Re Experimental: So Genji can counter Moira now?

With the major buffs to Genji’s kit, and the major nerf to Moira’s damage (and recent nerfs to her hit), it feels like Genji can get the upper hand more frequently than he should.

With an extra second to stick around versus Moira and enhanced Secondary Fire, it feels like Genji players are finally able to outplay the entire support roster, and this is not healthy for the support role.

Idk who decided to buff Genji and nerf Moira in the same patch, but this is not the way to go.

Genji should never be able to overpower Moira without considerable effort or a Nano boost. This is inherent balance which is integral for the support role as a whole to function.

Don’t even get me started on tracer — if these Moira changes go live, Tracer’s meta status will be solidified and she will once again feel oppressive to backlines in every rank below GM/OWL.


also Zen got deleted from his chance at being Meta. Zen will never be meta with all this dps powercreep


Imagine acknowledging that power creep exists, broadly nerfing the tank and support roles, then introducing dps buffs…

Blizzard is power creeping damage now, and I don’t like it one bit.


This is why no one plays tank anf support. Dps need nerfs, tanks need buffs. Do they really think Tanks and Supports like being bullied by constant burst damage and CC?

I miss Season 3-5 tbh


A flanker countering a support like it was before Moira was added is normal.
Flankers have been designed to kill supports so if it’s the other way around that’s show there is a problem.

Genji should ALWAYS counter Moira and not the other way around


No, but dps players are the largest fraction of the OW playerbase and blizzard knows this so a lot of patches and balance changes are designed with the damage player’s ego in mind. Whatever improves the experience of the dps player is most likely to make it into the game.


They went way too overkill with these buffs. A good genji was already aids to fight.


That’s why the game is dying. No tanks/supports? No game


No, you don’t understand. Flankers should not be able to counter the entire support role while they only have a crippled means of fighting back. This is extremely unhealthy for the game, and why Moira and Brigitte were crafted to begin with.

Symmetra initially fulfilled the role of flanker deterrent, but did not output heals so players complained until Moira was made.


No, Genji doesn’t counter Moira. You are all such drama queens, it’s actually surreal lmao.


True but it looks like brigg doesn’t exist for some support mains lmao

Btw it wasn’t fair that a ez character like moira destroyed genji


It’s almost like the matchup is more fair now instead of the person just closing their eyes and having a truck sized hitbox winning.

Easy mechanics should not win just by existing.


Title is mild clickbait, but I’m trying to highlight the fact that support is being weakened too much and is beginning to feel powerless against flankers.

I want Genji tracer “baby’s first high skill dive” meta back as much as the next guy, but not like this…

Not at the expense of the support role’s self-defence.


Moira was one of those supports made to not be countered by flankers tho. Being genji should not means "i counter all heroes from that role, it means i always counter 2/6 of WHOLE OTHER TEAM no matter what.


Hell no. Genji should not counter every support role just because he’s a ninja. It is this backwards thinking which inspires many a Moira hate thread, and why Brigitte continued to get nerfs.

Players have already proven that they are incapable of guarding their support heroes in all but the highest tiers, so the support role needs tools to defend itself.


Infact they don’t .

Lucio is nearly unkillable if you don’t go at least 2v1 for any flanker

Zenyatta and Ana are 50/50 mu where the more skilled player wins

Mercy as a 2sec cd escape so you need to be 2 on her too

Same for moira you need dmg + cc to kill her

GOOD supports can defend themselves
Bad supports tho.

And I will say that Dva and Winston are far worse to deal with than Genji or Tracer as a support because of how tanky they are and winston can also instantly midlife any support too


Except genji doesn’t.

He is fair to most supports unlike Tracer,Sombra and Doomfist.

Even Dva,Ball and Winston are better than him to counter supports


The average player needs reliable tools to fight back.

I’m a highly skilled Lucio/Brigitte (and support in general) player, but I’m concerned for the plats, golds, and silvers out there. The average, below average, and the trash players who play with awful teammates who don’t realize that defending supports is a necessity.


They don’t want to hear this. The truth is Moira and Brig were put in the game for the bad support crowd. The only support who was ever a free kill was Mercy if you caught her without a GA target.

The same obtuse people who claim supports are free kills also see absolutely no problem with Moira having a free kill on Genji with zero skill involved. Hypocrites finally getting the rug pulled out from under them.


I’m playing in silver tho and as a flex player I feel that.

But playing from both ends of the spectrum I killed and got killed as much as genji vs supports and supports vs genji.

Because spoiler Silvers genjis are bad