Which forum-goers do you like the most?

Thats just wrong, so sorry to hear that


I’ve made it on one list I call this an absolute win. My likes given however are terribly terribly low with my highest being 10.

I guess tied in the top spot at a whopping 10 likes is Jelly and SilentSword.

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There are dozens of us here, dozens!

i miss matthouse. what an absolute king he was


Are there?

havent met any

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go check the Mei Fan club thread


Does Blizz even have a South American server?


I exist here too, sometimes.

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i have a some personal favourites but i rarely “like” people because i’m lazy, some of them are here in this post.

the person that’s given me the most likes is doomfish, idk why.
but i like you too buddy.

Oh, hello there fellow argentinian person

Yup, two of them I think. Argentinian and Brazilian servers, unsure if there’s a third, but those are the ones I connect to.


look who it is

the megadodo himself

Theres one in CHile and Brazil. Not in argentina

I just have way too many to list honestly, I generally love this community for the most part. :sweat_smile:

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I asked Sagy the Sage what you meant here, but even he cant figure it out

we both apologize, even though Orcy the Orc said we should just hit you with a spiked club (and he then tried to sell us one of his many spiked clubs)

I’m too scared to willingly walk into a den of Meis. Do Meis live in dens? Or labyrinths? A Meize, if you will? An endless network of caves where the word “sorry” echoes for all eternity.


I just checked, at least last year there were servers for the three of them.

SAA1 - Argentina
SAE1 - Brazil
SAC1 - Chile

I have no idea if they’ve been changed or removed. I do know I connect the most to SAA1, but that’s about it.



JellyandJam they’re really nice

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Here ya go!

I like Somvra as well…


That is actually exactly why lol.

Our 450 tattoo and wow post conversation is just gone :sweat_smile:

I’m pretty surprised how often I’ve shown up to be honest. she