😡 Why are Symmetra players Angry at the "Rework"?

Is it just because we now have to aim with a Melee weapon?

Is it just because her unique Barrier-piercing orb is now a no-projectile-gravity Zarya Secondary fire?


It’s because Symmetra’s most powerful ability at higher ranks (Photon Barrier) and two of the high-tier Ults in the game (Teleporter and Shield Generator) are getting replaced with nothing but a glorified Ramp and a glorified Mei wall.

… and not to mention all of her mechanics are being removed.

It is absolutely the worst thing to do to a Hero is to change their entire kit and all its mechanics, when players have invested hundreds of hours into mastering that kit.

  • Imagine if McCree all of a sudden became a Projectile hero. Just with that one change alone he would no longer be the same hero. Now imagine changing all his skill mechanics and Ultimate. That would be no different to clicking on McCree and pressing DELETE.

  • Imagine if Tracer was nuked the way Symmetra was. Imagine having to relearn all your skills and experience. I would hate for Tracer to have to relearn how to do her Blinks and Recall, how to aim her Bomb. How to aim her weapon, etc. … if she kept any of that.

(Btw I am glad that Tracer’s core mechanics were not changed in her nerf. She was nerfed in the best possible way. The best possible way to nerf a hero is to keep their core intact and nerf the numbers instead., to maintain the skills people had invested time into learning. This is why the Tracer nerf was done well.)

This is why Symmetra players are mad about the rework. It does not improve her, it removes core mechanics of her kit.

We loved Symmetra 2.0 rework.

Symmetra 2.0 took Symmetra’s core mechanics and made them better.

  • She was able to hold 6 sentries at a lower cooldown, and place them all at the beginning and move them around more often.
  • She was given a Photon Barrier that allowed her to be more aggressive and protect herself, her allies from CC and burst damage.
  • Her Ults were made tanky so they survived more.
  • She was given a second Ult for situations where Teleporter was not as useful

All of these changes made Symmetra really good.

Blizzard’s first rework of Symmetra was in the right direction. And we want another Symmetra 2.0 type of rework.

We want them to continue in spirit of her previous rework and -

  • Improve the clunkiness with her cast times and cooldowns of Turrets and barrier.
  • Improve the placement of her Turrets and Teleporters.

I made multiple threads and countless posts on why Symmetra’s core kit should remain intact and how it can be buffed to better suit the new evolved state of the game.

You can read my threads below if you are interested in what I have to say -


They’re afraid of change. It’s normal to be afraid of change. You just have to cope with it.


I could be mistaken, but I heard not too long ago that Torbjorn’s gun does the same damage as McCree’s, but yeah, as a projectile rather than hitscan. Food for thought: Torbjorn with a bigger hitbox and no turret.


Torbjorn’s primary fire doesn’t have fall-off either.

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That’s true.

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This just isn’t a remake. This is recycling Sym’s assets onto a completely new character.


Because someone mostly play on console and play the game purely for fun and laugh, been able to sit back and relax, not worrying about aiming at all yet kill tons of people is extremely fun.


This is the new “because it’s unfun”

hopefully sym mains will replace mercy ones… at least it’ll be a fresh new take


It is absolutely the worst thing to do to a Hero is to change their entire kit and all its mechanics, when players have invested hundreds of hours into mastering that kit.

I would normally agree, but Symmetra hasn’t had a place in the game since the first few seasons of competitive on King’s Row 1st.

Against any team that’s coordinated, she’s objectively a terrible hero as she is now. There’s a reason she has a 0% pick rate at the highest level (OWL).

For her to ever be in a healthy place she needed a full mechanical rework.


I assume that’s a royal we, op. Cause you sure as hell ain’t talking on my behalf.

Symettra rework is blazingly awesome, and will allow for completely innovative plays never seen before in the game. No amount of iterations on Sym 2.0 will make her viable at higher level. But this? This just might do it.

Symettra’s kit, just like the idea of Ressurection, or character stacking, were fun, sound ideas on theory, but didn’t pan out in practice. It would be foolish to needlessly cling to it.


I have to agree with you on the complete rework. It’s not her anymore. It’s just a new hero with the same name and face. She is gone.

And about her first rework, you said it was good and they should do it in that direction. I don’t disagree with you on this, since you make a lot of good points. But there’s one thing I think you have missed.

Despite her first being a really good rework, Symmetra still receive an abysmal pick rate even after several seasons. For me, that one counts as a failed rework. They kept her core, but it hurts her more than it helps.

This rework could change it. Not for the worse, but for the better.

I know it’s too soon to make any assumptions since the changes are still on progress and not on PTR yet.

But I think it’s gonna be worth it in the end.


you are angry because change is scary.
I’m actually interested in playing her.
she is my least played hero so I think is a good thing


How is teleporting a ramp and also what is a Mei wall in Sym’s kit?


Torb > Mccree confirmed?


In my book, he’s already better. I’ve never seen a Torbjorn trickle or go on a flanking adventure just to become feed for the enemy’s ultimates.


The most distinct, identity-defining traits of both her primary and alternate are being taken away and replaced with not very much. It’s just a generic beam gun/rocket launcher now.
It used to be an interesting option to shoot through barriers, or a reliable tool against Genji, Lucio, etc.

She’ll probably be great though, but I’ll miss the old gun sometimes.


I’m a little bummed about the shield gen going. But I am in love with all the changes so far. A good symm will be able to melt teams even faster than now.


100% agree with all of this thank you!


So because there’s a niche group of players that prefers the current [Edited by Blizzard] that is Symmetra, you think it’s reasonable to have it remain that way?

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They should make tracer’s ability to transport places an ability to jump up and down really high like shes in low grave and take away genji’s dash resets. This is basically what is happening to sym. Their taking away what makes the character what shes is and changing it to something completely different that it would make her even less viable then she is now.