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Today, I’m officially done with Overwatch.

I’m not a content creator, I’m not a pro, and I know most of you don’t care about who I am, and why I’m quitting. But because the game was legitimately fun for the past two years, I think it’s good manners to at least give the community and the devs my point of view of what one of the games I loved since isn’t engaging anymore for me.

FIrst, some background. And that’s really important. I’m not a FPS player. I did play a lot of Doom, Counter Strike 1.6, Goldeneye 007, Medal of Honor and its sequels (on PS1), and more in my teen years. Most of them, I found the gameplay boring after I was done with the story missions, and in case of CS, I played because it was a LAN House fever in Brazil at the time, and all my friends played too. But if I was alone, I would mostly go to Warcraft 3 and RPG stuff.

There is only two FPS games that caught my attention for more than that bare minimum. Team Fortress 2, and Overwatch. And both, for the same main reason. The game was engaging for players like me, that weren’t attracted by the mechanics of clicking heads. I found my ground in TF2 on Engineer and Pyro (I was a decent Medic/Spy as well), and I found my ground on OW in Symmetra and Torbjörn (I am a decent Brigitte, Pharah and all-tanks player as well).

I know some people will already be thinking about the “git gud” and “learn 2 aim” situation with Symmetra, but if that was the case, I would not play Torb. Torb requires decent aim to get good value, and I can land my cheetos. I don’t enjoy the aspect of aiming, but I understand it being part of the game, just like I don’t enjoy grinding XP in JRPGs, but I do it anyway.

The issue that hit me like a truck was triggered when I was asked to answer a question for Nathan Grayson, about what were my feeling on the rework and the effect it had on the community for Symmetra players. (He did a nice article of that, I recommend reading it). At the time, I was adapting to the rework, and I knew that my Sym3 gameplay was miles behind what I could do with Sym2. The rework itself is not the matter being discussed here, but for some reason, I started to write a very long reply. One that was a lot more emotional than I expected, but filled with personal insight I didn’t thought until I was asked.

And the last part that I wrote, was the hammer that broke my view of the game. One message that never crossed my mind before because it was one of the initial aspects of Overwatch that sold me to the game. One single phrase that was even quoted as the closing argument of that article.

That’s the message that the rework sent my way. Blizzard said they don’t want my favorite hero to play as she is supposed to be played. They are saying, ‘If you enjoy this kind of gameplay, we don’t want you in Overwatch.’

After I wrote this, Overwatch started losing its luster. What I considered before a minor annoyance because of the genre, started looking like another hint at that message. The enforced chokepoints, the focus on high mobility/reaction in new heroes and reworks, OWL downplaying support/tank feats and focusing on DPS plays, etc.

At that point, it was hard to justify to myself that I could focus in teamwork, strategic mindset and overall game knowledge to cover for my lack of aiming skills. Because everywhere I looked, it pointed to the game becoming less strategic and more aim-focused. Every engagement I lost, my mind would credit to me not being good at aiming. Every plan I shared with my team was thrown out of the window because I wasn’t playing an aim-intensive character (not even when I went Reinhardt or Winston). And my time in the game was slowly diminishing.

Two weeks ago, I decided that I would stop playing until Halloween, and if the event didn’t reignited my passion for the game, that would be the end. And since you all are reading this thread, you already know the outcome of that bet.

Junkenstein is the same as the last two years. Torb rework did felt like old Torb with a new ult (unlike Symmetra, that became a whole new character), and I still have friends that play the game almost on a daily basis. Yet, I didn’t played any match since wednesday, and I refused one of my friend’s invite to fill in as the 4th member of their Junkenstein Legendary team because I was busy watching something on Netflix that I don’t even remember the title.

Those were two fun years. I bought 50 boxes in 4 different occasions (2016 Winter Wonderland, Uprising, 2017 Anniversary, Retribution), I have all Funko toys (the standard ones, not the limited) and the artbook, I bought the all-access pass for the OWL on Twitch, and it introduced me to a bunch of cool streamers that I’ll miss in the future. Especially OAM (14 months of Twitch Prime on this one, good coach) and SlyTradesman (best relaxed Sym stream in the world).

There is a lot of good people in the forums as well, and if I start listing them, I’m sure I’ll forget someone important. There is at least one dozen people I remember by name, and that I hope keep the good fight to make the game better on the future for everyone, especially off-meta players.

This is still a great game, and OWL is the most successful e-sport league in the world and is a groundbreaker for e-sports in the future. I just realized the game isn’t my cup of tea anymore. I bear no ill intend towards the devs or Blizzard in general.

Thanks everyone for reading this far, and hope you all keep enjoying Overwatch as much as possible.


…can i please get a tldr



I don’t enjoy the game anymore and I’m leaving. Reasons why are in the big text.


oh ,okay, well, may i suggest some other games for you, or are you taking a gaming break?

Go ahead for those of us getting sick of ow, but not leaving due to lack of alternatives.


Sure, I have some in my Steam backlog to clear, and currently I’m playing Monster Hunter World, but I know I’m at the tail end of that game as well. Any good PC game recommendations are welcome.

Just try to avoid PvP and FPS games, since when I exit a long-term game like Overwatch was, I try to get away from something similar at least for a while.

well, if you are a fan of older turn based shooters, i suggest Silent storm 2 and its expansion, you cna find it in GoG, uh…MHW is good uh…what else, if you are the kind of person who like to be all technical, KSP is a good option, what else is good…lemme think

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But i didn’t give you any?

prison architect is good, if you like that sorta thing, sims is fun base game or any of the expansions…FTL faster than light for those who like rogue games, and for those who have those BEEFY computers and like complicated for no reason games…uh…Dwarf Fortress

Tbh I don’t care that you’re leaving, but I just had to drop in and tell you that I love the reference you made :+1:


if you can get the roms, or a physical copy, pokemon mystery dungeon is good…though anything prior and including darkness and time, anything after that blows

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darkest dungeon is also another roguelike game that you may like

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Thanks, Prison Architect and Darkest Dungeon are on my backlog. I’ll give them some attention. Kerbal Space Program is an amazing game, and I also recommend it to everyone.

Dwarf Fortress is a bit too much for me.

DF isnt for everyone, its complex for no reason, hard to understand at first, and unforgiving…but…if you cna learn it…it can be fun, what else would i suggest…

Well, I suggest New Vegas, my favorite fallout game, fun and deep…whatelse…Hand of Fate is good, dont know about its sequel though…,M&B Warband is fun for those wanting to personally control an army

while its not on Steam…i think, on the Windows Store you can find state of decay 2, a game I suggest to anyone for how good it is

any of the Xcom games are good TBS, This is the Police 2 which is coming out this year has similar elements in its gameplay, so i suggest that

Be careful with the spam. If you need to add something, you can just edit your previous post.

And thanks for the suggestions thus far.

ah…if someone wants to flag me for suggesting games, thats their worry

I’m not sure what genres u like & dislike or what backlogs you have but you should play Dishonored series if you haven’t.