đź‘‹ The Perfect Sym Buff

Bringing back “Photon Barrier” by instead of flying turrets, let them be Lesser Photon Barriers that turn into Turrets.

I haven’t heard anything better mechanically. (Also maybe 3 to 4 “Turrets”, but that is for another debate.)


Would make her too strong.

The perfect Symm rework her back into a support like she should be.

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Look if they were going a direction they should follow it, not double back on themselves.

But we need them to answer what’s going be next.

Till then I think this is the perfect buff.

Remember it can combo with the Primary Fire plus more if needed.

I swear you recommend this like daily. I love your dedication to the cause.


It helps some much with her kit, it even protect already placed down Turrets.

I don’t see why this isn’t part of her kit.

I think that her current survival is on par with the other dps. It has the same risks as a mccree or a soldier 76 if they do not know how to collaborate with tanks and support.

however, in this topic I explain how she would be more useful not to make situational its primary fire (it is really absurd that it is currently)

This is my personal opinion.

  • First they need to increase her turret capacity by one more, making Symmetra hold instead of 3, it will be 4.
  • I believe, if the turrets can be shot while in the air, then it also should be able to attack while in the air as well. This will open up so much opportunity, and gameplays for Symmetra.

    Her Teleporters should deploy time should be reduced from
    Animation Time: Instead of 1 second, it should be 0.5 seconds
    Deployment Time: which will make the overall deployment time be 1 second, rather than 2 seconds.

    Last, but not least her Photon Barrier, I believe it should cause send out a graviton push every 3 seconds. Making it five graviton push back every three seconds. One once you deployed, and so on.

    I feel like this will open up a lot of creative ideas for Sym and her teammates.

    November 27th Edit: Her alternative fire, Photon Projector I feel like it should have the abilities to pierce through barriers and enemies again, while leaving her Primary alone.

    /End Edit.

    They really need to decide what she needs to be:

    A DPS or Utility support.

    Being a hybrid makes her kit suffer.

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    Sym should be a healer with healing turrets

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    Look if she is going to be a Utility DPS, between Sombra and Mei… She really needs this.

    Just hope Devs say something soon.

    …sigh Timepass

    I always said that they need to add more offense heroes who utilize on utility, but this after they add more supports and tanks.

    Many was suggesting this.

    the thing is that idk if her current beam suits her old shield visually… it probably does but I cant imagine it correctly.

    I would love this, if only the devs listened to us ;(((

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    You’d have to nerf their damage of course. Sending out 4 turrets with barriers protecting them and they do the same dps as now would be a little too much.

    I think symmetra should gain a 3rd ability which is 2 different types of turrets.

    (note she will only be able to store 4 of any kind turret so you can place 3 damage then 1 barrier and if you sent out another barrier turret the first damage turret you deployed would disappear.)

    Turret type 1:
    the same turrets she currently has because they are pretty decent

    Turret type 2:
    barrier turrets, she fires out a non damaging turret that will stick to walls, floors and ceilings and it will produce a circular barrier from the top of it. this barrier will be pretty weak but allows Symmetra to not only combine her types of turrets for interesting combos but protect herself when charging her gun or doing damage in general.

    i think im pretty smart but wait, her ultimate is a barrier, well guess freakij what. SHE GOT THE NEW ULTIMATE THAY FITS HER GOD STATUS.

    her new ultimate would be called Vishkars Light.

    she would activate her ultimate and this would cause her light bending arm to glow wildly. from her arm shed produce 3 damage turrets (does not stack with her base 4). these turrets would not have slow but would have much better damage and survivability, these turrets follow Symmetra and will onky target someone if symmetra is also damaging them with her photon projector. they will also attack barriers if symmetra is attacking them and they will also grant her ammo back.

    I mean if she’s gonna be a dps then she should have a godly dps ultimate not some smelly barrier

    I think they do, I posted a thread about sym and they took it down for spam/trolling. xD.
    I think I may have made too many sym threads in a certain period of time.

    Sorry didn’t knew you read nest time

    The forum mods took them down, not devs.

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    They have to at the very least Try and say they tried, maybe let us test it or an OWL leaguer… This is just too good to pass up.