow Guard who have died are resurrected at the target location, but the Shadow Guard duration is reduced by 40%. (Author’s Note: Shadow Guard revived by Emergency Recall and those re-summoned by Time Stop WILL NOT be re-summoned when you use Time Stop. Time Stop is still covers the entire map, but you get to target the location where the Shadow Guard will spawn)


Prestige Level 1: Repair Beam is now 100% more effective and can target twice as many structures, Unity Barriers now target defensive structures, and Chrono-Abilities now affect defensive structures, increasing their attack rate. However, Repair beam may only target structures, and Unity Barrier no longer protects units.

Prestige Level 2: Combat unit cost reduced by 40%. However, Photon Cannons and Khaydarin Monoliths are unavailable.

Prestige Level 3: Orbital Strike and Solar Lance energy cost reduced by 40%, with Solar Lance and Purifier Beam cooldowns reduced by 50%. However, Chrono-Abilities are unavailable.


Prestige Level 1: Combat units can hold 25 additional biomass, and they have an additional 50% chance to drop their biomass upon death. However, Ultimate Evolutions are unavailable.

Prestige Level 2: Locusts have increased movement speed, duration, and range. Deep Tunnel no longer requires Hive, can be used by Roaches and Ravagers, and does not require vision. However, combat units cost 25% more gas.

Prestige Level 3: Ultimate Evolutions are uncapped in number. However, Ultimate Evolutions require twice as much biomass (200) and the effects of biomass are less powerful.


Prestige Level 1: When a nearby Supplicant dies, one of nearby non-heroic mechanical combat units gains permanent increase in attack speed and damage. However, Alarak’s Deadly Charge and Destruction Wave deals 50% less damage.

Prestige Level 2: Empower Me cooldown is reduced by 50%. However, the Death Fleet is unavailable.

Prestige Level 3: The Death Fleet has no duration (permanently stays on the battlefield until death). However, their damage dealt and vitals are reduced by 50%, and their cooldown increased by 100%. The Mothership’s Mass Teleport has a 60 second cooldown and no longer teleports allied units.


Prestige Level 1: Barracks unit charges accrue 100% faster. However, Factory and Starport unit charges accrue 50% slower.

Prestige Level 2: Tactical Airlift cooldown reduced by 75%. However, Griffin Airstrike is unavailable.

Prestige Level 3: Nova gains permanent Super Cloak (no solid info yet on this ability/state), and her abilities have a 50% increased radius and 50% reduced cooldown. Nova cannot switch to her Combat Suit and loses her Super Cloak for 4 seconds every time she either attacks or snipes an enemy.


Prestige Level 1: Factory and Starport no longer have tech requirements, and mechanical combat units cost 30% less. However, the Infested Colonist Compound no longer spawns and cannot be built.

Prestige Level 2: Infested Banshees can load up to 16 Infested Infantry and launch them at a targeted ground unit, but Infested Civilians have 30% reduced timed life.

Prestige Level 3: Infested Bunkers spawn Infested Troops 200% faster. However, they no longer have cargo capacity.


Prestige Level 1: All Armor Suit damage increased by 100%, along with 50% reduced cooldown on all abilities and 100% increased shield, energy, and life restoration while in storage. However, all Armor suit cooldowns are increased by 700%, and each suit can only be sustained for 20 seconds at a time.

Prestige Level 2: Tactical Data Web effectiveness increased by 200% and all combat units with 50% reduced cost. However, all non-heroic combat unit damage and vitals are reduced by 50%.

Prestige Level 3: Avenging Protocol effectiveness increased by 100%, and Champion A.I.s that die refund 75% of their base unit cost. However, Champion A.I.s do not gain additional life or shields and have reduced attack range.


Prestige Level 1: Dehaka’s Devour ability benefits apply to all nearby friendly units. Ex: Dehaka devouring an armored unit usually gives Dehaka bonus 30% damage against armored for 15 seconds. This applies to all nearby friendly units when the prestige is active. However, Dehaka has no base armor, cannot use the Scorching Breath ability, and is now capped at the maximum level of 4.

Prestige Level 2: Pack Leaders and their summoned units now deal 50% more damage and have 100% increased life. Their cooldowns are now also reduced by 33% and they can consume essence for Dehaka. However, Dehaka exits the map whenever any of the Pack Leaders are present, and only one Pack Leader can be summoned at a time.

Prestige Level 3: Dehaka gets a clone. If one of them dies, the other dies as well. However, they both have 35% reduced max life.

Han & Horner:

Prestige Level 1: Mag Mines deploy and fire 80% faster, and Mira’s units’ on-death effects are 100% more effective. However, Horner’s units cost 30% more.

Prestige Level 2: Horner’s units’ gas costs are reduced by 20%, and his charge cooldowns are reduced by 50%. However, Galleons are capped at 2.

Prestige Level 3: Bombing Platforms are no longer capped. However, they cost 100% more.


Prestige Level 1: Outlaws’ active ability cooldowns are reduced by 35%. However, their cost and time between recruitment is increased by 50%.

Prestige Level 2: Outlaws deal 200% more damage and take 50% less damage whenever beyond the vision range of all other Outlaws. However, their ultimate gears are unavailable, and gears cost 25% more.

Prestige Level 3: The Odin no longer requires Tychus as its pilot, has 100% increased duration, and has 40% reduced cooldown. However, Barrage and Big Red Button are unavailable.


Prestige Level 1: Zeratul can deploy the Void Seeker to grant all friendly units in a targeted area Super Cloak (this seems like cloak that cannot be detected) for 15 seconds. However, the Void Seeker can no longer serve its original function, transporting Zeratul.

Prestige Level 2: Zeratul can collect unlimited amounts of Artifact Fragments. (Author’s note: Broken as f***). However, his combat units cost 25% more.

Prestige Level 3: Each collected Artifact Fragment reduces Zeratul’s cooldown of Shadow Cleave permanently by 5 seconds. Shadow Cleave also spawns a tornado that damages and slows enemies. However, he can only collect up to 2 Artifact Fragments.


Prestige Level 1: Stetellites are invulnerable once online, and they grant 50% larger stetzones. However, Super Gary is unavailable.

Prestige Level 2: Gary’s health and damage increased by 100%. However, his movement speed is 90% slower outside stetzones.

Prestige Level 3: Combat units gain a stack of The Best Oil when they kill an enemy unit. However, combat units require 40% more minerals, and Mecha Infestors are unavailable.

Arcturus Mengsk:

Prestige Level 1: Contaminated Strike’s fear lasts 200% longer, its damage-over-time effect increases damage received by 100%, its cost is reduced by 20%, and its cooldown is reduced by 66%. Troopers provide Imperial Support while operating Earthsplitter Ordnance. However, Nuclear Annihilation is unavailable.

Prestige Level 2: Royal Guard gas cost reduced by 25% and exp gain increased by 100%. However, Royal Guard mineral cost is increased by 100% and their supply cost increased by 50%.

Prestige Level 3: Equipped Troopers activate a self-destruct mechanism upon death. Their weapons cost 40 minerals and 20 gas. However, weapons can no longer be picked up and Imperial Intercessors are unavailable.


Super cloak is like abathur toxic nest. The unit becomes untargetable (but can get hit by a random splash damage).

In case you want to add some extra info:
Vorazun’s #3 is still a full map time stop, it just spawns the shadow guards where you click. When it says “killed shadow guard” it actually includes ones that expired regularly.

Alarak’s #1 is similar to power overwhelming. +10% damage and attack speed up to 10 stacks per unit. This is independent of power overwhelming (if ascendant eats a supplicant, both the ascendant and the mech unit get stronger)

Broodbrother is actually garbage. The 2 dehakas gain essence individually (so you will level up a LOT slower).

His maximum level is REDUCED by 4. So max level of 11 I think? (I don’t play dehaka)


I wonder what this note means. Is it OP or just bugged? Seems like ultra op.

His level maximum is 15.

He means that Dehaka with the first prestige has a max level of 11, because the number of levels has been reduced by 4.


It’s an excellent compiled list, should be upvoting for the usefulness and the work put in :+1:


Only the one’s which expired regularly? Not if they were killed twice in previous usages of shadow guard? If they don’t, I’d consider it a bug. And I hope the SG brought back in TS lasts the actual SG duration (72 secs) and not just the TS duration (20 secs).

Alright then, keep your secrets

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Hahaha. No, someone beat me to it, I just didn’t see. The prestige lowers Dehaka’s max level by 4, So 11 would be correct (as opposed to capped at 4).

I didn’t test that thoroughly, but it seemed like any time shadow guard spawned, they got re-spawned when I used time stop. And yes, they last the “normal” shadow guard duration (annoyingly, prestige comes in after mastery. So (base duration + mastery)*0.6 for duration).

Will play more games to see if I can get more conclusive results.

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Not sure Zagara Prestige Level 2 would work that well, without increased supply.
It would just be too constraining since they don’t get increased damage.
At least to me it would fit better if merged with the first one that increases supply, though I’m not really a fan of losing my hero unit.

I don’t mind that prestige at all. At the very least, it’ll make miner evac a cakewalk as zagara compared to now.

Ok, so I can confirm SG that die (as in 0 hp after emergency recall) DO respawn with time stop,

Shadow guard spawned by time stop do not get added on to the next time stop (otherwise I’d have 80 shadow guard by the end of missions)

Time stop no longer gets the -1 minute from vora’s level 14. I assume this is a bug and have posted it in bug reports.


Yeah, I wouldn’t expect that, otherwise it the number of SG’s becomes exponential with each TS:

  1. 1st SG = 4
  2. 1st TS = 4 (from 1)
  3. 2nd TS = 4 (from 1) + 4 (from 2) = 8
  4. 3rd TS = 4 (from 1) + 4 (from 2) + 8 (from 3) = 16
  5. 4th TS = 4 (from 1) + 4 (from 2) + 8 (from 3) + 16 (from 4) = 32
  6. 5th TS = 4 (from 1) + 4 (from 2) + 8 (from 3) + 16 (from 4) + 32 (from 5) = 64 (this would be about as many DT’s one would create in a typical full-length game)
  7. 6th TS @ 24 mins = 128…

I hope it is a bug. Otherwise, it could be a way to nerf SG power in this prestige:

Thankyou very much, happy it helped!

Thank you for the input, I fixed it!

Thanks! That’s close to what I thought Super Cloak would be!

I get the general idea but will probably wait for a more detailed and explicit note.

Great way to cripple the heroes spiting from 100% to 25% skill units abilites lines called prestige.

I’m not really thrilled how many of these things end up removing the commanders utility, I do however approve how not a single one is a clear 100% upgrade, so going without is still viable, even if some are better in some situations. Another problem I see is that this is really going to run into an even worse bit of the mastery issue, where if you pick the wrong prestige for what enemy you get, you might not have the tools to work with it.

The disadvantages of Prest 2 & 3 should have been flipped. Avatar of Essence already boosts his units’ damage so letting him have as many fragments as he can get, which buff his units, and then add in the Avatar which makes them stronger while devolving the enemies - jeez, way way overkill. They can manage without the Avatar. And when you use your legion, you get a lot of them with more fragments. So this should change to: get as many fragments as you can in 20-25 mins but you don’t get the avatars. And I’m undecided if his units should still cost more after my suggested change. Maybe just 10-15% more, instead of 25%.

In Prest 3, when solo’ing with Zeratul or relying on him doing a lot of killing, not having have the Avatar to boost him or devolve enemies is…off. The shadow cleave cooldown could be better spread among the 3 fragments and let him have the avatars. Aside: this prestige would be super-ideal with the current mutation and solo with canons. (Zeranon? Canotul?)

Also, prest 3 seems like it was meant for solo with Zeratul, since you wouldn’t get the 3rd fragment or any of its benefits for his units: shield guard without reflection shield, void templar without respawn, immortals without their health regen barrier, etc.