What happened to the Developer Updates?


Okay. Did not know, I just like responding CAPS with CAPS


Developer Updates


They ran out of content to show consistently


As long as there is no official info when they gona be, somewhere its easy to see, like lets say, info in game, those APPERANCES not gona do much, we not gona look for them on every overwatch streamer/ytuber channel, and they could just say what they work on without being interview by someone. This helps bring numbers of people watching games on twitch and make players less complain about lack of information.


Would you want to talk to this community?

(Jeff Kaplan) #25

Sorry we haven’t been doing these as frequently. We do have more planned for this year.

We recorded one last week that will go live next week (I think?)…

Archives Leaks debunked or legit
Let's track things that have been announced
No Archives Announcement?
If the update happens it happens today
The new Cuba thing
Release the dev update!
Dev Update: when?
Where is the developers update?
No Developer Comment today?
Dev update when?

I remember the devs saying that it takes a lot of resources to make those, so they are speaking in other ways more. For example, a few weeks ago Jeff answered a bunch of forum questions.

Edit: see? He’s literally right above me.

Damn I love this community.


devs too busy playing apex and fortnite clearly


Thanks for the update.


Is this an April Fool’s joke?


pppppppppppooooooooooog champ


At least it’s in season


It’s so silly that Jeff has to post that they are making one…just put them out when you feel like one is warranted…


but regarding the game itself, they just recently addressed the things everyone was talking about and just then informed what they were actually doing. it felt like it was abandoned until Baptiste…


Tell the developers thanks for Baptiste. He has got the weapons I needed.


Never trust anything April first unless it also has (not April Fools joke) and then you can believe it unconditionally.


Hi. Can you considering giving Symmetra a golden Glove? Thanks.


For Archives,or POTG 2.0?
What happened to that idea?


Please let it be the replay system ,Please let it be the replay system ,Please let it be the replay system ,Please let it be the replay system ,Please let it be the replay system ,Please let it be the replay system ,Please let it be the replay system.


And it is amazing how little drama we’ve had involving Blizzard in the time when there have been no development updates…