⭐ 11 Changes that Will Make Symmetra a Beauty and a Beast

Sentry Turrets

  1. Movement speed reduction during Turret deployment reduced to 0% (down from 25%).
  2. Cast time of Turrets reduced to 0.7 seconds (down from 1.4 seconds).**
  3. Turret Deployment range increased to 15m (up from 10m).
  4. Turret Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds (down from 10 seconds)
  5. Enemies hit by Sentry Turrets are revealed through walls to the rest of the Team.

Photon Barrier

  1. The size of the Barrier is increased.
  2. The barrier is made concave.
  3. The Barrier spawns closer to the player.
  4. The cooldown of the Barrier is reduced.


  1. Pressing Z (status of Ultimate), reveals the location of the Ultimate to Teammates through Walls.
  2. Ultimate health is increased to 500 (up from 400).

More Viable in More Situations

In Developer Update, Jeff stated he wants Symmetra to be viable in a lot of different situations.

Their rework aimed for that.

When making changes to her, the Devs wanted to increase Symmetra’s viability in different situations.

  • She was a given a Photon Barrier to help her viability on Attack.
  • She was given a Shield Generator because players found the Teleporter less useful after first Point.

A year has passed and we haven’t really seen Symmetra played in more situations.

  • For the playerbase, she is still a first point Defense Hero.
  • For the Pros, she does not even exist.

In order for Symmetra to become more viable in more situations, she’s going need more improvements like -

  • faster cast mechanics
  • smaller cooldowns
  • other QoL improvements

What Works in Symmetra’s Kit

First let’s talk about who Symmetra is and what works well in her kit. Then we can talk about what needs improvement.

Symmetra is the Melee Support Hero of Overwatch.

  • She is a Melee Hero because of her 7-9m range, which is just slightly farther than Reinhardt’s 5m range. The fact that she shoots a gun instead of swinging a giant hammer is mainly for aesthetics.

  • She is a Support Hero in that her Turrets, Photon Barrier and Ultimate are primarily used to protect other vulnerable members on her team.

I have a lot of fun playing her and I disagree with all the posts calling her situational and unviable, useless and easily countered. I don’t think she is any of these. She can get a lot of work done if played right.

I think Overwatch Devs have designed a pretty unique hero here, whose kit I am obsessively in love with.

Symmetra’s Weapon is a mix of strong Melee Beam and long Ranged Disruption Orbs, which create a unique playstyle for her.

Photon Projector latches on to a Single Target at 7m. It starts dealing 30 damage for 1 second, then Levels up to 60 damage for 1 second, then Levels up to 120 damage per second, thereafter, as long as the Beam level is maintained via constant charging.

  • Symmetra’s Lv1 Beam is weak but this is offset by her Lv3 Beam which can melt 200 Hp heroes with ease.

Energy Ball is primarily a disruption ability. However when charged it becomes much more useful. You can charge up a Ball and plant it on enemies at Melee Range before you finish them off with either your Beam or Melee.

  • Tracer, a 150hp hero, can be killed with the charged Energy Ball + Melee combo for 155 damage.

Both the Photon Projector and Energy Ball are well balanced and require no further changes.

Sentry Turrets are a decent Support ability that Slow and Damage enemies and offer Distraction Targets for the enemy to shoot down. They can attack enemies up to 10m far.

  • Sentry Turrets (and Teleporter) make her super fun to play on 2Cp Attack (my fav map being Volskaya). These tools are perfect for countering stall. Once I am set up on 2Cp with a few Turrets, it’s pretty much GG.

However their Cast Mechanics and Deployment Range make them a clunky ability in a fast paced game that Overwatch is.

Photon Barrier can be used to mitigate damage that would otherwise be deadly.

  • Ults like DVa bomb, High Noon can be blocked though some Ults require a lot of experience in prediction e.g Earthshatter.

However it’s long cooldown and drawbacks prevents it from being a versatile ability.

Symmetra’s Ultimates are very powerful given how fast they can charge.

Teleporter gives her team the numbers advantage.

  • For example, it brings back your Tanks quickly so that your team always has strong presence on the point when you are trying to Capture a point on Attack.

Shield Generator makes her allied Flankers Op while buffering the health for all the squishies on her team.

  • Both Ultimates allow Symmetra to play more aggressively with her Primary Fire.

Although her Ultimates are well-balanced, there are certain Heroes to which they are weak, and there are certain Quality of Life changes that they need in order to better fit in a Team-Based shooter.

Now let’s talk about each of these in detail.

Sentry Turrets

1. Movement speed reduction during Turret deployment reduced to 0% (down from 25%).

2. Cast time of Turrets reduced to 0.7 seconds (down from 1.4 seconds).

Overwatch is a fast-paced game but everything about Turret deployment is slow right now. Their cooldown, their flow, everything about them is slow.

  • It takes 10 seconds to get 1 Turret.
  • It takes 1.4 seconds to deploy.
  • It takes 1 additional second for the Turret to ready itself for fire.
  • Symmetra is slowed down while putting them up.
  • Symmetra is stuck in a hand swirling animation during which she cannot do anything else.

Long Cast Times are Punishing in Fast-Paced Games

Symmetra’s cast mechanics make her feel much more clunky in a fast-paced environment than she otherwise would be in a slower game.

  • The fact that Dive comps are meta right now, makes this clunkiness very apparent and aggravates it.

  • The cast mechanics make her vulnerable during Turret placements.

  • This was clearly intended, however it is too punishing.

  • The slower cast mechanics work better in slow games. Overwatch being fast-paced, punishes this type of immobility.

Separating the Masters from Gold
Improving Symmetra’s Turret cast mechanics will help skilled Symmetra players get more use out of her. They will be able to place clutch Turrets to save teammates and may even be able to duel more effectively.

  • We might see Skill combos develop in order to deal the most burst damage with Symmetra, similar to Ana’s Sleep, Grenade, Punch, Shoot combo.

Sentry Turrets - Quality of Life Changes

3. Turret Deployment range increased to 15m (up from 10m).

Allows Symmetra to deploy Turrets at an Optimal height without having to junp next the wall to place them higher.

Allows Symmetra to deploy Turrets from a more safe position.

4. Turret Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds (down from 10 seconds)

Sentry Turrets have 1HP and be destroyed by some stray bullet. They are meant to be disposable and so lowering the cooldown allows Symmetra to cycle through them more quickly.

5. Enemies hit by Sentry Turrets are revealed through walls to the rest of the Team.

Currently when you place Turrets to detect Flankers, you must call out to your Team to let them know where that Flanker is.

Allowing Teammates to see exactly where the Flanker is through walls will be a huge QoL buff to Turrets.

Photon Barrier

6. The size of the Barrier is increased.
7. The barrier is made concave.
8. The Barrier spawns closer to the player.
9. The cooldown of the Barrier is reduced.

  • You are Defending 2nd Point Anubis and Widow goes up on the ledge and starts sniping your team. You pop a Photon Barrier that blocks her line of sight. The Photon Barrier travels towards her and takes up more of her LOS.

  • You are Attacking on First Point King’s row and you see a McCree pop that noon and you’re like “oh !@#$”, you pop your Barrier and Bam now it’s afternoon.

In these examples, Photon Barrier has done its job well.

This is because Photon Barrier’s Effective Protection is quite good when the enemy is far away from you and the Photon Barrier blocks their LOS for more than 1 second.

However in all other cases, where you want to use Photon Barrier, it kinda fails at its job. It does not Effectively Protect you.

You get less than 1s of Protection from the Barrier, after which you are left completely vulnerable.

The Photon Barrier is either destroyed too easily or it doesn’t block enemy LOS for more than 1s.

Limitations of Photon Barrier

Example of Photon Barrier getting destroyed too easily -

  • You are flanked by a Pharah who begins to scream Justice and you as the Goddess of Protection, pops that Protective Shield “Yeh tumhari raksha karega” and bam that Pharah Ult is gone… nope she breaks through it and damages you anyway. Only in rare occasions will your Barrier get so close to her that she dies from the splash damage from her rockets exploding on the Barrier.

Example of Photon Barrier not blocking enemy LOS for more than 1s

  • Tracer is harassing the backline. Your Barrier is only good enough to stop one clip from her. She’ll change her position and unload another clip in you anyway.

  • You are up close with the enemy McCree and let’s say you happen to block his Flashbang with the Barrier. He’ll out-DPS you even after, and you merely delayed your death. He would’ve killed you faster if he landed that Flashbang.

The Effective Protection provided by the Barrier can be good but it is quite limited in most cases.

Melee Support Heroes are very Vulnerable

Symmetra is a melee Support hero with no escapes and with little range capabilities with her Orb.

As a melee support hero with no escapes and little range capability in an First Person Shooter, she is inherently the most vulnerable out of all the heroes in the game.

She is vulnerable not just out in the open but also in closed areas.

  • Out in the open she is vulnerable to just about everyone in the cast, including Mercy now with Valkyrie.
  • Indoors, Symmetra is quite vulnerable to Heroes like Reaper, Tracer, DVa, Winston and Mei.

And despite being vulnerable, she has little to no way to protect herself besides throwing out a Barrier whose Effective Protection is often less than 1 second but whose cooldown is 10 seconds. She has no other protection or escape other than this Barrier.

Getting the Photon Barrier in the Rework has been a boon in many cases, such as the examples described at the start but it falls short in just about every other situation.

More Limitations

Photon Barrier is also quite limited in its range of Protection, it’s coverage.

  • You pop it just when you push in on Attack. Yes you can push behind the Barrier but the Barrier’s linear path and no protection from different angles, from the sides and above, keep it from being useful aside from the initial second of being popped. If you have a Lucio speed boost you in, then your Barrier is as good as a Torb turret in base.

  • You get into a close-ranged fight with the above-mentioned heroes, you can pop the barrier to protect yourself from their onslaught and within a second, they will change their position, rendering your barrier useless. Or the barrier will pass through them, as they advance towards you unhindered.

Summary of Pros and Cons

Pros -

  • Photon Barrier in its current design is good at blocking some Ults

  • Photon Barrier is good in that it allows Symmetra to hang out in the back lines and pop her Barrier to Protect the front lines.

  • Photon Barrier is also good at blocking off Stationary ranged Attackers like Widow.

  • Photon Barrier is good in that it provides frontal cover when pushing with it.

Cons -

  • Photon Barrier only provides frontal cover when your team are pushing with it. So it is bad in that it doesn’t not cover any other angle other than the front.

  • Photon Barrier is bad at protecting you in close-range.

  • Photo Barrier is bad at protecting you when the enemy is advancing towards you.

  • Photo Barrier is bad at protecting you from Flankers who constantly change position like Tracer and Pharah.

  • Photon Barrier cooldown is too high in most cases.

  • Once you pop the Barrier, you are most likely are vulnerable right after you pop it

Photon Barrier vs Other Barriers

Let’s compare Photon Barriers to other Barriers which are on a Cooldown.

You got the Orisa Barrier (8s cooldown) and the Winston Barrier (13s cooldown).

  • Both of these Barrier protect the Player for more than 1 second. This is because the stationary Barriers hang around after being deployed and continue to provide protection!
  • They block LoS from Long-Range attackers and close-ranged Attackers for more than 1 second.
  • Orisa Barrier offers less protection than Winston Barrier so naturally it gets the shorter cooldown of 8s vs 13s. Winston also has mobility so he is in much less of a need of a more frequent Barrier.

I like Symmetra’s Moving Barrier

I actually like that it moves forward because I can sit in the back lines and protect someone in front lines.

But in most cases it’s only good for a second or maybe two before it moves out of its Protective range.

And when I, as Symmetra, need the Barrier the most, it most often fails me.

Photon Barrier needs Cooldown Reduction

One would think that Photon Barrier cooldown should at least be 8s. But I would be lying if I said 8s is good enough.

I think this Barrier’s cooldown should be low enough to be spammed!

But that can be problematic for the Widow who in our first example is Sniping from that high ledge on Second Point Anubis and she keeps getting Photo Barriers in her face.

A low cooldown on Photon Barrier can become an issue for when the Barrier is actually travelling towards the enemy who is far away. 10s cooldown is fine in those situations where the Barrier is offering protection from a line of sight for more than 1s.

The 10s cooldown becomes too high in those situations in which the Barrier provides protection for 1s or less.

When the Barrier is destroyed immediately either by enemy DPS or by striking a hard object, in those situations the Barrier does not provide protection for more than 1s.

When the enemy passes through the Barrier or changes position to outside of Barrier’s effective cover.

In those cases, I wish the Barrier cooldown was lower so that I could use it again.

Interesting Ways of Lowering the Cooldown

Damage Blocker
The Cooldown of the Barrier is reduced by 1s for every 100 damage it takes. The Cooldown of the Barrier is reset when the Barrier is destroyed.

  • This way the more damage you block with the Barrier, the more you can spam it. Thus you can block even more damage. But when you spam it at a Sniper far away, the Barrier is less likely to be spammed, thus keeping the Barrier fair-play for the Sniper.

Additional Charge
Symmetra has 2 Charges of Photon Barrier at 10s Cooldown.

  • This way she has two occasions where she can protect herself.

Barrier After Barrier
Photon Barrier has 2s cooldown BUT only 1 Barrier can be out at any given time. Casting Photo Barrier again destroys the previous Barrier.

  • This way you can use Photon Barrier every 2 seconds but you may not spam Barriers at Snipers. I like this suggestion a lot, since I can use the Barrier much more frequently than in any other suggestion!

Aggressive Barrier
Photon Barrier Cooldown is reduced by 1s for every 100 damage Symmetra deals.

  • This is an aggressive Barrier because the cooldown is tied to Symmetra’s damage.

  • When you have that Beam locked on, the longer you stay in battle the more vulnerable you are. Having this Aggressive Barrier would allow Symmetra to deal damage and be able to defend herself more frequently.

Personal Shield
Holding E delays the movement on the Barrier by 2s.

  • This is like a 2s personal shield, like a pseuo-Reinshield. You hold E, the barrier stays in position in front of you for 2s, after which you can no longer hold it and it is automatically released, travelling forward in the direction you are facing at the time of release. So Press E to send out Barrier as normal, Hold E to keep it in front of you for 2s.


Symmetra’s Ultimates are in a good place. However a couple of changes can help to improve this ability.

10. Pressing Z (status of Ultimate), pings/reveals the location of the Ultimate to Teammates through Walls.

This allows Symmetra to quickly indicate the location of her Ultimates to her Teammates so that they can help defend it.

11. Ultimate health is increased to 500 (up from 400).

This change is literally to help Symmetra with 1 hero in the game, who has the fastest charging Ult,that charges way faster than Symmetra’s Ult, and deals 400 damage.

Tracer can completely nullify Symmetra’s Ult by constantly bombing it. She’ll always have her Ult before Symmetra and all she has to do is listen in to when Symmetra places her Ult, Blink-Blink-Ult-Recall, without any fear of taking damage from Symmetra.

In other words, Tracer can easily destroy a Symmetra Ult and avoid any counter-play from Symmetra by using her Blinks and Recall.

Tracer’s Ult should either deal less damage, or Symmetra’s Ult should have more HP.

That’s all folks.

Thanks for reading if you made it all the way through.


ha thats funny. (just to hit 20 characters)


Honestly she just needs a new E. Photon Barrier is very linear in terms of uses and it’s hard to buff her other devices when her main weapon is sorta holding her back in a way. And smh wish I could downvote the toxicity above but that was removed.


I think syms main issue is for a support what she brings to the team is lack luster. The biggest reason I feel is why she is not used at higher ranks is because if you run her as an off support you lack a defensive ult to make a push or stop a DPs ult like nano blade for example. Maybe if her TP regened charges over time or if sym does a certain amount of damage it gains a charge. Also an interesting buff suggestion I have seen around is that sym gains a passive that increases shield hp of your team. This might be hard to balance on a hero to hero basis but would let sym bring utility to the team

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She’s already a beauty though. :heart_eyes:


Hm, they’re certainly buffs, but they don’t really address the situation that Symmetra is still a very niche pick that doesn’t really fit into any team slot.

The turrets, for starters, really should have more than just 1HP. Low enough that if someone is intentionally shooting at them they’ll be destroyed, but high enough that they don’t just die to a Dva drive through.

While I haven’t tested anything, 8 seconds still seems too long and in a fast paced game, the Symmetra should ideally be able to replace all 6 turrets every team fight in order to be of a decent contributor.

Photon Barrier does have it’s uses as well, but I would be willing to trade it for something that will help define Symmetra as a viable hero in this meta. What it is, who knows?

As for the ultimates, TP is pretty good, but the option for Symmetra to manually destroy a TP in order to build up another one should be available. There’s also the thing that TP is only really useful on the first point so SG will usually be used later in the game… except the impact of SG really isn’t that great, in my opinion. Yeah, a 225HP Tracer can be scary and it can let you survive a Hanzo headshot, but it just doesn’t do enough compared to other support ultimates like Transcendence for when the enemy hard engage. Which is what they’ll do most of the time.

Also, this might seem mad, but what if Symmetra was allowed to deploy multiple ultimates?

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You like who you like, bruh. If Symmetra was as powerful/useful as the other supports I wager you’d drop your grudge. Perhaps even welcome the pick on a regular basis.

Thus, it’s not the mains you hate it’s her abilities… Which are being worked on right meow.

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I agree on the turret changes. They are way to restricting when thinking about how easily the can be countered by beam weapons. They aren’t even that good.


Nice suggestions.

I’m happy they’re trying (again) to make her relevant.

Personally, I’d happily trade significant beam damage for additional utility/survivability. Seems that the lower ranks generally direct their complaints to the lock-on and ramp-up.


You posting this here again wont change the reality from the old Forums.

She needs a redo.
She needs an E that provides sustain to her team.
She needs a passive that provides sustain to her team in her limited area.
She needs to be a Support, and provide sustain while playing WITH her team, not away from them.

Until then, she will remain beyond niche, a hero not even playing Overwatch with everyone else.


I love your ideas. I really want to see some changes to her Photon Barrier. Hopefully and removal of the arming time. More often than not you don’t even block the flashbang (or concussion mine) and it seemingly flies straight through the barrier because of the split second it takes to actually deploy.

I suggested not long ago for her barrier to have a sort of homing function at enemies you aim for or those closest to the barrier. You can simply break LoS and it will continue to track the target into the wall, shattering. If it manages to reach its target, it latches onto them, staying dead center of their reticle and blocking everything they do until it’s either DPS’d through, or they walk it into a wall to forcibly shatter it.

I wish the barrier would move slower, would justify the long cool-down time since it’d be out longer and would be great for pushes. I feel it moves past Symmetra (and whoever is with her) pretty quickly.

What if SG was an alt-turret option instead of an ult? I mean, of course, with fewer hitpoints and anything to help balance its frequency. Similar to how her original ability was, just less tedious. Would bring back a bit more sustain to her kit. I’d love to be able to choose between different “turret” options (e.g. damage, heal, shield, etc…).

I still find her to be one of the most unique and fun heroes to play.

Would like to see symmetra turrets heal someone and a button to choose between damaging or healing in case someone hitting her turrets. Maybe both.


I like some of your ideas. photon barrier definitely needs a boost, and the ult idea is clever. However, some things you say are debateable

Heres a different thought: make them use the extra turret charges that refill. Once youve placed turrets down, the charges just sit there until an enemy breaks one. the barrier looks like it uses a similar construct, so why not make it so she just uses up one of the turret refills for each shield, and not cooldown as long as those exists

while I see why this might be useful, its also easily exploitable. If symmetra can quickly throw down a bunch of turrets, she could simply run up to enemies and throw down a bunch around them.

This seems uneccesary, and the lack thereof encourages communication. its so easy to just tell your team what you already see.

Im not so sure about this one. her range is nearly double that of Reinhardts (9 compared to 5), and the way her weapon functions doesn’t act like a melee at all. Granted, the weapon is close ranged, but a gun is still a gun.
To be clear though, my opinion on her weapon is that her beam’s lock on needs to be nerfed. With the added range, huge lock on zone and the ability to follow around a corner, it seems like her gun doesn’t need to be aimed much after connecting.

If you nerfed the beam lock on then you would have to buff her damage. Currently Sym’s damage falls off at the higher ranks since she can’t headshot. Soldier 76 currently has a maximum dps of around 346 with headshots (my maths may be off). Symmetra can currently achieve a maximum dps of 120. Sure Soldier is never going to hit headshots constantly, but a good Soldier could consistently hit headshots. Sym lacks this because of her lock on beam and so if you make her beam harder to aim with you would have to compensate especially since, Sym is currently F tier.

She doesn’t need to be nerfed as well as buffed - if you die to Sym’s microwave then you deserve it because Sym has one of the lowest ranges on her weapon with a 7 meter lock on and a 9 meter break off distance. If you’re dying to Sym then you got outplayed because although it may not feel good to die to a “no aim, no brain hero”, Sym is countered by about every single hero because all it takes to counter her, is to kill her from range.

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It’s a bad idea to have Photon Barrier consume Turret charges. It’s a bad idea to tie down the resource of two separate abilities that are used for completely different purposes, into one resource.

Bad Game Design 101

It should have its own resource.

Do enemies welcome you with open arms when you run up to them with your Beam?
Why would they welcome you when you run up to them with Turrets?

And it’s even easier if they actually see what you see.

It’s 7 vs 5, not 9. And keep in mind that Rein’s hammer is AoE whereas Sym’s lock-on is single target.

What added range? 2m is not “added range” in a First Person shooter.

It’s essentially a melee weapon for God’s sake.

Does Reinhardt have a “huge lock on zone”? Does Reinhardt require “much aim” with his gun?

It doesn’t follow around corners, it’s a DoT effect that lasts a split second after the Beam has internally detached. Externally you still see the visuals but the beam does not remain attached around corners.

The damage you take around corners is the DoT effect.

Either this or


I don’t think both are necessary. But who knows maybe I am wrong.

I do think Turrets are a Support Skill with how Overwatch is designed and Symmetra being able to replace them more frequently will allow her to perform her role really well.

That role is to provide flanking fire, that is fire from off-angles, to distract the enemies from shooting at her team.

So in order to fulfill this role, the Turrets need to -

  1. Entice Enemies to Shoot them
  2. Need to be readily available

Photo Barrier is good enough to keep.

I agree. NUT! Top 10 Sym main also suggested this, and it would be a huge QoL buff.

Well Shield Gen lasts much longer than Transcendence. And it’s is not built for the same purpose that Transcendence is.

That would be mad. Yeah.

No she doesn’t need any of that.

I copied and pasted a basic idea i had: If symmetra got a rework, it would be cool if like her ult, her turrets had an option between healing beam or damage beam. So 4 could be set as damage while 2 on point or w.e destination desired would be healing for extra sustain. Or they could get a natural heal pulse, so allies nearby get a wave of 60 healing every 10 seconds (10 healing for each turret) when they walk by one, and triggers a cooldown for next heal pulse. As well as i feel like sym should keep her melt beam of death, however, like moira, make it a little bit more touchy on aim. Not as much as moira though, since sym’s range is shorter, it should have a little more range/radius that it can lock on. Also maybe impkement it so she can death beam for only 12 seconds, and then a cooldown is put into place. they should also change her alt fire to slightly heat seek when MAX charged as well, but keep the projectile speed, and give her alt fire healing capabilities too, at half healing vs the damage out put that would be given to an enemy. To coincide, when charging her alt fire, a small lock on when facing an enemy should be there, to trigger the heat seek property, allowing for the orb to not get overwhelmed on who to heat seek. You should beable to heat seek teamates as well. Another aspect that could be amazing, as being a constructing character, have yet ANOTHER alternative ult that builds a light bridge, that you click the starting point , and ending point, and make a barrier which you can traverse across. The barrier can recharge its health, and instead of being a massive hit box to break, like the other abilities, has a semi small focal point to target, i would say the basis of the start. The target bridge should only allow up to 20 feet, and allows for a 4 foot incline from start to ending points, (or decline). Maybe this could help her team get a sneaky back cap, or help get around that annoying defense! This is a crude basic suggestion., but i could see this making sym a semi healer but the amazing defense hero i saw her to be, and helping her have a few chances at being a good offensive support for a few maps, think of all the sneaky pits her team could traverse! :slight_smile: maybe not every map could be viable for the bridge, but then again that means its not making her 100% pickable, as well as focuses on her diverse ability set. :slight_smile: also i just brainstormed. Im not saying EVERY. One of these should be here. Maybe some, or all but tweaked at the same time.

Yes, she does. She’s a bad hero, playing the game wrong.

These wont be enough for her but im liking the post because the cast time on her turrets suck.

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