Mei 14th: Mei Cosmetic Ideas

Ni Hao Friends! and welcome once again to THE MONTH OF MEI Season 3!
A month long project where I post threads about Overwatch best girl Mei, every dei, for the entire month of… well… May.
Todei’s topic: Cosmetics

So, Anniversary is right around the corner, and we are probably going to start getting skin teases soon. And while I can pretty much gauruntee one of you is going to comment that ‘Mei doesn’t need any more skins, she has plenty already’ She acually hasn’t gotten a new Legendary since Last years archives, so I think she’s due for something.

Besides, skins aren’t the only cosmetic, and Mei is long overdue for a new Highlight intro, not having had one since the first Halloween Terror.

So, what do you think? What cool Mei cosmetic items would you like to see?

Thank you for reading, and Check out the SUPERTHREAD™ (linked below) for more Mei all month long!

I would like to see a devil skin.

Embrace the meme Blizzard.


To quote my self:

We need a skin that shows her true colors as the evil overlord in the game.