The official Mei fanclub

Sincerely, I did have the intention of leaving the forums. Now I will be leaving them for good and not looking back either. Good luck to y’all on both fan clubs and on y’all’s future endeavors.


Mein, chilly, and now I cant think of any more…

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Mein it’s chilly, is how my grandma would say it’s cold outside. She’s Puerto Rican.

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She sounds like my kind of person. Especially her spelling of chilly.

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Hi guys!!! I am finally back. Sorry I was gone for a while. How are y’all doing without boring old me? xD

So, as long as the three of you are in agreement, I will go ahead and remake the Mei Club. All we have to do is post there instead of here and hopefully all will be as frosty-sweet as Mei :icecream: .

In other words, “I am ready to start a BLIZZARD!”

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Read this over and give suggestions in case you want it altered! It’ll be the new OP. Once I make it, I’ll link it here, and that should be our last post in this thread – or the fanclub threads will almost certainly be nuked.

"Welcome to the Official Mei fanclub! I’ve been asked to remake the club because Toriadog, the owner of the original, is no longer on forums with us.

Come chat with your fellow fans of the coolest hero in Overwatch! She fights evil in pajamas and yeti slippers… and dispenses goofy justice from an ice “dispenser” improvised from a hair dryer.

Mei is the subject of vigorous debate in Overwatch’s scholarly circles: some insist that Mei is a total kind shy sweetie who if you hug her, will hug you back regardless. Others gravely warn that Mei PRETENDS to be a total kind shy sweetie, but is in reality the earthly manifestation of Satan. Whatever you might personally think, there’s probably somebody in here who thinks the same way.

Being the cool cat that she is, Mei provides her fans with endless supplies of Mei :ice_cream: .

And, remember to keep it friendly, because Mei’s best bud Snowball will be watching you closely for any signs of trouble.

Make sure to read the latest posts to stay informed of Mei-n shenanigans!

The Mei fanclub is affiliated with Mercy’s fanclub. Mei is cool, Mercy is hot, Mei provides :ice_cream: and Mercy provides :switzerland: chocos. We will not be held responsible for people catching diabetes, void where prohibited, while supplies last, for limited time only."

Did he die? Sure sounds like he died.

As far as the rest goes I think it sounds good. I’d add something like “Make sure you read the latest post to stay informed of the happenings of the Mei club” but that’s up to ya.

Still don’t know what happened to our Hotaru.

I edited the sentence in question, what do you think of it now?

Hotaru said she “doesn’t live on the forums” so she probably just wandered off somewhere. I am sure she’ll come back soon.

I’m waiting for Widowmeiker to give word, then I think I’ll put it on live; we WILL have to remember to stay out of the old thread, though.

It looks good, I guess we wait for the others now?

Yup! Now, how do we lure Widowmeiker and Hotaru out of hiding? I mean, judging by the Yeti event, I know the Mei voice lines (which would be mondo cool if you linked them) but Widowmeiker and Hotaru aren’t likely to make the same mistakes as the Yeti did.

I dont know how…

Hotaru says Mei just wants to play with the Yeti. I am glad you agree that she is mercilessly hunting them to extinction.

Money? Snacks? Oral care products? Mexican food? Puppies?

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You could lure me out with enchiladas. Hotaru is going to be more difficult to lure out. You will need:
A priest, at least three swords, a license to ill from the beastie boys, three oujia boards, and a squeegee. And please be warned, don’t ask what the squeegees for.

I feel like Mei is amazing in this season Mei players are probably happy. Actually idk she’s just good in this season in silver :stuck_out_tongue: :man_shrugging:


Alright guys. I am going to let this thread go down the roster for about an hour, make the new thread, and paste the link in here. Go to that link and post in the new thread – and please don’t post here. This is exciting! We’ll see the new thread in about an hour.

Guys, all subsequent posts need to go here:

See you there!

Mods: if people seeking to troll bump this topic, I was hoping for it to get locked so only the current one stays active. I hope to avoid that, however.

Hey everyone, the #MeiCNY redraw challenge is here! More info: The #MeiCNY redraw challenge (Mei fans)

Bumping this amazing thread by showing off my name.

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Hope she get a summer casual dress and brown sandals as a skin.

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Does Lucio take longer time to freeze than the other heroes or is it just me?

wut owl skin would y’all recommend I get? already have her outlaws skin btw so don’t bother recommending them omegalul

Atlanta. The red will hide the blood of her enemies.