Re Experimental: So Genji can counter Moira now?

I not understand all this problem for support damage nerf.

If a support can’t defend himself is dps role to defend(if support stay with the team, support go around alone chasing kill ignoring the team deserve to die)

If dps not defend you report them for throwing is really easy.

He gets to do a one - shot combo every 5 seconds to specific heroes and if all stars are aligned… What horror…

Sorry, but these two can’t even be compared to how utterly easy Moira is, even though they don’t require much mechanical skill to begin with.

There’s a reason why everyone can play Moira well, but so few people can play Reinhardt and especially Winston to the same results.

Torbjorn, really? Yeah he still has that lock - on Turret of his, but I haven’t heard anyone complaining about it for months now…

No joke. Everytime i have to play reinhardt i do really well. Its actually easy like moira to play him just hold up a shield, occasional firestrike and ult. The ult is stupid easy if theres no other reinhardt. Winston doesn’t have to aim. And don’t even get me started on Mr. 600 health tank that does more dps that most of the dps cast

Which almost never happens…

And he’s still multiple times harder than Moira even after that being said…

Oh, you mean the hero who’s surname is ULT - battery with that enormous hitbox of his, who has one of the buggiest abilities in the entire game and who has an entire sub - role of heroes specifically designed to hard counter heroes like him?


Ohhhh you talkin about Miss “ill feed your ult with my mech and then jump out so you can stagger me?” Girl. Or how about the “My ult is useless since big 600 health man over there can hook and tank it” yeaahhh

Genji could easily outplay Moira. Now bad Genji can…

I do not really care too much.

Isn’t that a problem then?

Wanna know the real reason he wont be meta? Because Moira and Ana have healing so broken that u cant even run Lúcio/Zen or Brig/Zen vs a team with an Ana or Moira. He needs peel from the other support and no one better than Lúcio or Brig to do it.

The smart people who want effort to equal reward. Shocker, that a high skill assassin hero can hold his own against a support right.

you know what… you right, let’s nerf hitscans and pseudo hitscans. the reliability for their shots to go exactly where they point giving enemies 0 or near 0 time to dodge even at longer ranges is far to easy of a mechanic to land shots for how much damage or burst they deal and how often they fire compared to sym’s 25m/s orbs that give distance/25 amount of seconds for enemies to dodge with 1s charge up with 0.25s wind down and no headshot bonus i.e. guaranteed >2s ttk :^)


Same should be said to moira

No, supports who can AIM defend themselves.

Being good at playing support heroes often has little to nothing to do with being good at aiming.

Overwatch gained it’s mass appeal in the first place because you don’t have to have good mechanical aim to become a skilled Overwatch player. You can master other skillsets and carry with those.

If you want to play a game where every matchup goes to the players with better mechanical aiming skills, go play rainbow6 or Call of Duty or something.


Power creep is no longer an elephant in the room, the said pachiderm rented the whole apartment and brough wife and kids to take all corners.

Her attack is an undeflectable beam, damaging Genji regardless of deflect has always been one of its strengths.

Its annoying being a support and you cant really do anything about being flanked.
Even if u call out … dps are so powerful they pretty much annihilate you in 2 shots.

What annoys me so much about genji is during any kill cam i have never seen a genji actually directly kill me. During his ult it looks like he is dashing and slicing air and gets kills off its a joke


Why do you think GOATS was a thing? They literally had to introduce 2-2-2 because dps was such a garbage role. The reason people aren’t playing tank is because it’s unfun for most people.

Hes has to hit her while she lands easy guranteed damage on him and self heals. He needs to aim and that should be rewarded if he lands shots. Want to kill Genji? pick something that does more damage than Moira and aim better than him

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Genku counters everything now. Together with Honza/Widow this will be the worst meta when it comes to DPS.

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They changed the Brig vs Tracer interaction. Now it’s Genji vs Moira. Hope you have good teammates willing to help otherwise you’re f’d.

I don’t really think many of the Genji changes will affect a match up against Moira. Her personal changes are going to be more of an issue.