Top 10 Things Game Needs (10k posts!)

So to celebrate reaching this “i spend way too much time on here” milestone i thought id do a top 10 (that i also spent way too much time on)…and while i always try to be as objective as i possibly can on here i will note that this is very much my own list so theres definitly going to be some subjectivity on here…nevertheless i tried to base this on things that i think are legitimate flaws (some tiny some huge) in this game that need addressing

so without further ado:

Top 10 Game Needs

  • 10 - Doomfist Cratered Achieve

Ill start small…can we make this one…you know…doable? :sweat_smile:

  • 9 - Workshop Feature Slot in Arcade

I would like to see a slot added in arcade that features some of the great stuff people are doing in workshop…theres way too much stuff on there thats legitimately awesome and people have no clue exists because they dont ever go there (and no i dont personally make anything - but i do enjoy it from time to time)…They deserve some recognition…perhaps a new game mode every day?..and who knows maybe one day it makes it to the front page itself as a featured mode

  • 8 - “Open All Loot Box” Button

So I dont know how “needed” this is for most people…but for someone who has played this game for a long time there is a major annoyance any time new cosmetics are added to the game and thats the fact new lootboxes get placed beneath all your older ones…this means if you want to open a new box with new stuff in it you have to open all your old lootboxes first…and if you never have any reason to be opening them (i completed gallery well over a year ago) you tend to have a mountain of boxes…its not a “neeeeeed”…but a huge QOL change…i know know…just open them as you get them…i never even look at them nowadays (or hell some people might just not do things that way anyway…can take a while)

note - at the very least put new boxes at the front of the list

  • 7 - QPC Achieves

This one has potentially been fixed already but im leaving it in here just in case…I know its in the “arcade” but its the same game mode we got all our previous achieves in…i see no reason why that shouldnt still be the case now…

why is in the arcade again?

  • 6 - Better Cards/Scoreboard

This one is a long time community request…i would actually settle for better cards - ie more info on them would be nice…BETTER info would be nicer (like say healing received would nice)…im not super high on a scoreboard per say…i dont think its super necessary…but that would also be nice to have…though i will say that given how toxic people are (we already use the little we have as ammunition) that a scoreboard should probably be reserved for AFTER a match is completed…sorry but we dont need new things to yell at people about during a match

  • 5 - More Objectivity From its Community

This should go without saying but theres way too much “ME” on the forums (in general)…i doubt this will change much but it would be to the games benefit if people would look at the game as a whole and not take such myopic stances on things…

note - we can all be less toxic as well…both on here and in game

  • 4 - Hero 32

Self explanatory…

  • 3 - Harsher Leaver Penalties

Im not sure anyone really knows anything about the cheating system and if its doing anything…but i do know for a fact that blizz doesnt do enough to curtail people from leaving games…why is this a problem you may be asking? you cant force people to stay or get a better internet connection…and youre right…you cant…but you also shouldnt have to inconvenience someone else with a backfill because someone left with 10 seconds left in match (especially in the age of 15 minute dps queues) - and lets be honest here, you KNOW why those people are leaving then and its not their bad internet connection (“oh no a potential L…AAAHHH”)

You might say “well dont backfill then” but backfilling does serve a purpose…I always ask why…and in this case its “why are people leaving in the first place?”…and yes some of it is people not wanting to waste time (which might be anything outside of a steamroll on his/her teams part)…but a large part of that is because theres little to no penalty to doing so…Im not talking life sentences here…something as little as incremental queue penalties would go a long way towards helping this behavior

  • 2 - Mystery Heroes with Hero Limits

My White Whale on here…in terms of something that is legitimately game-breaking…this one goes to the top of MY LIST…ive gone to great lengths to showcase how bad it is including actually logging my games (its my most played game mode despite this)…i wont go into all the detail here but you can easily see this in my last summary thread (🤦🏻‍♂️ Mystery Heroes + No Limits makes ZERO sense)…and with replay system being shareable now i will be able to actually showcase it going forward…

Funny thing is people get all over me for suggesting replacing it…even when i point out that i would settle for an alternate version in the arcade without the hero locking…hell we even have an experimental card now where we could test it out…

its not about fun/unfun…its about something thats game breaking…and its been that way for 3 years

  • 1 - Reversing the Restriction Trend

In the past year or so Blizz has been moving this game in a direction of more and more restrictions to play…and while i get that theyre trying to address things that frustrate SOME of their players…this restriction direction is the laziest and probably worst way of going about it…

NONE of these choices actually address the problems head on…theres no effort to actually fix whats wrong…theyre just covering up the underlying issues:

Hero Pools - SOME people are tired of stagnant metas caused by slow changes and “bad balance”…solution…ok lets just remove some of them from time to time…lets even do it for everyone even though metas dont really exist outside of upper brackets anyway…yeah its going to inconvenience some…but w/e…

note - can we get a cap for this if youre going to stick with it?

Map Pools - SOME people dont like certain maps…“ok lets fix them?” - nope…we’ll just remove some of them and tell everyone we’re doing it to add “identity” to individual seasons (hint - it doesnt)

And then theres the most controversial one of all (even if you refuse to admit it)…

Forced Role Queue…listen i know you have already decided whether you like it or not…Im not going to sit here and act like it doesnt have any benefits…BUT im also not going to sit here and act like this was the only solution to the games problem…Variety and Flexibility have been core staples of this game since day one and this one change removed all of that…furthermore, FORCING it on everyone was the real kicker (the only part that actually angers me - this applies to the other 2 as well)…plus you have the very real question of whether or not it actually solved the problems it was put in place for…im not going to go super deep into this one subject, but id be more than happy to argue why i think this is the worst decision that was ever made for the game and what other options they couldve gone with

Honorable Mentions

Balancing - Some of you might be shocked that i didnt mention this…so ill elaborate…

I dont think the version of this game everyone wants is possible…it doesnt matter HOW they balance this game, it will NEVER be balanced…some things will always shine to the community (metas) and some wont (the “trash” tier)…even if they could perfectly balance it you would still have the above, cause ultimately we are the ones that decide whether it is or isnt…not to mention we all have different opinions on what is balanced anyway…so its a futile effort…

all they can do is try their best and frankly i think they do an ok job given the task at hand…are there questionable decisions? hell yes…but it could be worse…they could actually listen to the forums for example :rofl:

perceptions of balance do factor heavily into #1 above though…but the balance itself i dont think belonged on list

note - doesnt mean they shouldnt make changes quicker :wink:

Matchmaking - This one is also probably high on peoples lists but i dont think its that bad…

first of all there IS matchmaking…i think its important to acknowledge this because some people actually believe that it doesnt exist (especially in some game modes - which all have their own mmr btw)…

second - i can only relate my own personal experience but in close to 2000 hours of game time i have only ever seen maybe 30(?) people that i would consider to be completely out of my play range (mismatched) - as in i thought they shouldnt be here and when i checked i could actually see that they were out of place…thats not an exaggeration…thats what ive counted…public profiles would help but regardless i know its a small percentage of my opponents

third - find me a good way to match groups up (people actually queueing as a group)…how the hell do you match a group that has a internal disaparity in skill levels with other opponents…no matter what you do someone is going to stick out…

i think a way larger problem is throwers and smurfs…both of which manipulate mmr (or at the very least cause issues for it)…if you can address those you will go a long ways towards “fixing” the matchmaking…but yeah go ahead and come up with a good way of doing this…ill wait…

anyway…thats my list…curious to see what it looks like after another 10k posts (im not going anywhere)…feel free to critique mine or suggest your own


nerf mcreee
nerf shatter hitbox
rework doomfist
change mei
make moira, reaper and orisa harder to play


Says you…



oh ive seen some scary numbers on here

looking at you venus…or wyoming :sweat_smile:

i come in peace!


Cut all cc durations and radiuses in half.
Remove all damage from cc abilities.
Make non burst damage viable.


I can almost guarantee that this will never happen.

One of the things that makes loot boxes so effective, from a psychological standpoint, is the “rush” from opening each box, by building suspense. That, coupled with its RNG nature, gets people to buy them.

So, I doubt there would be any way that they would take out half of that equation, as it messes with what makes a Loot Box such a powerful micro transaction tool.

Yeah, would be nice. If they’re not going to balance for it, the least they could do is put achievement support in the thing.

Ah, ha. Ah, ha. Ah, ha. Ah…

That’s a good one.

You would be better off trying to ask a magical genie for a unicorn. You might have better luck.

As a separate mode? Fine. As a replacement? No.

Yeah, I was on the fence about this when they were originally talking about them. And, I wanted to give them a fair shake. Well the first week wasn’t so bad, this week is just horrendous. And it really makes me dislike the idea, as a whole.

All in all, a rotating map pool sounds like a cool idea on paper. But we have two problems

  1. We don’t have a lot of maps
  2. Having one map pool for an entire season, is just too long.

Honestly, if we had more maps, and rotated them more often, I think it would be a neat way to do things.

I’ve said my overall thoughts on this particular topic, probably dozens of times, so I’m not going to do that again.

I will just say the short and simple:

I don’t care for Forced 222. I wish we would have tried fixing the old system/LFG, before going such an extreme route. That being said, I don’t foresee them getting rid of it anytime soon. At least, the Role Q part. And, with that in mind, if we had to keep Role Q, I would rather it be a 132 version, as this game and its player base just cannot support 222.


congrats on the 10k Baja

I do indeed hope the achievements really were intentionally added to qp classic

I like idea 9 a lot, on a rotation of say 1 a week of course

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  1. Hawaiian BOB
  2. 2-2-2, hero/map pools revert
  3. more hero balance changes (reworks to be clear)
  4. more (sexy) skins and cosmetic items. my wallet is ready, but please, MAKE MORE SKINS
  5. we need some features to play better
  6. overwatch educational problem, because in game tutorials are innacurate
  7. official blizz stats/game stats. we need more accurate data on the game to analyze balance ans skill properly
  8. more communication w community. i mean, i don’t mind to wait till ow2, but they give NO insights, like nothing is ready yet. I really like Jeff and his developer updates, and lately, they display only lack of communication
  9. cheaters/boosters/smurfs. admit it, blizz does almost nothing. they even ban Overwatch PD reports.
  10. Lore. I know it’s expensive, but, DAEM, are short stories are too expensive for a corporation like Blizzard? Looks like PR/community managers are incompetent, because OWL killed the game. No one likes to watch at repetitive gameplay with the same hero designs. There’s miserable hope that OW2 will revive Overwatch, becuase, again, THERE’S NO INSIGHTS or even RELEASE DATE
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well i mentioned the last one under the larger restrictions umbrella…honestly it could have its own spot on list…

but if you pay close attention to my comments on it elsewhere youll see that my biggest gripe with it is the forced/restriction aspect of it…which is why the actual topic on the list is restrictions and not that one change

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  1. a map maker

  2. the ability to create, host and modify our own servers.

  3. an Overwatch community cosmetics creator and marketplace

  4. trading

  5. hero 32

  6. improved visuals

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I agree with almost all of this, especially the need for objectivity. That would solve most of the community’s issues. I love my chaotic Mystery Heroes, though. The pure random chance of it is what makes the mode to me.

Also, congrats on 10k! You’re one of the more consistently-positively-contributing people on here as far as actual thoughtfulness in posting, so thanks for that.


I have 10000 posts technically… so I’m not that different from you.

who did we know you as in the past?

I know this may be a question some prefer not to answer, so np if thats the case

Backsword, if you remember that.

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somewhat. why did you reverse your name imperfectly?

I didn’t realize it until after I renamed it.

As much as I’d love this feature, it doesn’t seem blizzard likes the idea. They wouldn’t implement this even in older games. coughhearthsnonecough


also no

yes to this though

How convenient this may be, I doubt that they will ever do it since it all plays into the psychological aspect of them.

Add Mystery Heroes to that one. I really don’t get why achievements aren’t obtainable in that mode. It’s also a permanent mode and it would even be harder to get achievements there since you can’t even farm them like you can in QP.

Noble goal, but a futile one.

Yeah, I’m really sharing your sentiment on this one. Whenever a team starts getting too much dupes of certain heroes, the match quickly becomes a boring, predictable slog (looking at you, Mercy), even when it’s your team with the duplicates.

Actually I think that hero pools are good for one thing, especially this week’s one: they show us how people have become so dependent on so-called ‘lazy gameplay’. People have just become so used to surviving through ridiculous amounts of damage. And then people have the gall to call this game heavy on positioning and gamesense, good joke…

Yeah, this was not a good move.

The biggest irony of role queue is probably that it didn’t do anything for the game in the end. If you look at Google trends (the best proxy we have for the game’s popularity) you can see how the steady downward trend simply continued (and is still continuing) after the short-lived popularity bump that role queue brought.

Maybe the only thing I really disagree with you. As someone who plays mainly with golds and plats, encounters with everything from bronze to GM has notably increased over the years (back when I still played at least, now I’m only coming back for PvE).

However, that you don’t experience this might have to do with Mystery Heroes being your most played mode. After all, luck plays a much bigger factor in there than anywhere else which does mask skill discrepancies between players for a good chunk.

actually i would say MH is a good example of why i say it…A) there is matchmaking even in arcade…the amount of people available to play is smaller…if there was a place where youd start to expect the matchmaker to throw people into games they dont belong in it would be the arcade (less people to make games with)…but as im saying it never happens

B) i know for a fact that i play at a higher level there than i do comp (or at the very least its a reflection of my comfort level there)…i play against golds/plats in comp if i solo queue…(and its really obvious since it just shows you their ranks)…in MH im almost always playing against plats/diamond (at least when i can inspect people thats what it shows)…its pretty consistent…and you would expect me to stay there for the most part if its my actual “MH” rank (and i do - MH also helps with that as it tends to keep your win rate in check anyway with its innate RNG

this past week is actually a good example…i went on a tear earlier in the week…im talking an extreme win streak (i think it was 14 straight wins or so - not sure since it only keeps track of last 10)…lo and behold i played 5 straight matches immediately after against nothing but diamonds and masters (every single person i could inspect was this)…the jump in the opponents was very evident and i asked several times what ranks everyone was (noone said anything below diamond)…it very quickly ended after i lost all 5 and did nothing…and havent seen one since…

is the matchmaker perfect…of course not…but i do honestly believe its placing me where i should be…

my biggest issue (to me) with the matchmaker is that it is very easy to game the system…the amount of times the guy below level 100 absolutely dominates is increasingly getting higher…but i dont know how you fix that really…i know blizz says that they have ways of seeing people who are deliberatly deranking…but i have my doubts…

i personally find the smurfing issue way more problematic than the actual matchmaker

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