Re Experimental: So Genji can counter Moira now?

Nerd to her dmg :confused:

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I’m not surprised, forums didn’t shut up. How much did they nerf it? Doomfist main levels, or Genji main levels?


That’s why I said 1-combo shot, unlike some pepegs that still to this date say “1-shot” when it’s not.

Triple shuriken/Dash is gonna be easier isn’t? Then again I’m very bad at genji, so I can’t relate much, not gonn argument on it frankly lol. Just asking for knowledge difficulty here.

Lets see how it shakes out. Genji has needed a midfight buff for awhile & Moira has needed a damage nerf for awhile as well. This card is a great patch imo

Biotic Grasp:

Healing — 65 -> 70
Damage — 50 -> 40

Because some players still can’t fathom a way to outplay Moira…


Roughly stated but it is otherwise truth.

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you are insanely detached from the actual game.


YES. Nobody defends low support players. So why play a support when it just becomes a respawn simulator?


Eh, I don’t play Overwatch anymore. Honestly I should be devastated considering I’ve spent hundreds of hours on Moira, but I’m jumping ship to… well, anything else. Overwatch is a mess, and the developers clearly have no idea what they’re doing.

Best of luck…


no, genji still loses to moira

it’s like you’re forgetting all the resources he takes to kill her, the fact that she has an orb, or the fact that she can fade away and leave genji in a bad position since he can’t reset away

people have this really lame binary way of thinking about matchups


Oh hell yes you are right. I am going on experimental to play Zen specifically now. Zen is the perfect hero to play on experimental.

If it’s not an autowin hard counter then it’s not an actual counter to them. We saw this same dynamic when they removed Brig’s Tracer instakill combo. Despite Brig’s armor still completely invalidating Tracer people claimed she was ruined.

These people want characters that remove other characters from the game on the pick screen.

Why dont people understand that creating a character that can counter an entire ROLE is a bad thing?

A type of character? Sure, you can have flankers, anti-flankers, anti-shield, anti-whatever as long as it doesnt completely block out a role that you are forced to play.

You cant have someone literally counter every support that is nonsense. Remember Reaper? Him being anti-tank is EXACTLY the reason why he ends up being left in trash tier.


1500 or more
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I don’t think you play this game in GM.

Lucio is NOT unkillable.

Zenyatta is free food for any half-decent dps given his hitbox.

Ana relies on her sleep dart.

Moira can’t actually kill the dps all the time, her best chance is to just run away.

So no, supports can not always defend themselves, even if they are good.

Playing Zenyatta into Genji & Tracer is just stupid. There’s nothing you can do.


genji isnt countered by moira because of her damage. Its because she has a get out of jail free card that genji cant compete with


They can defend themselves, but not able to outright kill more often than not. And this goes beyond Genji. It’s about the fact that if a support is strong enough to destroy Genji and Tracer, that support will be strong enough to destroy a lot more on the DPS roster. This is why it’s an issue.

We saw what happened when Brig was released. She defended herself, killed Genji and Tracer. But it didn’t stop there. IT NEVER DOES. She proceeded to kill other DPS heroes too or just too damn hard to kill for the effort it took to play her. Solution is to give supports defensive abilities, not killing abilities.

  • Example: Ana sleep dart (I know you can still kill with that, but it’s not primary kill ability), Brig stun, Moira fade, Mercy fly, Zen is an exception where he can discord and destroy you.

Lmaooo if everything else with Moira wasn’t bad enough, this here is just flawed logic at its finest.

So, Moira should be able to hard - counter multiple heroes while requiring absolutely minimal skill to do so and that’s completely fine, but said heroes will need to put down even more skill and effort than they already do just in order to stay alive against her in the first place…

And even worse, it’s the players who use these latter heroes that are being blamed for being ““skilless”” and the like… Just sad :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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The game can’t fuction without tank and support players. If they only focused on tanks and supports they will have to make the 0-6-0 comp. 6 dps

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Plenty of characters are like that. Roadhog, reinhardt, winston, torbjorn. Should i keep going

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