Quick LFG update

(Jeff Kaplan) #1

It’s been a week since we introduced our Looking For Group system and it seems like the response has been really great so far. Don’t worry, we have changes and improvements coming in the next patch.

In the first week, instances of players grouping in 6-stacks has doubled. The awesome part is, 6 stacks have seen a significant improvement in queue times. But the best part is, none of this has impacted any other group size queue times or solo queue times at all. So it’s been purely a positive in that regard.

Also, you all seem to really enjoy grouping for placement matches as evidenced by these stats…

Thanks for giving the system a fair chance. We look forward to making improvements!

Enforced Roles abuse in LFG + Comp?
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Nice. This system has worked well for me so far. It took a long while but it finally got here into the game after 2 years of asking haha.


Thanks for the wonderful feature!
However, mind if you address the concerns voiced for Bastion and Sombra?


Where’s the bastion update?


Thanks for the Update, Jeff!

I Actually do love the LFG System… It kinda brought me back to the game for season 11 Placements.

Could we have any update on the state of Bastion?
I know it’s a lot to ask…

But we’ve been waiting patiently.


This isn’t regarding the LFG but it indirectly affects it, but please add an option to add/edit your preferred heroes in your profile, and the ability to have only that shown when you hover over player names as before and make it appear in the group in the lobby, not just when you enter the match.


(20 characters bla bla)


Thanks a lot for the feature.

Is there a chance that groups of 6 will not be restricted by SR difference in the future?


Well this is certainly great to hear.
Even better that it’s an actual Jeff Kaplan thread…


Thats done to avoid boosting, not only probably not gonna happen but the 1000SR difference should be 750 or less.

Still waiting for more Avoid Player slots, depending on rank. Shouldnt Gold and Plat players have 10 ?


Please focus on bastion now, he’s been F tier for over a year now, has the lowest pickrate in the game currently.
On a positive note:
I love the LFG update, I can play QP with good comps.
I’ve been really enjoying my QP games now and I played a bit of comp and it was really enjoyable, getting really nice team comps now.


me bopping out to the game with this new lfg system



I made a post in the competitive sub category about how easy it is to abuse the LFG system.

Will the Dev team be working to make sure that groups of less than 6 are unable to troll solo queue and other small groups by locking a suboptimal amount of a role such as hard locking 4 dps slots then queuing?


thank you blizzard for this thread ive been waiting to hear for a long while now that more changes would be coming i"m so happy that I’m going to go to the store and buy me some goat milk.


They just did. Sombra’s changes are on the PTR


One improvement I can suggest is to automatically “re-open” the group to fill the slots when players leave after a game. Now, you have to essentially go through the process all over again each time you want to fill slots and it’s a little clunky.



This is unrelated to anything, but I always like how often you use the word “Awesome”, Jeff. I’m really glad you all like the game you’re making.


I’ve been using LFG this past week and I’m really enjoying the feature.

The option to set my group to invite only would also be appreciated though.


Now can you tell me I’m correct that we’re either getting wrecking ball on the 12th or 19th?