Bug Report

1.28 Known Issues List (5)
Bug Report Forum Guidelines (1)
Mystery FFA Killcam/Respawn Bug (3)
Music starts twice on launching game (1)
Killcam bug in random deathmatch (1)
Character select (1)
Hammonds swing/momentum Physic's are off (1)
Characters have low health sound regardless of their current state of health (1)
Bugs glitches out aaaahhhh (6)
Locked out of Custom Games (1)
Endorsement level down after backfilling for an insufficient amount of time to endorse or be endorsed (1)
A Couple of Various Issues (1)
Weird DVA glitch (1)
So i'm not the best at (2)
Custom game hero changes team specification (1)
Character froze in comp mode (1)
Everyone on point but no overtime (3)
Right Click Doesn't Hold (2)
Invisible Heroes PS4 (2)
Overwatch Origins Edition to Overwatch Legendary Edition (2)
Sombra Translocator Bug: Instantly Disappears, No Animation (7)
Sudden split second freezing/fps drops (1)
Crazy fps drops after busan update ( 2 ) (31)
Lost SR when I left search for game (4)
SR lost without any reason (2)
Lost SR when Cancelled Queue (2)
Losing SR, Without game even found (1)
Busan Mecha Base Bug (1)
Brigitte Super Jump (1)
Kicked offline in the middle of comp (2)