Bring back Pink Mercy NOW!

I WILL NOT STOP WRITING LETTERS ABOUT BRINGING BACK PINK MERCY!! Me and millions of players all around the world want this skin and charity event back AND I WILL WRITE ABOUT IT! You can delete this post, ignore me, BUT I DON’T CARE!

Pink Mercy was a truly special charity event when gamers all around the world donated money to the BCRF and then, as a reward, they got an incredibly designed and absolutely beautiful Pink Mercy skin.

Unfortunately, it is passed 4 years after it… But there are millions of people, who wanted to help but for some reason couldn’t participate in it! Moreover, Nintendo Switch players even didn’t have a chance to do that, as this event was in 2018 and players had the opportunity to play the console version of Overwatch just in 2019. It’s unfair! They created petitions, wrote comments. Everything they do was hopeless… They weren’t heard…

But it’s time to act and answer the call! It’s time to bring back this event and achieve several things, which are incredibly important!

First of all, we will donate more money to the research, so more and more people, who need help, will get it. We all will be like guarding angels, who save innocent lives. Remember more times we have this event, then we will get more money for the better and more accurate breast cancer research, then more lives are saved!

Secondly, you will make millions of players happier, especially the players of Nintendo Switch, who even didn’t have the opportunity to participate in it in 2018. Thousands of old players will return and continue to play Overwatch. Moreover, you will raise the rating of our favourite game!

All in all, I still believe that the Pink Mercy event should be held more than one time! And if this action will be forever – it will be the perfect decision. If we will look to some other companies, charity events are held more than 1 time, and their rewards for the donation are not something exclusive! For example – Apple company: they have special devices, which are called Product (RED) and you can buy them at any time and the part of the money is going to charity. Isn’t it great?

Remember more times we have this event, then we will get more money for the better and more accurate breast cancer research, then more lives are saved!

Heroes never die!

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no lol



Day 500 of asking Blizzard for Pink Mercy back


No really.

Seems like a Nano cola situation.

“Nano cola is best skin”.
Nobody equips it.

Let it go. Nobody really cares about skins in this game.


Imagine not owning 75 Mercy skins.

Pretty sure this is considered spamming, since every copy/paste thread you make of this gets locked.


go outside, touch some grass, make a friend for once in your life. please


where is the stats on this?

As i doubt its millions of ppl.


Boy I do love my pink mercy skin.

Shame I don’t play her :smiling_imp::blush:


I haven’t played Mercy in years, but I still get every new skin because I have them all and it’s a sunk-cost fallacy at this point.

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Am thinking the same, mainly because its estimated approximately 750k Pink Mercy skins were sold during the first event, and this was more or less during Overwatch’s peak


Maybe they were talking about number of accounts that dont have the skin?
You know, we need to think about poor smurfs and alts after all.


Pink Mercy is gonna be given to those who pre-order or buy Overwatch 2 PvE game.

You spelled F*****G wrong


The title alone speaks volumes holy
I don’t think you’re going to get anyone’s support by being so demanding. I’d definitely recommend a different approach. There are plenty of other people who aren’t fans of limited time skins in general


I want Pink Lolita Reaper more!!

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How about deleting the post since its like the 23rd copy and paste from this kid lol


Don’t worry too much about it. I can understand that you and many others want the skin back, I myself included, but we just have to wait and see what Blizz does.

I have a feeling that it will return 2-3 years after OW2 is active, but I obviously don’t work for Blizz. It’s just an assumption. And just ignore any ignorant replies.

And anyone being ignorant telling players to stop spamming the forum with these sort of Topics, BLAME BLIZZARD FOR CREATING THIS MESS. No one follows this stupid FOMO thing anymore. It’s a dead practice that only Blizzard/Deathwatch still follows and probably won’t be for long seeing where things are headed.


Do you think you’re Andy Dufresne or something? This ain’t happening, especially if you keep going “GIB NOW!!!1!1!”.

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The biggest joke here is thinking millions of people play OW still.