Bug Report

1.23 Known Issues List (5)
Bug Report Forum Guidelines (1)
Don’t have mercy charity stream sprays (2)
Sombra Hack Doesnt effect Brigs healing?!?!?!? (1)
Competitive Bug (1)
Displaying a cluster arrow on the character selection screen (1)
BCRC Mercy Sprays issue (1)
Menu's not loading (1)
My Profile "Does Not Exist" (4)
Is it possible to separate the accuracy stats for Zarya? (1)
How can I tell if I’ve received a Pink Mercy Twitch Drop? ( 2 3 4 ) (63)
Moira's Antipode Achievement Bugged (4)
Haven't Earned Pink Mercy Sprays or Icon on PS4? (3)
Can we please have an official communication about Hanzo hitbox? (3)
Constant issue with Ranked Que (1)
Zenyatta Needs a Healing buff (2)
Bug DC and can't rejoin (1)
That server disconnect bug (4)
My Skin Vanished (2)
No weapons, no charakters (1)
Matchmaking in Quick play and Arcade (2)
Custom Game (No Match VC in Channels Tab) (1)
Bug: Reports have no consequences (3)
Lootbox Duplicates (4)
Widowmaker flick shots (1)
I won 5 sr after winning a game for no reason (1)
Text Chat Is Blank (12)
Do you even read these? (14)
Pink Mercy Event Sprays/Icon (13)
Orisa HALT Visual Bug (2)