Why were we so grossly misinformed regarding MMR/Stats?

The Blizzard blog post here:


However, beta season stats will only be available for a limited time and will not count toward a player’s permanent Competitive Season stats

I understand what this means (now!), but it’s EXTREMELY misleading. At the time of reading this, everyone assumed this meant its a BETA season for a reason – it’s justa test and your stats arent recorded and nobody will care about them.


^ Recently edited by the tech support MVP after its already had THOUSANDS OF VIEWS and NOBODY from Blizzard staff corrected them.

^The developer actually telling us the REAL STORY a few mere days after the season ends.

Why was this not communicated clearer? It’s called a “beta” season for goodness sake, you need to understand how your wording (AND your tech support “MVP’s”) can be misleading to players…?


I’ve been trying to point out the ambiguity of that from the start (as you can see in the thread you linked, actually), but unfortunately my voice here isn’t really loud enough for everyone to hear.

To expand a little, though, it would make little sense to ignore the only few weeks worth of valid Role Queue data they have when going into the first full season, as gathering that data is one of the main reasons for having this “beta” in the first place. It’s possible that the developers assumed players would recognize this and connect the dots.

Alternatively, they may have intentionally left the question open in case their matching algorithms somehow resulted in very poor Beta Season matches, in which case they could end up throwing it all out, since the data would basically be “wrong” at that point.

In any case, I certainly agree that they could/should have been clearer about this.

As a side note, they specifically stated that Sigma would not be included in the Role Queue Beta season, and he obviously was, so there were definitely some miscommunications and/or sudden changes of plans during this time.


Misleading, 0 communication and when we finally get some of it the information is not right… this game is going down hill real fast.


I’m not sure, but I think it was purposeful. They didn’t want people to play carefully, thinking about how the outcome of matches would influence their future placements.


I grouped with friends who were two ranks below my own because we could finally comp together with it being “beta” and not have to worry about the stats.
I have ranks in the beta season the lowest I have ever been in (I have played since season 1). It’s gut wrenching to think about this impacting my future rank.

Misleading as heck.


Gut wrenching? Its a skill rating in a video game man.


Gut wrenching because they lied, not because of the skill rating.


I don’t understand your comment when you have posted 1111 times on a video game forum. We choose what we put our time and effort into. I like progressing and (trying to) improve my game skill… as terribly average as it is.


Some people put a lot of heart and soul into this game becuase they love it and love seeing themselves improve. If you’ve been grouping with friends you want to play comp with but normally cant due to a skill gap difference and them potentially dragging you down.
So you find out there’s a “beta” season where we’re effectively told its the show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter.
Then you find out where the points DO matter and your future ranks will be impacted by this…
That’s what’s gutwrenching about it. It sucks to be so seriously mislead, and basically lied to.


Honestly surprised so many thought this wouldn’t be the case.


Thats what you get for soft throwing just cuz its a beta season


You really don’t understand the point of what myself or Alientroll have written. Not soft throwing. At all.

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Didnt soft throw, landed in plat and climbed to diamond, still pissed off on how misleading they are with their information.


What a sheltered life you have lived then…

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No I get your point, and I think its stupid. You took a post by a forum tech support guy who was just paraphrasing another article (and doing a horrible job at it) as fact… Sure they were ambiguous about what they said, but Blizzard never said anything about MMR, they only said statistics


The idea that they were not going to use MMR data from this season, with a brand new system is naive. They said statistics, when I looked at that I assumed it just meant the stat sheet would be wiped.

  1. They should have been more clear with their information regarding the season.
  2. People should have taken the role queue beta as seriously as they have been taking comp. That is the whole point.

“Gut wrenching” as a term for losing SR suggests you have too much of your personal self worth wrapped up in a video game.


Personally I played the beta like I play every comp season: Trying my best. As such I’m not worried.

Also I assumed the data was tracked anyway, just like they tracked data months before beta release to have starting point for the beta. Just felt like common sense to assume that tbh.


Also, why would they release a brand new hero directly into comp if it was going to have a long term effect on MMR?


Turns out, MMR is made from statistics, my friend.
See how that can be misleading?
“Your stats wont be kept” can very easily be read as “your stats wont count because they won’t be kept”…


The fact that you seem to consider yourself to be someone of such importance to dictate how another should feel about the activities they spend time on is narcissistic at best.