Show Prestige & Mastery on the Loading Screen

With Prestige adding some depth/complication to ally pairing, knowing what Prestige your ally is on would really help. Consider someone pairing with an Artanis ally going in with a “guardian shell will save me and pull back” strategy but Arty is on the no-guardian shell prestige3 - and then getting a rude awakening when their entire opening army dies. (I don’t expect ppl click on a unit to check for the tiny gs-active icon.)

So put that on the loading screen.

Also, add the Mastery selections (all, including the 0’s) so you actually know what your ally has picked. This should have been there since Mastery existed but pls add it now. See above about how it affects pairing & strat.


They do have a slight band aid to this. When actually start the game, you’ll see yours and your allies Commander head next to where the enemy comp icon is. It’ll let you know right at the start what you expect. I’m not sure how SC2 does it’s loading, but it would be nifty to pick your prestige in the loading screen.


Indeed it would work much better once you knew what map it was on, either chosen on the loading screen, or as a popup when starting the map.

Some of the Prestiges, in particular the defensive ones are pretty map dependent, where if I didn’t know the map, I would never select them, like Swann’s turret option, or Kerrigan’s malignant creep (at least against non-zerg), relegating them to mutation counters only, which would be a shame.

Might be difficult to code, but it would a much more elegant solution than the current one.


I see that (played on PTR yesterday).

They should add Mastery info to that. They’ve already got the icon & text area for it.

Agreed, and also for movement, & strat.

Like Vorazun’s no DP Recall (prest 1) on TotP would be quite difficult for me. I managed one on the random queue on Hard; will try that on Brutal later. otoh, emergency recalling to the DP in that lane is nicer than all the way back at the nexus - but being there to fight and die (movement with recall) in the first place is more important than being death-saved nearby.

Another: Aratnis’ no-guardian shell prest would be fine if you were going def on DoN or planning to turtle on OE or ME. Otherwise, not so much.

Zeratul’s no-transport only-super-cloak would delay picking up fragments on large maps.