📊 Poll: Should Competitive Open Queue be a permanent mode?

(Like Quick Play Classic)

This is a poll just to see what people on this forum think about having Competitive Open Queue as a permanent mode.

Please also comment explaining your reasons. (Thanks for the headsup GreyFalcon)

I personally have been having a lot of fun in this gamemode and love the fast queue times.


Should be on the main screen as a direct competitor to RQ.


Absolutely. This would help satisfy those that hate 222, allow those who love it to keep it, and may improve Queue Times a fair bit. I see little to no negatives here.


Absolutely yes
Yes yes, and yes


I want Open Queue even though I wouldn’t use it, and it should be featured right besides Role Queue.

I want it because it could easily have 4 DPS in each team, plus a Tank who wanted to go DPS but begrudgingly went Tank.
Times two for both teams, that up to 10 DPS players per game that aren’t in RoleQueue.

And besides, look at Apex/PubG/FortNite/WarZone. What they all have in common is that while they are battle royales, they are all fast queue times and somewhat chaotic games.
So clearly there’s a lot of FPS players that want that sort of playstyle, if 4 separate games can be supported off of it.


I’m never going to play it… I like role queue.


Ok, so you would have the option not to play it and stick with Role Q instead, but there are still others that would enjoy a permanent Comp Classic.


Btw, Hulk, I suggest you put something up top that asks for commentary.

Also put a brief description.

That way mods are happy.

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I just played a game where we ran goats without Brig.

Has anyone noticed all the threads complaining about people not taking it seriously because its a secondary mode in Arcade? :wink:

I cant wait for people to start complaining about balance (because it never will be balanced) :wink:

I cant see it ever being permanent - possibly we’ll see it turn up every couple of months though, so people dont get time to get too annoyed it - that’s a kinda clever move by the devs TBH.



It serves the original design of the game better, with free roles and free switching to adapt.


I believe that if it gains enough popularity


helps significantly reduce dps queue times in 222 competitive


both of the above

then there is a good chance it’ll be kept around, possibly even permanently



Overwatch should have one main competitive mode.

by main comp I mean a mode that has seasons that start and end as previous seasons finish.

I have no issue with it being just another arcade comp that’s played for 4 weeks once a year.

The fact is 2-2-2 is the main competitive. You may love it. You may hate it but this is the direction that overwatch is heading. Blizzard will not balance the game for anything outside of 2-2-2.


NO! Then they would start balancing the game even for that and it would be a mess. Think about it guys… Heavy nerfs to tanks and supports to prevent goats

I only want to KIND OF play it for the spray and icon, and the CP. But I probably won’t. I never placed in those other crap modes for CP.

Bolded for truth. Doesn’t matter which mode, balance has always been poor in this game, now more than ever from my perspective

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It’s just going to divide the community even more and queue times for everyone, regardless of there being both role lock and free queue, will be longer.


No, because it will split the community even further, increasing queue times.

The most effective compromise would be 1-3-2.

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Despite popular believe that it will increase the q times by splitting the community even more is not quite correct. The Community will be split yes but the main split would happen in the dps role since they dont want high q times and most of them dont seem to mind comps with 1 tank 1 healer.

An increase of q times will however taken in the support and tank role. Dps will still have the highest q time but it will even out a bit between the roles.


why is there no i don’t care option?