The official Mei fanclub (v. 2.0) (Part 1)

Welcome to the Official Mei fanclub! I’ve been asked to remake the club because Toridadog, the owner of the original, is no longer on forums with us.

Come chat with your fellow fans of the coolest hero in Overwatch! She fights evil in pajamas and yeti slippers… and dispenses goofy justice from an ice “dispenser” improvised from a hair dryer.

Mei is the subject of vigorous debate in Overwatch’s scholarly circles: some insist that Mei is a total kind shy sweetie who if you hug her, will hug you back regardless. Others gravely warn that Mei PRETENDS to be a total kind shy sweetie, but is in reality the earthly manifestation of Satan. Whatever you might personally think, there’s probably somebody in here who thinks the same way.

Being the cool cat that she is, Mei provides her fans with endless supplies of Mei ice cream.

And, remember to keep it friendly, because Mei’s best bud Snowball will be watching you closely for any signs of trouble.

Make sure to read the latest posts to stay informed of Mei-n shenanigans!

The Mei fanclub is affiliated with Mercy’s fanclub. Mei is cool, Mercy is hot, Mei provides ice cream and Mercy provides Swiss chocos. We will not be held responsible for people catching diabetes, void where prohibited, while supplies last, for limited time only.



Now, I ask, and I hope mankind will answer: could THAT possibly be the face of evil? Of COURSE not.

Enya – Mei it be

Mei it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
Mei it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

Mornie utulie
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantie
A promise lives within you now

Mei it be the shadow’s call
Will fly away
Mei it be your journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utulie (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantie (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now…


It most definitely is. For alot in Overwatch the last thing they see is the eyes of that merciless killer stare through their soul as she puts a icicle in their brain.


Well, the problem with that theory is – Overwatch is a shooting game based on non-canon interactions by its characters.

For example, Ana has a voice line for tranquilizing her own daughter. Torb says “was a bad seed anyway” when killing his daughter, while the said daughter says “back to the scrap heap with you, Dad” when killing her dad.

They wouldn’t be doing this in canon interactions.

So, how is it fair to single out poor Mei for attacking in a game where EVERYBODY is attacking? In a canon interaction she would quite certainly be trying to put icicles in Doomfist or Widowmaker – but can you blame her for doing something every good guy/gal in the game would be doing?


She is the only one who looks into your eyes with a smile while she readies her icicle to fracture your skull.

I will not engage with this.

Let’s work with this.
I have always found it strange that Mei was the only one to come out of Antarctic alive. In the short she says “hibernate” in air quotes and immediately after that her camera cuts out. When it comes on it appears as if she was startled like she was almost caught doing something and when the person who started her leaves she breathes a sigh of relief. Lastly in her vlog we find out she is the one holding up the cyro freezing as if she still has something she has to do on the computer.
Only Blizzard knows what Mei was doing when the camra cut off. I suspect she was ensuring that the aid that was supposed to come would never show.

Now we cut to nine years later where we see that of all the cyro tubes only Mei has slippers waiting. First thing she does is wake snowball and as they make eye contact Snowball gives a subtle nod with his eyes.
Everything after that appears to be a act like she knows she is being watched.

Later when we compare her grief between her dead “friends” and her dead batteries she is noticeably more upset about the batteries.
Unlike her dead colleagues she is in a panic trying to plan her next move.

And at the end we see the panic set in her eyes when Winston says “criminals”

If Mei wasn’t hiding something why is she acting so strange?
I will not accept “she is quirky” as an answer.


Bro, I think you’re overthinking this a bit. Comic books are generally known for high action and not too much complexity. That’s why the “THWACK!” and “POW!!!” are so prominent.

Her voice actress seems shy and goofy. Not at all the right person to voice Ted Bundy in pajamas.


My evidence speaks for it self you just don’t want to see the truth. Untill the Overwatch team tells me what Mei was doing when the cameras cut out I’m sticking to my story.

But over thinking? What about


She’s a climatologist determined to take the fight about the environment into her own hands.

I’ve never seen the dev team lie to the fanbase in the canon flavor text. Every character is accurately described.

Why would she be a serial killer if she’s a happy-go-lucky scientist that wants to help the environment.

Face it, my friend, you need some :ice_cream: and a Mei hug.


Had to visit this thread once.


Best way to do that is to reduce the population.

In their story and play style.

Reduce the population

The only time Mei will embrace you is when she encases you in ice.


I dunno, man, I’ve been with you guys a long time, I haven’t been destroyed! I think she’s a sweetie and needs :ice_cream: .

You can stay if you like. :smiley: There’s two more regulars that haven’t chimed in yet. I hope they will in the morning!


I got you buddy.


I see Moira’s been handing out things of popcorn.

You guys think Akaras and I have disagreements? Wait till the rest of us wake up!

My lady Mercy will think well of me if I protect Mei from such malicious gossip. :smiley:


I’m a lot more busier in life, so less computer time for me.
But I’ll say hi. Mei is still ameizing to me.


I love Mei as a character. She’s pretty sweet and kind, but still - a devil in my eyes ^^
Someone that makes your blood freeze till you can’t move anymore, waving at you before shooting a giant ice thingy against your head. What a demon… But a cute one- I have to admit :snowman_with_snow:


Hello again. Even if i’m not very active recently on forums, i’m happy the thread is getting a sequel


Welcome to the party! The refreshing liquid beverages are all cold in the fridge cause Mei sprayed them with liquid nitrogen.

Someday she’ll find somebody who understands – that she’s not a demon. That she just wants hugs and luff.

I don’t think Mercy’s ever had this problem. Nobody thinks Mercy is evil :thinking:

Snowball says hi. By the way, I hear Chinese speech and it’s suddenly colder than outer space. :cold_face: I told you she was ready to start a blizzard!


I thought of this right away!



Well it’s good to see an version 2 of the fan club. Yes, I did say I’m leaving the forums indeed. But just want to stop by and say hello.