Pink Mercy waiting room

Blizzard quite literally told us that they have no plans on bringing back the icons and skin. How much more proof do you need?

The statement that Blizzard has made does not match the claim made in the post I previously replied to


Whatever you say buddy.

Here is your replay code: BFDB10

Go enjoy the skin and stop asking for it.

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actually, there’s no reason for those who wish to see the skin return to stop asking for it

first, the topic is a legitimate ow-related topic, and this forum was set up explicitly for discussion of ow-related topics

second, discussions like this help keep the decision makers aware that interest remains strong in this skin even years after the original offer


Buddy, just pick another Pink Mercy topic, is ~another one™~ really honestly necessary?


No one is saying it will never come back.

But when you’re told “no”, unless you are a child, you don’t constantly keep asking every single day. You have been given your answer, if you think they might change it, wait and see.

actually, dozens of forum members have made that exact claim

one such a statement was made about a dozen posts back from this one on this very thread


All we’ve done is ensure they’ll release a flashy new pink skin for the maximum price. :money_mouth_face:

We are getting a “Pink Hanzo” on tuseday :smiley:

ya lets got 200$ baby

not at all

there have been suggestions about pricing in some Pink mercy threads, but ultimately, the pricing will be up to the decision makers

Further, no, threads like this dont ensure that the skin will return. No guarantee whatsoever. I will say that I think the chance of a return improves wit continued discussion


I’d rather you not speak to me if you refuse to answer my previous questions thank you :slight_smile:

Has anyone played the Overwatch dating sim yet on ?
“Pink mercy TM” are mentioned in the last date with her :flushed:


I hope they surprise launch a new “pink mercy” skin so people can just stop.

The original skin is ever coming back.

actually, the skin will come back when and if Blizzard decides it will come back, no matter how many forum members declare it cant or wont ever happen


They can’t make it come back because they would need to partner with BCRF again for that to happen


Many forum members have made claims like this one, but to date, no one has been able to offer any proof that BCRF has any control when it comes to a re-release of this skin

That said, however, BCRF has already stated multiple times in writing that they’d love for this offer to return. As such, even if they do have veto powers, they are not engaging them - quite the opposite, in fact


You’d think it would be good PR to do it with all the sexual harassment scandals

I agree

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