Re Experimental: So Genji can counter Moira now?

The truth is that Moira and brig were put in to replace Symmetra’s role because players were upset that Sym didn’t heal and relentless dive was causing problems for the support role.

Moira and brig were necessary for the support role to develop and thrive without being instantly deleted at the beginning of every fight before the average or new player could learn how to actually use the hero beyond a respawn simulator.


Ask your team to get a Zarya. Next post

Of all the changes in experimental, the genji ones are gonna be weird to deal with.

i know he isn’t in a favorable spot atm, but like, longer deflect and cancellable. That means the old fashioned counter to Dragon Blade is gone, the one where you bait Genji into deflecting, effectively wasting his ult time…

The lesser spread shuriken buff is also pretty powerfull, I,m not genji expert, but doesn’t it mean you can 1-combo shot 200 HP heroes more easily than rn.


If you really think killing a Genji player as Moira requires no skill,
You don’t understand that the Genji player was feeding to begin with…


Unfortunately, support and tank players have been warning people that it’s not just our roles that have gotten massive powercreep. DPS Powercreep has been going on since the start, it’s part of the biggest reason that OG meta picks like Soldier are mediocre at best and bad at worst.


It was all going perfectly… discord buff, it seemed like zen could be meta. Then today arrived.


They weren’t necessary.

What was necessary was a nerf to Winston and Dva.

Tracer and Genji weren’t the real problem they were a consequences since even in dive they were switched the most for Widowmaker,Soldier or Pharah.

Genji even got out of the dive and replaced by widowmaker which had to play against 3 of her counters when dive heavily favored Genji and

Its hard to call it 50/50 if bouth zen and ana ways to deal with genji are the things he can deflect back.
Zen can only deal dmg, and he need to worry about deflect, with high mobility vs projectile, genji is hard to hit. When zen have big hitbox and is slow, making him easy to hit. Its not 50/50 if genji have easier time killing zen than other way around.
Ana can sleep dart him, but as well she can be sleept, or have it on cd, and just try to shoot him down, still high mobility target vs non mobility, guess what is easier to hit and who have advantage.


No you can’t it deals 168 dmg still not enough to one tap which is a good thing

Again, the only people who needed the large crutch that Brig and Moira provided were bad support players. I played support back then and never felt like a free kill.

If you were playing respawn simulator the answer to that was to get better and not need the game to hold your hand.

It isn’t like

Deflect is trash with a buggef hitbox that doesn’t cover his whole hitbox
Can be baited

Or things like that

Still even with no deflect, genji have advantage with his mobility and smaller hitbox than zen.
You need better zen to win, but not neccesary better genji.


Praytell, if the shurikens do 168 dmg, and then you dash into the target… for 50 HP…
isn’t that an essentially a 200hp character kill combo for genji?


Well no.
Double jump is predictable
Wall climb is even worse
And if he dash out that means he didn’t killed you so he didn’t do his job and is now useless for 8 sec

You don’t need to kill to actually win the fight

Genji counters Moira so long as the Genji is 1000 SR above the Moira.


In zen vs genji, you need to or he going to kill you. Most ranks genjies dont run away, they stay on the back line trying to get kill in cost of their life. And they still can easly hit your big head when you are robot monk.


He he kills you and still dies unless you got transcendance ready he messed up given how hardcore genji is when he snowballs

I really like the Moira changes, but Genji buffs seem excessive. Even one or two would be huge, but three arguably four with being able to cancel deflect at will? Seems like a little much, should probably stick to two buffs and see where it goes from there.

When one team lose over extending genji in cost of support on other side it can preaty much means your push or defence going to fail on many sytuations.
Other roles can help you keep dmg up to push, what they anyway had to do with him
No other role going to help healing team.

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Moira nerf? wait what the hell? SOMEONE FILL ME IN PLS

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