Role Queue Beta Playtime

Can anyone confirm if the playtime on role queue comp will be deleted off your profile once the 2 weeks are up or will it stay forever?

The Role Queue Beta is a temporary 2-week season. According to the news blog post on, The results from your performance in this season will not stay on your career profile and will not influence your overall Competitive Play hidden matchmaking ratings.

EDIT: This has been clarified by the development team. I apologize for the confusion.


So the playtime, rank & sr will all be permanently removed from my profile after the 2 weeks are up or will people still be able to view my Role
Queue beta stats? :slight_smile:

I believe the Role Queue Beta stats will be removed according to what was stated in the official blog post:

Source: Introducing Role Queue - News - Overwatch

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That doesn’t say anything about ignoring the MMR established during the beta, but yes, the stats will be removed from profiles going forward.


That is what I read and why I’m left quite confused. I’m only asking because I don’t want to play a bunch of it, only for it to revert the hours played on it, but if nobody knows then that’s no problem.

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Do the hours played in the beta accumulate for your hero hours and will there be competitive points awarded?

Remember that you can still earn Competitive Points if that is an objective at all. Also the more you play the more it will help the development team make sure the new Role Specific skill ratings will work right when you do play Season 18.

Competitive points will be awarded, yes, albeit fewer than a standard season. Supposedly all the stats will be removed.

I don’t think they will permanently count to your overall hours played. Yes there will be Competitive Points paid out if you complete each role’s placement matches up to 450 points per role (if you reach Grandmaster).

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400 points for GM…

that’s 400 points per role though.

Its not like me or most people can maintain all 3 roles in GM…

And thats 1350 points while its used to be 1750

Are you sure about this? I would be surprised if this was the case. Why run a beta season if it isn’t going to affect your MMR?

Here Is the key note from the news blog post on

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That doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect MMR. League of legends offseason works like this but still effects MMR. I would be shocked if it doesn’t effect MMR.


Can anybody 100% confirm this since Blizzards post doesn’t 100% specify if it does or does not.


We need confirmation!


We need answers! Get the pitch forks!

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Go up three posts where it is confirmed with a link to blog post.