Enforced Roles abuse in LFG + Comp?

Could someone explain how this works since I haven’t used LFG yet. Got grouped with a three man group in comp and they said they were locked into dps and can’t play anything else. So everyone else was forced to accommodate them.

If this is how LFG works then it doesn’t feel right to force solo queue players together with them. Feels like they were gaming the system to guarantee a dps spot every match they played.

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I played yesterday some lfg qp as dps enforced roles. After 3 left and we continued the next game and we both still only could select dps. So yes.
There needs a possibility for the group leader to change it to flex mid game.


Means solo queue players are forced to flex for groups constantly, which isn’t fair to solo queue players.


They said changes were coming to LFG in Seagulls stream so that might be a thign they’re adding. I personally tell the leader to switch it to flex after finding a 6 man team.

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That’s good, I have faith in Blizzard at the moment. Good to know they might be aware of this problem.

when you setup lfg, you can setup the team comp however you want. like 2-2-2 or triple tank triple support or whatever. you can also force people to play those roles only or make it prefered. if you dont like filling for three dps that arent willing to switch or flex, dont join the group

If you want to win, kind of. For me I usually play comp in a 6 group anyway by lfg. (usually full flex since it’s better)
But I feel it shouldn’t persist if half the group has left.

It was kinda fun for us, to only play dps in qp. But it ca and and will be a Desaster in. Comp.
BTW so teammates (not group members) don’t see our roles (report you for only playing dps)

The problem was that I didn’t join their group. I got teamed up with them in comp.

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He solo qued into comp and had 2 guys only able to pick dps since they used lfg enforced roles.
And where placed in the OP’s comp game. So there where already 2 dps only players.

Lmao that is brilliant. Can I make 5 man groups all locked into dps?

It’s from people leaving, leaving those roles open. Not sure how that even happens in comp without backfill.

If somebody was “stuck” playing dps then they chose that role before the match was even queued.

Nevermind. 5 queue stays in queue leaving open spot. That seems like a bug though. I always back out when somebody leaves.

I guess you’re free to abuse it at the moment

I just wished Blizzard would finally give us a soloqueue only ladder. (but it’s a team game). Yes, and many team games have solo queue only ladders

I feel you. I play at a diamond level on Xbox, some people decide they want to abuse the system by making a 2 man group and locking into dps. I don’t play much tank or healer, but I had to swap to play around them. Needless to say we got full held on offense, and then rolled on defense.

Woaah wait if a group that isn’t a 6 stack get to have their role locked and the solo q gets placed with them? How is this in anyway fair? I as a solo q player didn’t sign up for this… :confused: another hit to solo q players…

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I heared you don’t even see as the solo player, that these players have dedicated roles.
So me as DPS enforced, could get banned bc everyone reports me for not swapping to that really needed 2. Support. But I can’t guys, I’m not lying!
I luckily already encountered it in qp, which might saved me a easy comp lose.

Everybody on the TEAM not just GROUP needs to see, that I can only pick DPS, my friend only Tank and so on.
Also maybe give the leader somehow the option to remove the enforced roles during a game (or only set the role from DPS/Tank/Support --> To Flex. which fixes all these issues. It just needs to be possible mid game. (OWL players can do it too, e.g. Kariv for LA Valiant is a dedicated Support, he could swap to soldier but is not labeled as Flex player (OFC i know, that OWL doesn’t use LFG xD)) But we got the LFG based on whats working inside OWL (like the Flex role)