Why is Role Queue necessary when LFG already exists?

Take into consideration that the majority of players play in relatively short bursts (1-2 hours, I’d say) due to real life constraints (work, family, whatever).

Also, 10 minutes to get a team together? At peak hours during holiday maybe. 30 minutes to an hour is a more realistic duration, of course also depending on rank and other preferences. Not to mention that teams usually disband after a loss, meaning you’ll have to go through the process of finding a team again.

All in all, it’s just too much of a hassle and too time consuming for many people to even bother with. People rather spend their playtime actually playing worse games than spending half of their time on not playing only for the chance of getting a somewhat better experience. LFG still isn’t a guarantee for a good game, it only increases the odds. By how much seems to be different for everyone’s experience.

Except LFG queues literally reduced the time in queue by a substantial margin across all levels of play when it was first released… and still reduce the time in queue for higher tiers even in its current ded-dead state.

It’s not time. It’s laziness. People don’t want to put in the effort to search for other players, they want the matchmaker to do it for them.

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THat is good question
I belive some people dont wona use LFG because it take to long to find match, and then if they found one, its way harder game than usualy with randoms.
Tho it would be the same with waiting if there would be rle queue, people think it will be less frustraiting if game will put randoms together insted of whole teams agains them.

Better game balancing and less alt accounts.

It won’t solve all the problem or even the major one, but it will be a good direction.

It’s the time that it takes to find a group/put a group together yourself. Not the time in queue necessarily. As it stands, using LFG means you’ll spend more time in the LFG menu than in the actual game, especially if luck is not on your side. Not to mention the elitism that breeds in LFGs as a whole (you need to have requirements x, y and z; it’s the same story in every game with LFG). Btw laziness and time often go hand in hand.

And how could it decrease by ‘a substantial amount’? Back when it released, average queue times were still under a minute in normal queue in my experience. Not much to decrease about that.

Someone said earlier in this thread (or another thread?) that queue times for groups in GM take more than 20 minutes currently. Conflicting much?

No one uses LFG and no one ever will.

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

LFG worked when it launched.

There’s nothing conflicting. Normal queue times are not impacted by LFG, LFG sorts through other LFG first before dipping into regular queue… and because of this, even at GM with 20 minute queue LFG is still faster than standard queue… and will continue to be until all of LFG’s player pool has stopped using it.

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because people have a muppet meta mentality that 2/2/2 is always viable…

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Using lfg doesn’t mean that I’m having actually good communication.
The other team might has it.
Not really worth it

examples, mmm I don’t know, maybe when I have team comps that consist of 3 dps/tank and 2 heals, or 3 supports/tanks and 2 dps, what variation would you like an example of?

I have been in games with the 2 mentality and have been rolled when the enemy team isn’t running the 2 meta. I have been in non 2 meta and rolled the other team that has, we all have been in that situation and people say only a 2’s meta is always viable

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‘Worked’ being important here. There’s a reason it no longer works well. And just ‘laziness’ isn’t going to cut it for an explanation (in essence everything can be reduced to a case of laziness, that’s basic behavioral ecology).

Btw WoD also worked when it launched. Yet this happened. What prevents LFG from going the same route if people just don’t want to use it for whatever reason?

what is right with it, I am not going to play a role I chose not to just to get into a comp game, I am going to play whatever I think it right for the team, if I start as dps and am not going well, why should I not be able to change with a healer who can do better then I.

I did this role que when they introduced it into wow, up to 45 mins wait times for dps, so was forced into tank and heal roles just to get a run. Yer I could have waited around for the run, but why should i only 5 runs in the time i have put aside for gaming when if i go the forced role, i can have 20 runs…

Why should i be FORCED to play a role i do not feel like playing for that game… Why should i be forced to not be able to change off to a more suitable hero that i believe will work when its not in my picked role.

I legit forgot it existed.

My guess is that it doesn’t separate offtank from main tank or main healer from flex supp, etc.

in order for LFG or even role queue to work the roles need to be made a lot clearer

Yes I can wait, so in the mean time I play dps in QP ( or is there something I can do apart from read a book, facebook, looking at the screen etc) while queing for dps in comp, then when I my que comes up, I join comp and leave QP, so then I am abused for leaving QP to play comp.

If I want to play and the que times are crap stupid for dps, I WILL have to play a role I chose not to for the time I have allotted in playing games for the day, just to get a comp game. Why should I have to wait longer for dps because of forced role ques.

Almost no other fps game I have played or looked at has this BS. It all comes from this stupid meta mentality, yes stupid meta mentality… 2’s are NOT needed to win games. Team work is needed. You can win with any combination of heros so long as you play as a team.

I would be all for guilds that you make your team from. At least that way you can work around people and what they are used to playing. It works in WOW, why not here.

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Look a lot of people are for it and against it (I am against it coming from wow with it introduced there, I cant see it being any different). If it comes into play, then those of us that don’t like the will just have to evolve with how the game is progressing.

I am not against progression in a game, I might not like it but it happens and we all have to expect it.

At this point in this time its not being bought in and by the looks of it, it wont be in the near future. But why keep flogging a dead horse with repeat threads on the same subject matter when we have been given an answer atm about it not being implemented.

just try and enjoy the game for what it is and how it is atm.

Is that how it works? To me, the whole game would need to be rebalanced to fit a 2-2-2 model. Roadhog being a DPS focused tank with no damage mitigation. Orisa being a tank that can only hold a spot but not push into it. Our utility DPS having to suffer damage for their special abilities. Any future idea of non-healing supports and any healer without the heal/utility to put them ahead of others.

When you force 2-2-2 then you really do force heroes to be designed against every other hero in their role rather than rely on hero synergy outside of it. Hog’s tanking style meshes well with Orisa and possibly future heroes, especially if we start to get more supportive/defensive dps. Symmetra’s teleporter provides benefits no other dps could give. Teams could swap to counter a hero like Reinhardt or Wrecking ball without having to lose out on their dps output.

The only unbalanced part of this game right now, slight buffs aside, is our lack of some key heroes and counters.

So essentially…instead of getting heroes with new kits that could shape the game further, you’d rather get alternatives for heroes we already have? So we get another barrier Rein. Next we get another teleporter hero…and then of course, we’d need an alternative to hack. Mei Freeze too, definitely because I mean she can’t be the only hero with a cc primary. Team speed boost needs to be mirrored too and sleep dart-- honestly, I’d rather new heroes rather than clones.

Baptiste is bringing some new stuff into the mix and I love the synergy he is showing with heroes that haven’t been in the spotlight, already. You know what we need way more than another Reinhardt? A hero that can fire bullets through his barrier. He needs a counter so that teams won’t always feel pressured to mirror match him.

I think a lot of people addressed this point, honestly. It is a people issue not a game issue.

Many players would rather coast through gambled games rather than learn how to coordinate with teams. It is like all those lovely Speed-run groups in MMOs.

True and that would be pretty annoying but I see it as a “Burger King vs Steakhouse” situation. You want a “Burger comp” where no one has control and everyone gets something they can sorta like. “Two buns, two patties and two slices of cheese, please.” They want a “Steak comp” where they get more control over how good their next meal will taste.

Forcing everyone to have to eat cheeseburgers for the rest of this game’s life just because you can’t bothered to put in some effort once in a while sounds a little crazy, right? I don’t like the pressure sometimes too which is why I enjoy just hitting the matchmake button and rolling the die. I wouldn’t want to ruin other people’s options however for my own selfish needs. :tired_face:

That’s fine and I can see your point of letting that Soldier learn from their efforts and eventually get better. A smarter SR system would be nice too.

Still, it doesn’t solve all problems.

  • What if instead, I was playing a tank and we had a couple of DPS ults loaded and my off tank or one of our supports wanted to swap to Symmetra to utilize her teleporter for a smart and otherwise impossible team flank?
  • What if my off tank wanted to swap to Mei to utilize her wall, one of the best defensive/area denial tools in the game, to separate enemies and help protect the team (especially on maps like VIllage)?
  • What if after a near team wipe, only one poor Hammond is contesting and desperately trying to run the clock, and you – another tank in a 2-2-2 and first to revive – decide you’d rather swap things up to a Bastion for that final surprise defensive comp. Your team, on seeing this could either swap their picks last second to an Orisa or even full BOScomp in support of you or possibly continue to play their 1-3-2 in Overtime. With role restrictions, you wouldn’t have the option to make that decision and could only count on full team resets to change up plays.

In my eyes, what I want are better systems that promote team play and grouping up. I would like a guild/better friend system where you can post team requests for your expanded circle to see. I would like a better profile system that players can tailor themselves to show off heroes they feel proud of playing and an improved SR system. I want more counters and an increasingly diverse pool of heroes. I want this game to move forward and grow! Reworking the game to fit 2-2-2 just because many gamers can’t keep their cool or know how to communicate just sounds like a swan song to me.

Really - just streamline LFG, put it on the front page and put Quickplay/Comp buttons on the 2nd-3rd page like LFG currently is and see if that interface decision doesn’t draw in traffic, alone.

Because lfg doesn’t actually fix any of the problems it was designed to do, most of the time it is just a solo, but with a title and all the flaws of grouping. (I am guessing at this point everyone knows the flaws of group about a 3 stack, since they have been around for the life of OW.)

It is also necessary for balance as you can balance around expected perimeters, instead of 1 buff just getting stacked beyond expected levels and being dominant.

There are all sorts of good reasons if you would open you mind, you just don’t want to see them.

Trei treu I feel ya idk what the problem is either.

Because it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. You’re making it seem like it is all positive and no negatives.

Someone else in this thread said a Role Queue/Forced 2-2-2 will be a lot like dungeon finder in WoW.

You know what happened with dungeon finder? It brought upon “speed runs” and people’s elitism. This killed the game for me.

Prior to it’s release, I really enjoyed running difficult dungeons and using teamwork to be successful. At introduction of dungeon finder, all that changed and for the worse. I see very similar things happening in OW if they introduce role queue/forced 2-2-2. SOme people will love it, sure. But people like me will be disheartened and likely will no longer play.

There are two sides to this.


Yet idea didn’t work. In fact it couldn’t work, as heroes were created unique, while list of roles is rather short.

As for why role queue is necessary - because current matchmaking doesn’t account for roles players main, creating ridiculous compositions like 6 DPS mains, where no one wants to pick support or tank.

Ideally it should account for heroes mained, too, or there would be leavers.

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