The return of open queue ruined role queue

not at all

to have attitudinal data, one must gather said data

there has been no gathering of said data

not at all

a huge number of folks have reported on the excessive queue times, and Blizzard has acknowledged these verbally and with time and effort (equals cash investment) multiple times.


In this specific case, queue times themselves plain and simple differ from person to person… I face different queue times, you probably face queue times, etc.

If of course you are able to find actual evidence for example that proves a major increase of queue times in general throughout the game after 2/2/2 role - lock’s release, then of course that could be very well considered as an indication of the system’s failure, etc.

Not to mention how the biggest piece of evidence towards people’s issues with open queues “ermagerd 5 instalock dps” is more anecdotal evidence than anything in favor of it.

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And I’m going to repeat that there’s no proof that this statement is true or not for the time being…

Read my last response.

The long queue times for DPS especially aren’t anything anecdotal… That’s a well -documented fact and I apologize if I made it seem otherwise.

A claim for example that queue times have increased since 2/2/2 role - lock’s release would be anecdotal and only such claims related to queue times can be considered as answers to whether the majority of players enjoy the 2/2/2 role - lock system or not, etc.

Only based on:

  • Rank (MMR)
  • Role
  • Day/time

If these are identical or very similar , then our queue times will be indistinguishable. Blizzard already spent time thinking about this multiple times, because it’s not an easy problem to solve.

The only thing that can be said is that many players still want Role Queue, but what we have today isn’t quite it.

I don’t envy the game devs to try and figure it out, and I definitely don’t blame the devs for stumbling on this one.


I still stand by the idea that role queue is unnecessary if there were more/better tools to curate your team and encourage players to group. Clans come to mind for one. The more players play with the same teammates they trust the less they have to worry about what exact comp they’ll run and can even be flexible between roles with their clanmates.


Yes well he also said the same thing about the LFG system


Hey man, don’t hate on ROATS. It actually works.

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Minor, but still significant wording differences aside, if only all that initial overall success had translated to the LFG system getting fixed from the very beginning and therefore to the lack of need for a 2/2/2 role - lock system in the first place :frowning:

Oh and don’t forget he said the same thing about the endorsement system supposedly reducing abusive chat (The EU region is conveniently left out)

The manipulation or misinterpretation of data to make oneself look better and more successful than one really is may very well be routine for developers
Now to be clear I do believe that Jeff is an honest person and does genuinely believe the things he has posted


Thats the issue with RQ, imo. In OQ, those combos (or lack thereof) aren’t as much of a threat/issue. They can be worked around more, especially if a crucial teammate is being uncooperative or ineffective.

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But what makes you think this statement as well from Jeff was not true at the time of the Endorsement System’s release?

Very fair. Possible data manipulation, even though almost always unverified, is certainly the major point against the validity of all such statements.

I agree.

Especially with replays, clans would solve problems like your own teammates sabatoging games, because they would be kicked out. No involvement needed from Blizzard.

It would also make SR more consistent because it can be ranked by teams, rather individuals; but this would come with some major downsides.


I just logged in to look at the queue times. It still was 8-9mins for supports ( my main role). When it was 2-3mins before open queue. My biggest problem with open queue is being forced to play a certain role to compose a 2-2-2 comp. If I want to play tank I would pick tank in Role Queue.

Of course im not really forced to play a specific role, but people tend to ask me to go tank or support to create a 2-2-2. This comp is get used almost every game because its good, I also think its the most balanced comp in OW aswell. So if this comp only gets used why has open queue returned? For the few moments a third sup or tank makes the difference or to recall it’s old playerbase who loved OQ and hated RQ?

For now Open Queue drains its playerbase from Role Queue.

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But even if it balances out the teams and makes it harder for the enemy main tank as well, it still is more frustrating and less fun to play as. Also, playing a shield tank into 3-4 dps makes your shield feel like paper.

That’s because it wasn’t as well liked as a few vocal people out there claimed.


Role-less queue game modes appear to be quite popular near as I can tell

Very low queuing time


try healer, we are working hard too

Holy necro batman!

(Beat ya to it HeyZeus)

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I honestly im glad they have both open and role queue. It provides the choice for the player and the role queue wait times arent that long if you play with friends so im glad they have both as options now.